November 2022

November Issue 

California Members 'Walk a Mile' for Domestic Violence Awareness

Members of San Jose, Calif., Local 332 have been slipping into high-heeled shoes for years to support their local YWCA and this year was no different.

International President Lonnie Stephenson Retires, Cooper Appointed to Fill Term

After seven years as International President of the IBEW, Lonnie R. Stephenson is retiring. When he took office in 2015, the IBEW was still digging out from the wreckage of the Great Recession.

Boston Local Donates Van to Technical School

Students at Boston's Madison Park Vocational Technical High School can now practice their electrical skills in the community with a new van and supplies, thanks to Local 103 and the area chapter of the National Electrical Contractors' Association.

Idaho Strengthens Penalties for Assaulting Utility Workers

Idaho utility workers have been assaulted, threatened and shot at, and that's not everything. Now, they have a new law to protect them, and it's thanks in part to powerful IBEW testimony and a willingness to find common ground with a Republican-dominated Legislature that took the time to listen to unions.

Minnesota Member Wins Advocacy Award

St. Paul, Minn., Local 110 member Robin Chuhel has been advocating for women in the trades for her entire career. This year, she finally was recognized for it.

Railroad Branch Members Approve Tentative, Multi-Union Agreement with Freight Carriers

On Sept. 28, the IBEW’s Railroad Branch freight members voted to ratify a historic tentative collective bargaining agreement with the nation’s largest freight rail carriers, reaching an important milestone in a lengthy and contentious process that, toward the end of it, saw President Joe Biden taking a personal interest in moving the bargaining parties closer to a deal.

How Oregon's Union Apprenticeships Increase Diversity in the Trades

Oregon's union apprenticeships are outpacing their nonunion counterparts when it comes to diversity and inclusion, says a recent study.

Daring Fire Rescue Nets Two Pa. Linemen Life Saving Awards

For their roles in rescuing a retired schoolteacher from her burning home, two members of Johnstown, Pa., Local 459 recently were honored with IBEW Life Saving Awards.

Quick-Thinking Linemen Honored for Saving Two Co-Workers’ Lives

In April, two Pittsburgh Local 29 lineworkers were electrocuted on the job when an energized power line made contact with a utility pole’s guy-wire.

LA Local Offers Second Chances to Marginalized Community Members

The Los Angeles community-based nonprofit 2nd Call does a lot for the people it serves, but for John "Big John" Harriel Jr., it all comes down to three words.

In-Season Training Helps Boost Football Broadcast Crews

College and pro football dominate American airwaves in the fall, making it a busy time for IBEW broadcast members working for CBS and Fox Sports.

Investing in America's Future

Ohio Chip Plant Soars to $100 Billion After Biden-Backed Legislation.

Toronto Boomtown Building Taller, Growing Stronger

The fastest growing skyline in North America isn't where you might guess.

VEEP Expands in the Golden State

TWhen San Bernardino, Calif., Local 477 Business Development Representative Timothy Auman heard about the Veterans Electrical Entry Program back in 2019 at the IBEW Membership Development Conference, he knew he wanted to offer the program to train and offer career opportunities for veterans in his area. He just wasn't sure how.

DOL Apprenticeship Ambassador Program Taps IBEW Talent

St. Louis Local 1 member Sylvester Taylor has been promoting diversity and inclusion in IBEW apprenticeships for years, so it was no surprise when he was selected to serve as a Department of Labor apprenticeship ambassador.

IBEW Activists Fighting Hard for Workers As Clock Ticks Down to Election Day

Pro-worker lawmakers who voted to invest in American infrastructure and manufacturing have compiled a record to run on like never before in modern times: hundreds of thousands of new jobs created already and millions more on the way — as long as voters stay the course on Election Day.

Celebrating Progress for Workers, Boston Member Hits ‘Home Run’ at White House

Moments before Marine guards opened the doors leading to the South Lawn of the White House, Lovette Jacobs anxiously asked an aide how many people were gathered outside.

Midterms Turnout 'Whole Ball Game' for Workers, Unions

For 11 years prior to the 1946 midterm elections, Americans discovered what it meant to have rights at work.

Georgia Member Runs for Secretary of State

Bee Nguyen is many things. She’s the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, the state representative for Georgia’s 89th district, and, as she proudly touts in her campaign for secretary of state, a card-carrying member of Atlanta Local 613.

October 2022

October Issue 

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly 2022 Elections to Determine Progress or Impasse at Labor Board

Late last summer, with old terms expired and nominees confirmed, the National Labor Relations Board's game-changing transition was complete.

The Historic Workers' Rights Amendment on the Ballot in Illinois

In November, Illinois voters will have the chance to enshrine collective bargaining rights into their constitution and IBEW members across the state are hard at work getting out the vote.

Alberta Local Helps Ukrainian Newcomers Find Steady Electrical Work

With the valuable assistance of one of its retired members, Edmonton, Alberta, Local 424 recently helped two Ukrainian men, fleeing the ongoing conflict in their homeland, find work with one of the local’s longtime signatory contractors, and it has its sights set on helping many more follow suit.

Oklahoma Local Members Step up to Protect State's Fishing Spots

Like many local unions, Tulsa, Okla., Local 584 is filled with outdoors-loving members, and more than a dozen of them leapt at the opportunity to help the Union Sportsmen's Alliance build 120 artificial fish habitats at a highly publicized event.

IEC’s Riley Honored with Miami Street

International Executive Council member William W. Riley's legacy in Miami goes far beyond the IBEW — something that drivers in his hometown are now reminded of every day.

With the Wind at Their Backs, AT&T Employees Earn Big Gains in New Contract

Taking advantage of a favorable bargaining position, IBEW members employed by AT&T overwhelmingly ratified a contract in August that calls for improvements in wages, holiday pay, health care coverage and job protection.

September 2022

September Issue 

Local 1 Volunteers Changing Lives One Home at a Time

IBEW electricians light up skyscrapers, theme parks, stadiums and other mega-projects, but sometimes the most fulfilling job is as simple as rewiring a broken socket or brightening a dark room in an aging home.

August 2022

August Issue 

IBEW-Backed EV Training Picked for National Charging Network

The task of building a national network of electric vehicle charging stations could soon fall primarily to IBEW members, thanks to a June 9 announcement by the U.S. Department of Transportation that recommends the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program as the preferred national certification standard for training the workers who will install $5 billion of EV charging equipment.

Colorado Apprentice Has a Unique Side-Gig: Modeling

When Pueblo, Colo., Local 12 member Tyshawn Nicholas posted some birthday photos to his Instagram account earlier this year, he had no idea it would lead him to a modeling gig at Denver's Fashion Week, but his post caught the right eyes and earned him an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

Ontario Local Partners With Area First Nations on Pre-Apprenticeship Program

In an effort to increase Indigenous youth membership, London, Ontario, Local 120 recently launched a pre-apprenticeship program in partnership with area First Nations groups.

Inflation Reduction Act Will Be a Historic Win for IBEW, Working Families

The Biden Administration and Congress have won a historic achievement for IBEW members and their families with the Inflation Reduction Act.

New Verizon Contract Gives Members Wage Increase, Added Benefits

IBEW members employed by Verizon joined with their counterparts from the Communications Workers of America to overwhelmingly approve a 3-year extension of their collective bargaining agreement with the telecommunications giant, ensuring labor peace for the next four years.

Q&A: AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on Organizing, Infrastructure, Diversity, and How Proud She Is of Her Home Union — the IBEW

The Electrical Worker’s August cover story features Liz Shuler’s journey from Portland, Ore., Local 125 to the top of the AFL-CIO. In addition to our interview, President Shuler graciously answered written questions on a wide range of issues.

History Maker: Liz Shuler First IBEW Member, First Woman Elected to Lead AFL-CIO

From her seat on stage at the AFL-CIO convention in June, Liz Shuler could see her father standing next to International President Lonnie R. Stephenson and the IBEW delegation behind them ready to cheer.

IBEW Challenges U.S. Locals to Register 10,000 New EVITP-certified Electricians by August

Nearly $5 billion in new electrical vehicle charging systems are on the way, and demand for qualified installers has never been higher. That’s why International President Lonnie R. Stephenson is launching the Talent Pipeline Challenge, with a goal of getting at least 10,000 electricians across the U.S. signed up by August to be credentialed in the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program.

July 2022

July Issue 

BC Signatory Commits to 'Period Promise'

There's a lot that goes into creating an inclusive working environment on a jobsite. One thing that probably doesn't come to mind though, is the availability of menstrual products. But construction sites in British Columbia are beginning to take notice and account for the on-the-job needs of everyone in the trades. One contractor leading the way is IBEW signatory Houle Electric.

Oregon Local Lights Up ‘Track and Field Heaven’ on Historic Stadium Site

For 99 years at Hayward Field, fans cheered from a pair of wooden bleachers as world-class runners, throwers, and jumpers drew crowds, broke records, and made Eugene, Ore., famous as Track Town USA.

Siemens USA’s $54M Investment Promises More IBEW Manufacturing Jobs

Members of the IBEW were front and center — some physically, others virtually — for President Joe Biden’s White House announcement March 4 of Siemens USA’s plan to invest $54 million to expand its manufacturing facilities, growth that promises to bring at least 300 new jobs to the company’s IBEW-represented workplaces in California and Texas.

BRAVE Act Aims to Get Vets Into Apprenticeships

Rep. Donald Norcross of New Jersey knows the value of a union apprenticeship. A member of Folsom, N.J., Local 351, Congress's only union electrician has a bill to help extend that opportunity to as many veterans as possible.

Thanks to America’s Lineworkers

July 10 is Lineworker Appreciation Day, a time to reflect on the contributions of North America’s lineworkers, who put themselves at risk day in and day out to ensure the smooth function of our modern world.

June 2022

June Issue 

Light Rail Project Transforms Midtown Toronto with an Eye to the Future

In early January, two tunnel boring machines arrived to start the second phase of one of the largest infrastructure projects in Toronto history, the union-built Eglinton light rail.

A World-Beating Solar-Storage Project is Transforming the Oil-Rich California Desert

The world's largest combined solar and energy storage project is under construction by members of Bakersfield, Calif., Local 428.

New Contract Embraces New Platforms, Extends IBEW’s Long Relationship with CBS

At least one thing has remained a constant for decades in the ever-changing broadcasting industry: The IBEW’s long, productive partnership with CBS.

May 2022

May Issue 

Trailblazing Alabama Member’s Passion is a Blessing for Special Needs Community

Ma Linda Golden was a proud tomboy growing up in Abbeville, Ala., population 2,400 and deep in the southeast corner of the state. If she wasn't in school, she was outside playing or working under what was usually a hot sun. Her jobs included working in a garden center and a lumberyard.

New Contract Embraces New Platforms, Extends IBEW’s Long Relationship with CBS

At least one thing has remained a constant for decades in the ever-changing broadcasting industry: The IBEW’s long, productive partnership with CBS.

Organizing in the Pandemic

In the two-plus years since COVID-19 transformed the lives of billions of people, so much has been lost or taken away. Nearly six million are dead, 900,000 of them in North America. Millions more suffered devastating hospitalizations and slow, often imperfect recoveries.

Convention Panoramic Photo Available to Order

The panoramic photo for the 40th International Convention is now available to order for your union hall or office.

NLRB General Counsel Seeks Historic Ban on Captive Audience Meetings

A directive from the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board could spell the end of captive audience meetings, removing one of most potent weapons used by employers to derail union organizing drives.

April 2022

April Issue 

N.J. Members’ Generosity Helping Ukraine Medics Treat Wounded, Save Lives

IBEW members in New Jersey will never know whose lives or how many they helped save in war-ravaged Ukraine, only that they gave first responders a fighting chance against the shrapnel wounds, burns, bullets and other carnage raining down on people just like them.

The Drive to 100% Market-Share: One West Virginia Local's Push to Take Back Residential Work

The Drive to 100% Market-Share: One West Virginia Local's Push to Take Back Residential Work When Jeff Burge was elected business manager of Parkersburg, W. Va., Local 968 in 2019, his local had almost complete control of the large industrial base found winding along the Ohio River in the state's midsection. Burge's plan was nothing less than 100% market share — every wire, lightbulb and plug in their six-county jurisdiction.

How Unions Strengthen Communities and Democracy

According to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute, unions aren’t just good for members and their paychecks. They’re also good for communities as a whole, and even for democracy itself.

Indiana Local Adopts Sea Cadet Division

Lafayette, Ind., is not a place most people think of as a Navy town.

Back to Its Mission: New NLRB Putting Working People First

THE MERCILESS conditions at an eastern Illinois cooking-spray factory cried out for a union. Poverty wages, grueling shifts, daily indignities, and policies so punitive that grieving workers burying family members were disciplined for being absent.

Canadian Government Promotes Skilled Trades with New Campaign

The Canadian government launched a new campaign on Jan. 31 to help recruit the next generation of skilled craftspeople, including in the electrical trade.

Study: What Women Want — and Need — From the Construction Industry

What is it like to be a woman in the construction industry? A new report from the Institute for Women's Policy Research has some answers.

White House Emphasizes IBEW Training, Workers in EV Network Rollout

New federal guidance for the creation of a national network of electric-powered vehicle charging stations explicitly recommended that agencies consider the IBEW-NECA Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program as they look to spend billions in funds allocated by President Biden’s infrastructure bill, which passed last November.

BC Local Organizes Workers at Coast Mountain Hydro

In near record time and under some trying circumstances, workers at Coast Mountain Hydro have chosen to join with Vancouver, British Columbia, Local 258.

Modernizing Davis-Bacon: DOL Plan Would Raise Wages on Federal Projects

A Labor Department plan to strengthen federal prevailing wage regulations and enforcement under the Davis-Bacon Act would put more money in the pockets of an estimated 1.2 million U.S. construction workers.

March 2022

March Issue 

Omaha Members Lace Up the Boxing Gloves for Charity

IBEW members perform the highest quality work, often in stressful situations. Many honorably served their country in the military. Still others perform countless hours of community service. Each of these reflects positively on the IBEW and its membership.

Manitoba Member Wins National Indigenous Coaching Award

It's not every day that someone wins recognition for doing what they love, but that's exactly what happened to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Local 2034 member Patrick Leask when he won the National Indigenous Coaching Award.

Lifesaving Oregon Journeymen ‘Definitely Put Themselves in Harm’s Way’

One moment they were installing conduit, hunkered down in the concrete moat of a massive building site south of Portland, Ore., earplugs in to minimize the snare-drum racket of the metal decking across the steel I-beams above.

IBEW Journeymen, Apprentices Take Top Honors at Annual Skills Tournament

IBEW members once again were top performers at the 2021 Ideal Nationals, a hands-on skills-demonstration competition for union and nonunion electrical workers held one week before Christmas in Nashville, Tenn.

Voting Now Open for IBEW Photo Contest

The IBEW photo contest is now open and once again our members have given us some amazing images to choose from.

February 2022

February Issue 

Biden Task Force Charts Course for ‘Milestone’ Pro-Union, Pro-Worker Federal Policy

The first-of-its-kind task force that President Joe Biden created last year to identify ways that his administration can help empower workers and strengthen unions has returned with nearly 70 recommendations for federal agencies to pursue.

Union Apprenticeships Rival Four-Year Degrees, Says New Study

A new study by the Illinois Economic Policy Institute found that a union apprenticeship may be a better ticket to the middle class than a traditional four-year degree.

Newfoundland and Labrador Local Donates $30,000 to Afghan Refugees

An Afghan refugee family will soon be the recipient of a very generous donation from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Local 1620.

New Federal Worker Guidelines Announced on Union Rights at Work

New guidelines to encourage federal workers to join unions were announced by Vice President Kamala Harris and Labor Department Secretary Marty Walsh in October, continuing an administration-wide effort to promote union membership in the workplace.

January 2022

January Issue 

Must-See TV for Union Outdoorsmen Moves to YouTube

“Brotherhood Outdoors,” the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance long-running show that highlights union members on once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing expeditions, has a new home – one that makes it easily available to more viewers.

Special Deliveries: Locals Help Make Holiday Season Warm, Bright, and Happy

Bringing holiday cheer to children and families in need is IBEW tradition, as our kindnesses all year long. Here are three stories of the countless ways that locals across the United States and Canada spread good will in their communities over the 2021 holiday season.

LET’S GET TO WORK: Infrastructure Law Promises New Jobs Ahead for Members

A top priority for the IBEW and the AFL-CIO became reality Nov. 15 when President Joe Biden signed the historic $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law.

Stronger Together: Washington Utility, Workers Embrace Code of Excellence

The Grant County Public Utility District already had a reputation as an enviable place to work: a strong union contract, increasingly open lines of communication between employer and employees, and relatively few grievances. Not to mention its scenic perch along Washington state’s majestic Columbia River.

‘A Sense of Purpose’ Work, Brotherhood, and Resolve Give Injured Lineman a Fresh Start

John Pruitt clung with his one good hand to the steel frame of the transmission tower. His right arm was throbbing as it held his weight 70 feet above West Virginia; his left arm limp, in agony, torn from its socket.

Organizing the Work: PLAs Create Jobs, Job Security for Northern California Local

Members of Martinez, Calif., Local 302 are getting ready to tackle one of the biggest mixed-use development projects in the local’s history. The upcoming transformation of the massive Naval Weapons Station Concord is expected to translate into career-spanning work for scores of current and future IBEW electricians across northern California.

18-Year-Old Ohio Member Saves Mother-Son Pair off North Carolina Coast

Travis Shrout is just 18 but he's a third-generation member of Cleveland Local 1377, having followed his parents and grandparents into the broadcasting industry in northeast Ohio.

Illinois Local Powers New Rock 'n' Roll Museum

Historic Route 66 is about to get a new rock 'n' roll museum and Joliet, Ill., Local 176 members helped make it happen.

December 2021

December Issue 

California Wine-Country Local Delivers Thanksgiving Feasts to Families in Need

John McEntagart sounds like a general— a decidedly cheerful one — as he reels off the who, where and how of feeding more than 1,000 people in Sonoma County on Thanksgiving.

“Look Up! It’s an Elf. It’s an Electrician!” Michigan Member and Inside Wireman is Both this Holiday Season

Ed White doesn’t mind being the focal point of an event or project, especially if it brings attention to causes and organizations he cares about.

Illinois Member Joins All-Woman Crew for 'She Build' Volunteer Project

Tina Burd, like a lot of women in the building trades, isn't used to seeing other women on a job site. So it was a bit of a culture shock when she showed up to the area's first-ever "She Build" event where everyone on the crew was a woman.

Seattle Local 46 Invests in the Next Generation of Union Leaders

Great union leaders aren’t born with the skills to rally working people, fight for fair contracts or navigate the challenges that come with leading large organizations. Those skills are learned over time, and an innovative approach to developing future leaders is helping to speed up the education process at Seattle Local 46.

The Code is Turning an Up-and-Down Relationship Around at This Southern Maryland Co-Op

Waldorf, Md., Local 1718's relationship with the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative has had its ups and downs over the years, not dissimilar to many local utility unions. But Business Manager Rick Mattingly and others noticed the local's 270 members at SMECO were consistently getting hit hard by disciplinary issues.

Whitmer Reinstates Michigan's Prevailing Wage Amid Nonunion Outcry

Thanks to a new order from Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, prevailing wage has been reinstated on certain state-funded construction projects, a move that largely undoes a Republican-led repeal of the wage standard in 2018.

No New NAFTAs: Blinken Pledges Pro-Worker Approach to Trade, Foreign Policy

At an unprecedented roundtable with union leaders stung by NAFTA and other trade deals the past three decades, Secretary of State Antony Blinken pledged that new trade pacts and related foreign policy will help, not harm, American workers.

Bienvenidos, Hermanos: Puerto Rican Utility Workers Choose the IBEW

The 650 members of an independent union representing Puerto Rico's utility workers merged with Orlando, Fla., Local 222 in June, giving the IBEW a permanent presence on the island for the first time in decades.

November 2021

November Issue 

Wisconsin Sisters Come Together to Build Solidarity

All across Wisconsin, IBEW women are coming together in important ways, from recruitment and retention to leadership and visibility, and ultimately making the IBEW stronger for it.

Apprentice’s Gratitude Earns Pentagon Award for West Virginia Local

Thanks to an unexpected nomination by one of its apprentices, Charleston, W. Va., Local 466 recently was honored by the Defense Department for its strong support of its military-serving members.

New England Locals Get New Contract with Consolidated Communications

Three New England locals managed to avoid a strike and ratify a new contract with Consolidated Communications.

Ohio Local Lights Up Baseball's Historic Handshake

The "handshake for the century" has a new statue in Youngstown, Ohio, and Local 64 members helped make it happen.

Missouri Local Graduates First Woman Journeyman Tree Trimmer

Amanda Pratt recently became Kansas City, Mo., Local 53's first woman journeyman tree trimmer, but she won't be the last. Nor is she done taking on more roles.

IBEW Members in Illinois Helped Save Nuclear Jobs, Again

On Sept. 15, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker signed into law the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, the culmination of nearly three years of intensive effort by members of the IBEW and other organizations to save hundreds of nuclear power plant jobs in the Land of Lincoln.

Colorado Leads Way in Labor-Backed Energy Legislation

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis recently signed legislation, some of it at Pueblo Local 12, that sets the stage for future labor-backed energy policy.

A 21st Century Goldrush Inside the Race to Store the World’s Data

In the 130-year history of the IBEW, there has never been anything quite like the explosive growth of the data center business.

October 2021

October Issue 

Biden Appoints Pro‑Worker Officials to Federal Labor Board

Federal employees had a difficult four years under the previous administration, from thinly veiled union-busting to unilateral removal of countless workplace protections. But things have been changing quickly under President Joe Biden. Continuing a trend of filling labor-related posts with experienced pro-worker nominees, Biden selected Susan Tsui Grundmann and Kurt Rumsfeld for seats on the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Charlotte Pre‑Apprenticeship Shows Youth the Power of the Trades

The saying, "If you can't see it, you can't be it," could apply to many of the young people who come through Grace-Mar's doors when it comes to choosing a career. So, Charlotte, N.C., Local 379 is helping them to "see" themselves as union electricians.

Cincinnati Local Puts Emphasis on Creating Opportunities for Women

In 2016, the IBEW’s International Convention unanimously passed Resolution 42, urging members not only to work on bringing more women into the union’s trades but also to ensure that, once they’re in, they get the proper mentorship and support they need to stay on the job.

Canada’s Election Returns Allies for IBEW, Working Families

The IBEW has had a productive relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet since the Liberal Party swept into power six years ago.

‘Brotherhood Outdoors’ Features Colorado Member’s First Whitetail Hunt

Brian Bradley, business manager of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Local 113, was a natural choice to be featured on a recent episode of the Sportsman Channel’s “Brotherhood Outdoors” program.

Election 2021: Pro-Worker Progress at Stake as Virginia, N.J. Voters Head to the Polls

Two years of historic progress for workers’ rights and the building trades in Virginia hangs in the balance as voters go to the polls over the next two weeks to decide between proven labor-friendly leaders and a hostile slate of opposing candidates.

With Help from VEEP, Wisconsin Local Provides Opportunity for Veterans

Courtney Tillman envisioned a life of travel while growing up in northeastern Ohio, especially when she found how much she enjoyed studying foreign languages. She also saw an older sister dealing with college debt, so after graduation, she decided to enlist in the Navy.

Tree Trimming Academy Brings Career Opportunities to Detroit Area

Detroit’s Tree Trimming Academy recently graduated its first class of tree trimmers, providing much-needed talent in a high-demand field and a lucrative career opportunity for area residents.

Denver Local Paves the Way for Biden Speech on Clean Energy and Good, Union Jobs

President Joe Biden and Colorado Gov. Jared Polis had their eyes trained on Julian Aguilar as the Denver Local 68 journeyman wireman explained how he came to be standing at a podium on a dusty road fronting a solar array at the foot of the Flatirons.

Brisket for the Soul: Drive-Thru Picnic a Homecoming for Local 48 Members

Drivers rarely look as delighted behind the wheel as those who pulled into the parking lot of Portland, Ore., Local 48 on two sunny Sundays in July.

Solidarity through Safety Getting 'Back to Normal,' Vaccines Protect Everyone on the Job

The COVID-19 vaccine is a modern medical miracle, the result of a decade of American-led research into mRNA vaccines and a half decade of research into SARS and coronaviruses. Its rollout was a bipartisan triumph, developed under a Republican president, distributed under a Democrat, and nearly every dose used in the United States was developed and produced in a facility built and maintained by the IBEW.

September 2021

September Issue 

As Work Starts on One Major Solar Farm in Ohio, Legislation Threatens Others

Dozens of IBEW members in southern Ohio are set to start working not only on what is being touted as the first utility-grade solar installation farm in the Buckeye State, but also on what Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley is calling the largest municipal solar array in the U.S.

Lightbulb Moments Girl Scouts’ ‘Electrical Day’ Sparks Enthusiasm for the Trades

Before the fun began with hammers and drills and simulated sections of wall, leaders at the Power Girls camp north of Minnesota’s Twin Cities had a question for journeywoman Jackie Bobick and her IBEW sisters.

‘It Looked Like a War Zone’ Hurricane Ida’s Historic Wreckage Draws Linemen Nationwide to Gulf

Power poles were littered like matchsticks across the Bayou region, transmission lines destroyed, a million people without power.

The Cost of Eroding Collective Bargaining

The cost of declining union membership has been extraordinarily high for both union and nonunion workers, a new study found.

In a Win for Workers, White House Affirms Support for Alaska’s Willow Oil Project

The Biden administration provided a lift to IBEW members and skilled construction workers in Alaska on May 26, when it filed a brief in federal district court defending the Willow gas and oil project on the state's North Slope.

New York Member Featured on Brotherhood Outdoors TV Sept. 14

Membership in the union electrical trade is often shared from one generation to the next. So is a passion for hunting, and on the next episode of Brotherhood Outdoors, Syracuse, N.Y., Local 43 member Dustin Morgan brings the two together.

We Will Never Forget Those We Lost

IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson issued the following statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks.

Manitoba Hydro Members End Successful Strike for a Fair Contract

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Local 2034 members are breathing easier since the end of their 9-week strike in May.

Clean, Reliable Nuclear Power Must Be A Part of America’s Carbon-Free Strategy

The Biden administration’s climate goals will be met only by expanding nuclear energy production, International President Lonnie R. Stephenson writes in an op-ed.

August 2021

August Issue 

IBEW Members Working to Modernize the Birthplace of the Atom Bomb

The birthplace of the atomic bomb is getting a massive makeover, and an increasing number of IBEW members are on the way to help ensure that this much-needed upgrade is taking place safely and professionally.

Illinois Member's IBEW Training Proves Valuable in Afghanistan

When Springfield, Ill., Local 51 member Tim Burkhart, was deployed to Afghanistan he probably didn't think he'd be called on to use his IBEW training to save the day, but that's what happened.

History-Making ‘Consensus Builder’ Liz Shuler Elected First IBEW Member, Woman to Head AFL-CIO

Liz Shuler, a member of Portland, Ore., Local 125 who served as an executive assistant to former International President Edwin D. Hill, made history on Aug. 20 when she was named president of the AFL-CIO.

Illinois Moves to Ban Right-to-Work Laws

Illinois voters will have the chance to more permanently ban right-to-work laws when they go to the polls next year.

Pro-Worker Majority Restored at NLRB in a Summer of Progress for Labor

The balance of power at the National Labor Relations Board swung from union-busters to union lawyers in the span of an afternoon in late July when the U.S. Senate confirmed President Joe Biden’s two game-changing nominees.

Showing Up Where It Matters Biden Aims Presidential Spotlight at Cincinnati Local and IBEW Training

President Joe Biden took his pitch for a massive investment in infrastructure and American labor directly to the workers July 21, touring the IBEW-NECA Electrical Training Center in Cincinnati to learn about what IBEW electricians do every day on the job.

Energy Secretary’s Tour of Richmond JATC Reveals a Union Committed to Progress on Every Front

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm left no doubt how impressed she was as she wrapped up a visit to Richmond, Va., Local 666’s training center last week as part of the White House agenda for infrastructure and good, union jobs.

Statehouse Pioneers: Oregon Legislative Aides First in U.S. to Unionize

Trailblazing aides at the Oregon Capitol voted overwhelmingly in May to form the nation’s first-ever legislative staff union, a victory that’s captured the attention of statehouse workers coast to coast.

A Decade’s Fight Ends in a Win for Comcast Techs

After more than a decade of dedicated, tireless efforts to reach a negotiated agreement, Comcast technicians working in Fairhaven, Mass., agreed in February on a first contract between Middleboro, Mass., Local 2322 and the massive cable conglomerate.

July 2021

  July Issue 





New York HERO Act Signed Into Law

Legislation to provide workplace protections against the coronavirus, as well as future outbreaks, has been signed into law in New York. It’s the first state to make such safeguards permanent.

Union Plus Free College Benefit Wisconsin Member Turns Pandemic Downtime into Scholarship

Pablo Baxter knew nothing about unions five years ago when he looked into an apprenticeship with Madison, Wis., Local 159

Pittsburgh Local 5 Hosts VP, Labor Secretary for Roundtable on Organizing

Business Manager Mike Dunleavy had less than four days’ notice before Kamala Harris, Marty Walsh and an entourage of aides, media and Secret Service swept into Local 5’s headquarters in Pittsburgh the third Monday in June.

Boston Wireman Cycling Solo Across U.S. in Honor of Ailing Co-Worker

Michael Myers is a Boston Local 103 member who, over the last 30-plus years, has spent a lot of his spare time cycling. For him, it’s more than just a hobby.

BC Local Receives Breaking Barriers Award for Inclusivity Efforts

Kamloops, British Columbia, Local 993 has been working for years to be more inclusive, and its efforts were recently recognized by the B.C. government with a Breaking Barriers award.

The Remarkable Life of Henry Miller

July 10, 2021 will mark the 125th anniversary of the death of the founder and first president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Henry Miller.

West Virginia Flaggers Vote to Join the IBEW

High-voltage line work comes with more than its fair share of dangers, from shocks and falls to hazardous underground conditions. But when IBEW lineworkers are up in buckets or working below street-level, they depend on professional flaggers to keep them safe from a lesser-known, but no less dangerous hazard: traffic.

St. Louis Local Gives Back to Community, One Home at a Time

For almost 20 years, members of St. Louis Local 1 have volunteered their time and skills to repair the homes of their low-income neighbors, and while the coronavirus put a pause on their efforts last year, they were out in full force this spring.

The Ellensburg 6 Linemen’s Inspiring Campaign Proves No Fight Is Too Small

The story of the “Ellensburg 6” almost seems scripted for Hollywood. Almost.

June 2021

  June Issue 





The Limits of Labor Law – and How the PRO Act Can Fix it

America’s current labor law leaves much to be desired from the worker’s perspective, according to new research from the Economic Policy Institute. But there’s a way to fix it – if Congress decides to act.

IBEW Membership is Family Business for Texas Brothers

Almost since its inception, the IBEW has been a family affair. Children have been following parents into the union trades for more than 100 years, chasing the same middle-class dreams that they grew up enjoying. But it’s not often that four children follow a parent into the profession.

The $2 Trillion Plan to Rebuild America

President Joe Biden proposed the largest investment in American infrastructure since World War II at the end of March, introduced by Mike Fiore, a member of Pittsburgh Local 29. Four weeks later he renewed his call for the $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan from the House floor, again with the IBEW at the heart of his pitch.

IBEW Steps in to Rescue Ohio Solar Project

When the developers of a large solar farm in Ohio needed help getting a nonunion project finished, they turned to IBEW members from Cincinnati, where Local 212 stood ready to pick up the slack.

IBEW Mobilizing Helps Kill Right-to-Work in New Hampshire, for Now

Following months of phone calls, emails and text messages from IBEW members in New Hampshire, Democrats and Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives voted last Thursday to reject yet another attempt to enact a so-called “right-to-work” law.

From Tourism to Tool Belts: Post-COVID Opportunities for Women in New Orleans

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism and hospitality industries particularly hard, leaving cities like New Orleans with sky-high unemployment rates among the women who make up the majority of workers in those sectors. But opportunities await those women in another field with higher wages and benefits to boot: construction.

May 2021

  May Issue 





Hollywood Local Offers New Opportunities to Members During Pandemic

The coronavirus has forced millions into unemployment, with many wondering what their next steps should — or even could — be. For two members of Hollywood, Calif., Local 40, the answer came right from their local union.

BC Local's Inclusion Efforts Take Off

When Kamloops, British Columbia, Local 993 member Alison Klie got to the Royal Inland Hospital jobsite, she saw something very different from just about every other job she'd been to in her 10-year career: another woman.

How One Local 48 Member is Creating a Chorus of Allies

When Donna Hammond was assigned a young apprentice who made a racist comment, she could have joined the calls for him to be punished, but she didn't. Instead, she did what she's always done in these circumstances. She educated him and she changed his mind.

The 2021 IBEW Photo Contest is Here

Here is a sure sign summer is on the horizon: Entries are now being accepted for the 2021 IBEW Photo Contest.

What Happened in Texas? The Texas Power Crisis of 2021, and What Comes Next

Nearly 5 million Texans lost power Valentine's Day weekend, most for days as temperatures plunged to minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit in Dallas, colder than Anchorage, Alaska.

2020 Photo Contest Winners

Sometimes the picture that wins the IBEW's annual photo contest captures a quiet moment. A portrait or a vivid sunset.

World's Largest Grid-Storage Project Comes Online in California

The twin smokestacks of Moss Landing power station have been a landmark on the Monterey Bay coast for more than 50 years. They tower over the bright green fields of artichokes and are visible from Santa Cruz to Monterey.

New Study Shows Perils of Right-to-Work

Long-shot efforts to roll back right-to-work laws in Michigan and Virginia aren't likely to level the playing field for working people this year, but a new study provides fresh ammunition for pro-union lawmakers in the fight for repeal.

Detroit Member Featured in Lifetime Special With Vice President Harris

Detroit Local 58 member Felicia Wiseman joined a diverse set of women who were featured recently in the Lifetime special, “Women Making History,” including Vice President Kamala Harris.

April 2021

  April Issue 





Harris Calls for Investment in IBEW, American Jobs in Visit to New Hampshire Local

Vice President Kamala Harris praised the IBEW’s apprenticeship programs and said they are a key part of the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan, which she promoted during a visit to Dover, N.H., Local 490 on April 23.

Biden Creates First-Ever Task Force to Strengthen Unions, Empower Workers

A new White House task force is charged with making sure the federal government acts to promote unions and collective bargaining, the first mission of its kind to fulfill the nearly century-old promise of the National Labor Relations Act.

OSHA’s 50th Anniversary Marks Workers’ Memorial Day 2021

Each year the Labor community comes together on Apr. 28 to remember those workers who lost their lives on the job over the past year.

Fighting for Progress: Virtual ‘Fly-In’ Brings IBEW Voices to Capitol Hill

Hundreds of IBEW members took a virtual trip to Capitol Hill this month, making the case for infrastructure, pro-union legislation and other issues in nearly 300 online meetings with lawmakers and their staffs.

Biden to Nominate Retired IVP Klein to TVA Board, a First for Unions

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced his intent to nominate retired Tenth District International Vice President Robert P. “Bobby” Klein to serve a five-year term as a member of the board of directors for the Tennessee Valley Authority. More than 2,500 IBEW members work for the government-owned utility, providing electricity to nearly 10 million customers across Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia.

2020 BLS Data Demonstrates the Difference a Union Makes

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report on unionization rates in 2020 shows how a union can make a real difference in a working person’s life, even – or especially – during a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic.

New Bill Would Restore Tax Deduction for Union Dues, Other Worker Expenses

Four years after the income tax deduction for union dues was ripped out of the U.S. tax code, pro-worker lawmakers are fighting to bring it back and, for the first time, make it available without itemizing.

St. Paul Local Leaves No Family Behind in Food Giveaways

Cars stretched as far down the road as volunteers could see as they hefted 30-pound boxes of perishables and loaded them into trunks and back seats outside their Local 110 union hall in St. Paul, Minn.

Railroad members See Gains in New Deal with Canadian Pacific

IBEW members employed by Canadian Pacific Railway have been under plenty of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing they no longer have to worry about, however, is a new contract.

New York’s HERO Act Aims to Protect Workers From COVID-19

A bill in New York’s state Senate would provide much-needed workplace protections from the coronavirus and future airborne pathogens, filling a void left by inaction at the federal level during the previous administration.

Colorado Member Wins Election to County Commissioner Seat

Eppie Griego fell just a few votes short when he lost his first bid for a seat on the Pueblo County (Colo.) Board of Commissioners in 2012. That didn’t discourage him in the least.

Training Grants Help Put California Wiremen Ahead of the Curve on Microgrids

Keeping ahead of the latest electrical technologies has helped IBEW members capture work and market share for 130 years. A timely new grant program for electrical storage and microgrid (ESM) system training in California will help members and locals there continue to stay ahead of the curve of the green energy revolution.

Local 3 Retiree Reflects on Breaking Barriers for Women

It's been a while since Eleanor Rogan has sold any electrical supplies, but she remembers those years fondly, thanks in large part to the IBEW.

Walking the Talk: Biden Presidency Ushers in New Era for America’s Workers

Briskly making good on his vow to be “the most pro-union president ever,” President Joe Biden is acting decisively to balance the scales for workers and affirming their rights with more forceful words than any White House has uttered in generations.

Biden Announces $2 Trillion Plan to Build Back Better

President Joe Biden announced the largest investment in American infrastructure since the end of World War II and at its heart was organized labor and the IBEW.

March 2021

  March Issue 





Biden Announces $2 Trillion Plan to Build Back Better

President Joe Biden announced the largest investment in American infrastructure since the end of World War II and at its heart was organized labor and the IBEW.

IBEW Organizing Illinois’ Growing Wind Energy Industry

Union membership is low in the growing wind energy industry once construction wraps up. But with the help of the IBEW, Jeremy Warren and fellow wind technicians at Invenergy’s Grand Ridge Energy Center in northeastern Illinois are looking to add to those figures.

Baltimore Members Go Bald to Fight Childhood Cancer

Countless IBEW brothers and sisters regularly give their time and money to worthy causes. But few go to the lengths of some members of Baltimore Local 24, who volunteer each year to allow their hair to be publicly sheared off to raise money in the fight against childhood cancers.

From Laborer to Labor Secretary: Marty Walsh Officially Ushers in New Era at DOL

Former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh was sworn-in as U.S. labor secretary Tuesday evening, the first union member in 45 years to lead the Department of Labor.

Maine Traffic Signal Overhaul Will Be ‘100% IBEW’

A multiyear, multimillion-dollar project to modernize traffic signals in Maine is set to give the green light to a wealth of work for scores of IBEW members.

Montana Right-to-Work Victory Celebrated as New Hampshire’s Fight Gears Up

Anti-union lawmakers and their out-of-state corporate backers are working to revive a right-to-work effort in New Hampshire. But the state’s working families and union activists hope to deal the effort a similar fate as to the recent one in Montana, where right-to-work was beaten back in the Legislature in early March after a wide bipartisan vote.

The Most Important Labor Reform Since 1947 Passes the House

The House of Representatives passed the most significant potential change to labor law in more than 70 years on March 9.

Watch ‘Stand!’ March 19-April 4: Famous Strike Comes to Life in Exclusive IBEW Stream

A sweeping movie musical bringing to life the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, when 30,000 private and public sector workers shut down their city for six weeks, will be widely available soon — but IBEW members get to see it first.

TVA Ambassador Program Takes Code of Excellence to the Next Level

When you're the nation's largest government-owned power provider, it's important to have all your employees, spread across some 80,000 miles and 60 worksites, on the same page. For the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Code of Excellence has been a vital part of its recipe for success, and a key ingredient of that has been the ambassador program.

After Years of Work, Electrical Company’s Employees Say ‘Yes’ to the IBEW

Early last year, news reached Toronto Local 353 that CEC Services Ltd., based in nearby Aurora, Ontario, was looking to buy an IBEW-signatory contractor through its parent company, the Beswick Group of Companies.

Seats at the Table: Biden Appointees Give Workers, Unions New Clout in Washington

Leaders shaped by deep and personal union roots are filling jobs at every level of the Biden-Harris administration, signaling a new era inside the federal government for America's workers.

Biden Stimulus Bill Promises Cash for Struggling Americans

Joe Biden promised Americans during the 2020 campaign that he would put cash in their pockets, accelerate the anemic vaccine rollout and throw a lifeline to struggling city and state governments – many of which employ IBEW members.

Biden’s Executive Orders Restore Rights for Federal Workers

President Biden got to work quickly in establishing a new, pro-union atmosphere for the nation’s federal workforce. On his just second full day in office, he signed an executive order to rescind some of the most egregious attacks by the previous administration against federal employees and their right to representation.

February 2021

  February Issue 





Alabama Local Offers Opportunity, Hope to Forgotten Men

Homelessness has many causes, but one near-universal effect: hopelessness. But thanks to a unique partnership with a local shelter, Birmingham, Ala., Local 136 is tackling the issue in an innovative way, offering hope to a portion of the city’s homeless population in the form of training, jobs and a crash course in union solidarity.

Despite COVID Changes, Members Shine at National Electrician Championships

Like most major events over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic put serious restrictions on the Ideal National Championships, which annually pits the top electricians from across the United States against each other in skill competitions. Organizers dramatically scaled back this year’s event to comply with health guidelines.

Building Trades Leaders Applaud ‘Enormously Productive’ White House Meeting

Labor leaders invited to discuss jobs, infrastructure, stimulus spending and more with President Joe Biden last week say it was the most substantial Oval Office meeting in years for working people.

British Columbia Local Hosts Nationwide Cyber Games

2020 was a year like no other. In-person events became risky affairs and Zoom stepped in as the new way to connect with coworkers and family alike. But as with all dark clouds, there were silver linings, and one of them came from Vancouver, British Columbia, Local 213 members.

Voting is Open for the 2020 Photo Contest

There was beauty in 2020. We have the proof.

Broadcasting Members Back on National Platform for NASCAR’S Big Day

One week after providing viewers with the sights and sounds of the Super Bowl, IBEW technicians are back on a national stage this weekend.

Unions Make Ontario Jobsites Safer, Study Finds

The results of a recently updated study commissioned by the Ontario Construction Secretariat have helped to reaffirm what the IBEW has long known: that a unionized construction jobsite makes for a safer jobsite.

The First Energy Bill in Half a Generation Means IBEW Jobs, Now and in the Future

The most important reform to U.S. energy policy in more than a decade passed near­ly unnoticed at the end of December.

IBEW Member Tapped to Head Ontario Tradeswomen Committee

Toronto Local 353 Business Representative Karen Pullen will chair the newly formed Ontario Building and Construction Tradeswomen committee.

Pandemic Won’t Stop IBEW Members from Delivering Super Telecast

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this year’s Super Bowl different from any other. It’s cut back on the number of fans, media and corporate sponsors descending on Tampa, Fla. The traditional parties are gone, replaced by social-distancing guidelines and reminders to wear a mask.

Excellence at the Core

Seven years after a series of accidents that placed it among the lowest-rated nuclear power stations in the country, Entergy's Arkansas Nuclear One is now officially back among the ranks of the best.

Ontario Local Winterizes Scouts Canada Campsite

Members of Sarnia, Ontario, Local 530 got the chance to give back to a piece of their childhood when they volunteered to help upgrade Camp Attawandaron, part of Scouts Canada.

Ontario Local Raises Money for Area Women's Shelter

Members of Hamilton, Ontario, Local 105 have a history of supporting a local women's shelter. And while they couldn't sport their usual pink high heels last year, they still raised a lot of money.

January 2021

  January Issue 





IBEW Local 1 Lights Up for Suicide Prevention

The headquarters of the IBEW's very first local looked a little different this past fall, at least from the outside, as it lit up its building with teal and purple lights in honor of National Suicide Prevention Month.

Ontario Government Funds Initiatives for Tradeswomen and Safety

The Ontario government will provide CA$37 million in funding to increase job training, with CA$450,000 dedicated to the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council to support women in the trades and health and safety training.

Biden Fires Union-Busting NLRB Lawyer, Names Pro-Worker Champion as Chair

President Joe Biden swiftly began to make good on his promises to American workers on Wednesday by demanding the resignation of the fiercely anti-union attorney for the National Labor Relations Board, then firing him when he refused.

Denver Local Renovates Home for Special Needs Family

When the Gines family had to move out of their home because of its dilapidated state, they weren’t expecting to get a renovation out of it, but thanks to Denver Local 68 members and others in the Colorado Building and Construction Trades Council, that’s just what happened.

Ohio Local Helps NFL, Hall of Fame, Celebrate 100 Years of Professional Football

Members of Canton, Ohio, Local 540 recently completed work on a new outdoor venue downtown that was specially built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Football League. It’s the latest of several major projects that are likely to bring steady work for the local and its members as the city continues to capitalize on its role as the birthplace of the league and home of its Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Expanding Opportunities in Fast-Growing Solar Field

Leaders at St. Louis Local 1 are doing their part to make sure the IBEW plays a big role in the booming growth of solar energy in their region. The local recently assumed a leadership role in an innovative pilot program designed to help city leaders identify and recruit men and women into the electrical field, especially those from often untapped communities.

Relationships Forged, the IBEW Has Wind at its Back on Offshore Energy Work

Washington, D.C., Local 70 members working for signatory contractor L.E. Myers Co. performed the on-shore transmission work for the first offshore wind farm in federal waters, as Dominion Energy’s two-turbine pilot project off the Virginia Coast began operations in October.

Veterans Program Graduates First Online Pre-Apprentice

This past October, U.S. Army veteran Raul Gutierrez became the first person to finish his pre-apprenticeship program completely online.

Union Hands Craft COVID Cure Making the Vaccine

One year after the first cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in North America, vaccines from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna are on the verge of becoming widely available.

December 2020

  December Issue 




Oregon and California Adopt Emergency COVID-19 Standards

Two West Coast states have stepped up to provide protections for working people during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, joining just two others that have done the same, largely in the absence of a federal rule.

Local 26 Retirees’ Medical Equipment Program Helps Families Heal, Stay Connected

Members of Sarnia, Ontario, Local 530 got the chance to give back to a piece of their childhood when they volunteered to help upgrade Camp Attawandaron, part of Scouts Canada.

IBEW Members Light Up A Holiday Season Like No Other

Holiday lights are a form of seasonal magic, radiating cheer, drawing instant smiles, evoking happy memories and lifting spirits. It’s hard to imagine a year when we’ve needed that more.

Upstate NY Program Provides a Career in the Trades to Underserved Communities of Color

There's a lot of talk about helping those who are less fortunate break the cycle of poverty, but the Rochester Multi-Craft Apprenticeship Preparation Program is actually getting it done.

Four of the IBEW’s Top Electricians Take the Stage on ESPN2 This Weekend

The Ideal National Championships, which annually pits top electricians from across the United States against each other in skill competitions, was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IBEW members still have a chance to cheer on their brothers and sisters, however.

Inaugural IBEW Strong Workshop Lifts Up Efforts to Expand Diversity and Inclusion

The IBEW in Canada recently held the first workshop of the union's new diversity and inclusion initiative.

Local 1220 Member’s ‘Purposeful Walk’ Takes Him to Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Don Cornelli’s father had a successful career as a General Motors executive, so he understandably encouraged his son to study accounting before he left for Central Michigan University in the early 1980s.

Chicago Local Teaches Area Firefighters How to Stay Safe with Solar

It’s among a firefighter’s worst-case scenarios: An overnight call to a scene where the surroundings are dark and unfamiliar and every step poses life-threatening danger, not from flames or degraded structure—they’re used to that—but from live wires, trip hazards and physical impediments to the most basic of firefighting strategies.

In Oklahoma, Right-to-Work Is No Impediment to Organizing Success

Don’t count Trentice Hamm as a right-to-work supporter. The IBEW’s Oklahoma state organizer would much prefer his home state got rid of the law that hinders working people’s opportunities at a better life.

‘Contactless Office’ Program Aims to Help Chicago Bounce Back

The Loop is Chicago’s heartbeat, 35 snug blocks of landmarks and skyscrapers that draw hundreds of thousands of workers, shoppers, diners and tourists on a normal day.

Severe Weather During COVID-19 Proves No Match for Iowa Lineworkers

Early weather forecasts for Iowa on Aug. 10 called for run-of-the-mill summer thunderstorms. But by midday, Cedar Rapids Local 204 Business Manager Dustin Stumma knew things had changed dramatically.

November 2020

  November Issue 




Quebec Locals Score Big Wins During Open Period

Montreal Locals 568 and 1604 once again racked up membership gains during the province's recent open period.

Rail Talks Continue Amid COVID-19 Concerns

Slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings remain underway to reach terms on a new national freight rail agreement—a pact that will directly affect the pay, benefits and working conditions of thousands of IBEW members.

In Federal Vacuum, Pro-Worker States Act To Protect Workplaces from COVID-19’s Spread

Labor activists and public officials are making strides at the state level to reduce workers’ risk of exposure to COVID-19, piecemeal but vital efforts in the absence of a national game plan nine months into the pandemic.

How Unions Help Workers During the Coronavirus – and How Employers Cripple Those Efforts

Recent reports from the Economic Policy Institute show how unions help working people during times like the coronavirus pandemic – and how they’re hobbled from doing more by anti-worker policies and practices.

Famous Strike Marches Across U.S. Movie Screens for One-Night-Only Theater Premiere Dec. 1

“What if you could get ninety dollars in six months?” “Quit dreaming, there’s no union here.”

From a Pennsylvania Field, a Monument to Fallen Linemen Is About to Rise

It wasn’t pretty at first glance. Some people would have seen an open field with trash strewn all over and thought Rae Johnson was crazy.

Regional Approach Brings ‘IBEW Strong’ Diversity and Excellence to Stadium Project

A strategic partnership between two IBEW locals in Massachusetts helped union electricians win work on a minor league baseball stadium while also promoting the brotherhood’s longstanding values of diversity and excellence.

After a Bumpy Ride, First-Contract Talks are Underway for Casino Workers in Boston

More than a year after the Encore Boston Harbor hotel, casino and convention center officially opened for business on the banks of Massachusetts’s Mystic River, negotiations are finally underway toward a first contract that would cover dozens—and eventually hundreds— of maintenance workers at the region’s first-ever luxury resort.

'The Worst Fire Season I've Ever Seen' IBEW Members on the Front Lines of Record West Coast Fires

Record-breaking wildfires engulfed vast portions of California, Washington and Oregon this summer, and IBEW members were there saving lives and property and ready to rebuild when the flames subsided.

October 2020

  October Issue 




Ottawa Local Shares Outdoor Space to Help Neighboring Restaurant During Coronavirus

The coronavirus has upended the restaurant industry like almost nothing else, making it difficult to stay afloat. So, when Ottawa, Ontario, Local 2228 was asked to share some outdoor space with a next-door business in need, they were happy to do their part and help put a few of their neighbors back to work.

New Attacks on Federal Workers Part of Administration’s Anti-Worker Agenda

The Federal Labor Relations Authority has issued three new rulings regarding federal employee unions. What’s not new is their disregard for the rights of union members.

Ontario Local Begins Innovative Apprenticeship

For more than a century, the IBEW has been successful by adapting to changes in the electrical industry. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Local 402 Business Manager Glen Drewes is confident his local union has found an innovative way to build on that history.

Tennessee Electrician Invents an Equipment-Saving Lubricant

Steven Hood has worked for nearly a quarter of a century as an industrial electrician, so he’s seen his share of co-workers on jobs getting frustrated when friction would cause their drill bits and saw blades to stop cutting, seize up or snap.

Indiana Local, Signatory Contractor Partner with NAACP to Expand Solar Training Program

Evansville, Ind., Local 16 has a long, proud history. The city sent one of the 10 delegates to the IBEW’s first convention in 1891 and Local 16 has been a major part of the southwestern Indiana community for more than 100 years.

IBEW Members Restore Historic Bells at California High School

The bells at Salinas High School had been silent for 30 years, but with the help of a few Castroville, Calif., Local 234 members, the chimes are now back up and ringing.

Study: Unions Increase Political Power for Poor and Working People

It's generally assumed that politicians are more responsive to their well-heeled and wealthy constituents than they are to the poor and working class. But a new study shows how unions can shift that balance.

Local 257 Volunteers Brighten Missouri Crisis Center with LEDs

A crisis center and shelter in Missouri’s capital now has bright, efficient lighting thanks to a dozen IBEW volunteers who were proud to lend a hand.

IBEW Photo Contest Deadline Extended to Nov. 1

The deadline for the 2020 IBEW Photo Contest has been extended by one month, from Oct. 1 to Nov. 1, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

'True Friends of the Navajo Nation' Arizona Locals' Giving Spirit Leads to Unforgettable Day

Parked behind a sprawling hall on tribal fairgrounds in Window Rock, Ariz., the supermarket semi-truck looked like any other on the outside.

September 2020

  September Issue 




Labor Department Proposes New Pro-Employer Rule on Gig Workers

A proposed Labor Department rule aims to change the standards for determining who is an independent contractor, or gig worker, making it easier for working people to be denied the benefits of full employment.

IBEW Initiative Boosts Already Strong Canadian Diversity Efforts

In the August edition of the Electrical Worker, International President Lonnie R. Stephenson announced the "IBEW Strong" initiative to grow a more inclusive and representative union, and IBEW leaders in Canada are embracing the push to increase diversity while continuing to educate the best electrical workers in the world. It's something that's been a First District priority for years.

Gallup: A Majority of Americans Support Unions

A new Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans still believe in the power of collective bargaining.

IBEW Family Tells Daughter’s Miraculous Recovery Story in New Book

Tom Whitehead has met heads of state and dined with Academy Award-winning actors. He’s consulted with some of the most respected doctors in the world. He’s traveled the globe and given so many speeches he’s understandably lost count, raising money for childhood cancer research and the foundation named after his now-teenage daughter.

Campaigning for Change: Locals Urge Early Voting in Election Year Like No Other

The roar of a rally crowd, volunteers at your door, shaking a candidate’s hand at the union hall and other hallmarks of election season are as traditional in autumn as football.

Stephenson: Union Jobs, Baseload Power Essential to New Energy Economy

A low-carbon future requires more than investment in renewable energies, it demands good jobs backed by strong labor standards and the inclusion of baseload sources for grid security, International President Lonnie R. Stephenson told members of Congress this week.

Judge Squashes Manitoba Legislature’s Move to Silence Public Sector Unions

The IBEW and its labour allies in Manitoba achieved a major win on June 11, when a judge threw out a controversial piece of legislation designed to hold down the wages of 120,000 public employees in the province and damage their collective bargaining rights.

New York Member’s Alaska Adventure Featured on ‘Brotherhood Outdoors’

Jared Crast traveled 3,000 miles with his older brother last fall to hunt deer in Alaska only to have a bear come between them and a potential trophy.

Indiana Women's Committee Starts Strong Out of the Gate, Powering Horse Therapy Facility

The South Bend, Ind., Local 153 women's committee hasn't been around long, but they're wasting no time in making a difference, both for their members and for the community.

IBEW Education Partner Hosts Virtual Open House this Week

IBEW members looking to add a college degree to their portfolio now have a special opportunity to do just that.

‘Build Back Better’ Showcases IBEW Leadership on Energy Policy

The IBEW took center stage last week at a Wisconsin “Build Back Better” event promoting Joe Biden’s plan to emphasize jobs, training and investment as the nation carefully transitions to a clean energy economy.

Coronavirus Couldn’t Stop Local 94’s Annual Food Drive

Even though their state was among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the members of Cranbury, N.J., Local 94’s “NxtUp94” young electrical workers committee still managed in June to go ahead and conduct their seventh annual food drive.

The Energy Future Will Be Union-Built: New Jersey’s Plan to Become the ‘Houston of Offshore Wind’

Hundreds of IBEW members could be working as early as next spring on construction of the New Jersey Wind Port, a massive project that has union leaders hopeful about the potential for decades of long-term renewable energy jobs for members of the IBEW and other union trades.

“Brotherhood Outdoors” Features Wyoming Member, Lineman During Labor Day Weekend

Dennis Tester has been a hunter most of his life. But the Casper, Wyo., Local 322 member had never hunted black bears until June, when he went on a three-day trip to Idaho that will be featured on the latest episode of the Union Sportsmen Alliance’s “Brotherhood Outdoors” television series.

A Victim of Decades-Long Meddling, Union-Shop USPS Facing Fresh Challenges

Republican Party mega-donor Louis DeJoy implemented major service cuts at the U.S. Postal Service almost immediately after being installed as the agency’s 75th postmaster general in June, cuts that not only threaten normal mail delivery but that also take aim at the most reliable method of absentee voting as U.S. states gear up for the first mid-pandemic presidential election in more than a century.

Cooper Sworn in as IVP in Historic First

Fourth District International Representative Gina Cooper has been appointed the district’s vice president, making her the first woman to serve as an international vice president in the IBEW’s 129-year history.

August 2020

  August Issue 




New Jersey Members Answer Call for COVID-19 Work in the Virgin Islands

Ten members of Jersey City, N.J., Local 164 recently answered a special job call that transported them on a 1,700-mile journey south.

The IBEW Remembers International Vice President Brian Malloy

The officers of the IBEW are deeply saddened to announce the death of Fourth District International Vice President Brian Malloy, who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer late last year. He was 60 years old.

NLRB Memos Deal New Blows to Workers' Safety, Job Security in COVID-19 Era

Imperiling workers and the public, the National Labor Relations Board has dismissed cases against employers charged with firing COVID-19 whistleblowers and refusing to bargain over safety and health issues.

Trump Administration Seeks Permanent Cuts in Social Security Funding

President Trump pledged Aug. 8 to pursue a permanent cut to the funding of Social Security and Medicare if he is reelected in November.

Long Island Members Power New Navy SEAL Museum

When members of Long Island, N.Y., Local 25 learned of a museum being built to honor a local Navy SEAL hero, they were all in.

West Virginia Solar Agreement Brings New Work and Members

A disturbingly small percentage of the electrical workers who install residential solar panels in North America belong to a union. Thanks to a new partnership between the IBEW and an innovative West Virginia-based solar firm, that portion is growing.

Pandemic Prompts Shifts in Training for New Electricians

Apprenticeship education in inside construction was experiencing plenty of change before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the North American economy to its knees in March.

Oregon Locals Provide New Pregnancy Benefits for Members

Pregnant IBEW members in Oregon now have more options when it comes time to plan their families.

Verizon Leave for Volunteer EMT ‘Invaluable’ to NJ Community

Fred Ackerly already was helming a volunteer ambulance crew on an overnight shift and alternating weekends when COVID-19 roared into New York City, an hour outside his New Jersey hometown.

Building a Stronger IBEW

The first page of the IBEW Constitution begins with a declaration: "Our cause is the cause of human justice, human rights, human security."

New NLRB Ruling Expands Employer Surveillance

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a new anti-worker decision that allows an employer to search an employee’s personal items, including their cars, while on company property.

July 2020

  July Issue 



2020 Campaign Kickoff Headlined by Biden Draws Close to 1,000

“The only way to deal with power is to have power,” Joe Biden said.

Member’s First-Ever Solo Marathon Raises Money, Inspires Community

Josh Horan had never in his life run anything close to a marathon. But the physically active Windsor, Ontario, Local 773 member felt so compelled to do something to fight the worldwide spread of COVID-19 that he recently challenged himself to train in only three weeks for a long-distance solo run, and to turn the effort into a fundraiser to help buy personal protective equipment for health care providers.

Cleveland Members’ Work Helps a Community Heal

A group of IBEW electricians is working on a major redevelopment project that, when finished, could end up helping a Cleveland neighborhood bring some closure to one of its most horrific chapters.

Local 258 Traffic Controllers Provide Safety on Roads, Security at the Border

Vicki Flett worked an office job for Telus, the Vancouver-based telecommunications company, until six years ago when she turned from that for a challenge more physically demanding – work as a traffic control person on the roads and byways of British Columbia.

‘Heros for Heroes’ Thanks Garden State Health Care Workers

Members of East Windsor, N.J., Local 827 recently wrapped up an effort that took them across the state to deliver more than 4,700 submarine-sandwich meals to three veterans’ facilities and dozens of hospitals.

Local 3 Volunteers Grateful for Role Getting Urgent PPE to Medical Workers

The images were shocking: nurses and doctors in the world’s most prosperous city begging for help as New York’s soaring COVID-19 infections drained their stockpiles of masks, gowns, gloves and other personal protective equipment.

Virginia Issues Nation’s First Standard Requiring Employers to Protect Workers from COVID-19

Employers in Virginia must follow a strict set of rules to protect workers from COVID-19 or face stiff penalties, under an emergency standard issued this week by the state’s Safety and Health Codes Board.

Union Plus Scholarship Helps IBEW Daughter Chase Nursing Career

Kasey Gamble grew up in a state with a small union presence, but she has seen throughout her life the difference organized labor can make on a family’s quality of living..

Timely Tampa PPE Donations Protect Workers During COVID Spike

Tampa, Fla., Local 915’s donation of gear designed to protect working people in its home city from the spread of the novel coronavirus took place in June just as cases of COVID-19 were beginning to spike dramatically throughout the Sunshine State.

IBEW Widow Champions Workers in Senate Run Against Iowa’s Ernst

Theresa Greenfield awoke to bright, sunny skies on June 3, 1988, roused her lineman husband, packed his lunch and saw him off to work.

Navy Commitment Puts New Jersey Member on COVID-19 Duty in South Pacific

Trenton, N.J., Local 269’s Ed Nowak is among the thousands of IBEW members who have stayed on the job as COVID-19 has spread across North America and around the world. But unlike most of his union brothers and sisters, Nowak found himself fighting the coronavirus pandemic on the other side of the planet.

Thank a Lineworker Today

July 10 is National Lineworker Appreciation Day, an occasion to celebrate the men and women who keep North America’s electricity running and to memorialize those who have been injured or killed doing their job.

AGL Employees Ratify Contract, Become Full IBEW Members Amid Pandemic

One of the largest organizing victories in the South in recent years reached a crucial milestone when the members of Atlanta Local 1997 voted overwhelmingly to approve their first contract with Atlanta Gas Light.

Scenes from a Pandemic

IBEW members and their families across the United States and Canada are coping with the health, stress and economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. The stories below are a snapshot of the early crisis for members in four states. They ran in the July issue of The Electrical Worker with a cover story on the challenges New York City members faced this spring as their home became the global center of the pandemic.

At the Center of a Pandemic: New York Members Endure the Latest Test of Their City’s Resilience

Crises are a calling for the brothers and sisters of New York City Local 3. They were on the front lines when the towers fell. When Hurricane Sandy wreaked destruction. When other states and nations have cried out for help after storms and earthquakes.

Fighting for Jobs, IBEW Asks Members to Weigh in on Ohio Wind Project

IBEW leaders in Ohio and developers of a proposed wind farm in Lake Erie are asking members to contact the governor’s office to request his help in changing a decision made by a state board in charge of approving the $126 million project.

June 2020

  June Issue 



How Prevailing Wage Boosts Homeownership

The benefits of a prevailing wage extend beyond just pay and benefits, according to a study from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute. Prevailing wage laws also make it easier to get a piece of the American Dream.

IBEW Member Tapped to Head Michigan’s Coronavirus Workplace Safety

Sean Egan, a member of Muskegon, Mich., Local 275, has been appointed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as Director of COVID-19 Workplace Safety.

St. Louis Member, Former Lawmaker is New Head of Missouri AFL-CIO

Jake Hummel has been a longtime successful advocate for Missouri’s working people, so it came as no surprise when he was asked to assume the top post in the state’s labor movement.

PA Local's Food Drive Fills Shelves of Area Charities

By the numbers, there were seven pickup trucks, 30 deliveries, six food banks and $15,000 in cash donations to help feed the community that Chester, Pa., Local 654 has served proudly for 80 years.

Globetrotting Halifax Members Maintain Navy Fleet

Members of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Local 1133 perform maintenance work on the Royal Canadian Navy's most sophisticated vessels — and some are never quite sure where that responsibility will take them, or when.

Ohio Locals Honored by LAMPAC for Job‑Protecting Efforts

Two IBEW locals in northern Ohio were honored in March for their work in helping to preserve nearly 4,300 nuclear energy jobs in the state.

VEEP Graduates Get a New Brotherhood

The Veterans Electrical Entry Program recently graduated its second class, opening life-changing career opportunities for veterans and strengthening IBEW locals across the U.S.

Brotherhood Across Borders: Angola Hospital Mission Bonds IBEW, Italian Electrical Workers

After two weeks in the dusty, southwest corner of Angola helping to electrify a remote maternity hospital, Alex Alcantara was full of emotion as his "unbelievable trip" came to an end.

How to Avoid Heat-Related Illness This Summer

As temperatures continue to rise this summer, it’s important to remember to stay safe and avoid any heat-related illness.

A Safer Workplace: New Jersey Utility Members Collaborate to Innovate

For members of Cranbury, N.J., Local 94 working for the state’s largest utility, PSEG, safety is embedded into everything they do. And that commitment extends not only to working safely, but to coming up with innovative ideas to make the job even safer.

Louisville Members Score Big with Soccer Stadium Project

Louisville, Ky., is already famous for its contributions to the world of sports — think Louisville Slugger baseball bats, legendary boxer Muhammed Ali or the spectacle of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Now, with some help from the members of the city’s IBEW members at Local 369, professional soccer is set to join that distinguished list.

Charitable Donations Mark the CFL’s Closure

When representatives from the IBEW presented more than CA$250,000 to seven children’s hospitals across Canada, the charitable act brought closure to a turbulent chapter in the Canadian labour movement.


May 2020

  May Issue 



Tennessee Members Honored After Rescuing Woman from Flood Waters

Cody Bryant felt a little out of place when the Tennessee General Assembly honored him and fellow Kingsport, Tenn., Local 934 members Rick Courtner and Mollie Ingle in February.

Chicago Member Snaps Pics of Blue Angels Flyover

When Joseph Glynn saw that the Blue Angels flight path over Chicago would go over his union hall, he made sure to grab his camera before he went out to catch the show dedicated to honoring essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

IBEW Members Leading the COVID-19 Response

Rene Mata is a San Diego Local 465 gas service technician, and for most of his 16-year career, the biggest threats on the job were gas leaks. Explosions are uncommon but perilous, and leaks must be addressed quickly.

New Mexico Local Powers Overflow Hospitals for Coronavirus Patients

Members of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Local 611, with help from a handful of travelers, have completed work on two hospitals to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic in the Southwest.

OSHA Releases New COVID-19 Recommendations for Construction Sites

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration released a new webpage at the end of May with guidance for construction employers and workers as states and municipalities relax restrictions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Most Important IBEW Program You Haven’t Heard About

A century ago in Detroit, IBEW Local 58 members were locked in a bitter dispute with employers who wanted to slash workers’ pay from $1.25 an hour to $1 an hour.

'Tape Measures Instead of Guns':Journeyman Uses Life Story in Appeal to U.S. House Panel

Witness John Harriel began his testimony on Capitol Hill in the middle of his harrowing life story of gangs, prison, reform and ultimately service.

IBEW Members Make Face Shields to Help Fight Coronavirus

With personal protective equipment in short supply, a number of enterprising IBEW members have stepped up to make face shields and masks for health care workers with their personal 3D printers.

IBEW Members Step Up in Crisis for Longtime Partner CBS

On the afternoon of March 11, CBS officials announced the immediate closing of the network’s Broadcast Center in New York after two employees were diagnosed with the coronavirus. The network’s flagship news program, “CBS Evening News,” was scheduled to air less than four hours later.

IBEW Joins Entertainment Unions to Discuss Pandemic Pain, Path Forward for Industry’s Workers

The havoc the coronavirus is wreaking on the entertainment industry was the focus of a national media call last week that included the impact on IBEW members in sports and news broadcasting, and how their union is fighting for them.

Reno Local Powers Conversion of Parking Structure Into Temporary Hospital

Across the United States, empty facilities are being converted into much-needed hospitals for patients suffering from the coronavirus. In Reno, Nev., members of Local 401 performed that critical work in an especially unique place – a parking garage.

Atlanta Local 613 Opens New Hospital Tower 4 Months Early

By now, everyone understands the phrase “flatten the curve.”

Gulfport Local Improvises: Hands out Moonshine Hand Sanitizer in Makeshift Containers

Part of responding in an emergency is working though the crisis with what you have, even though that often looks nothing like what you need.

Wisconsin Local Powers Alternative Care Facility

The Wisconsin State Fair Park outside Milwaukee has been converted into an alternative care facility to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic and Local 494 members were there to power it.

April 2020

  April Issue 



Wisconsin Local Powers Alternative Care Facility

The Wisconsin State Fair Park outside Milwaukee has been converted into an alternative care facility to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic and Local 494 members were there to power it.

Railroad Branch Seeks Federal Help to Keep Workers Safe on the Job

Most IBEW members in the union’s railroad branch have remained on the job since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, but the AFL-CIO says the U.S. is not doing nearly enough to keep the nation’s frontline transportation workers safe from this global pandemic.

The Sweet Smell of Success: Big Raises for Portland Wiremen at Nabisco Bakery

With a quarter-century of experience at the Mondelēz Nabisco plant in Portland, Ore., journeyman wireman Jim Smith knows it takes at least two electricians per shift to ensure that millions of Oreos, Saltines and other popular snacks wend their way from baking to packaging without major disruption.

Syracuse Local Celebrates Easter Supporting Frontline Workers, Local Businesses

Throughout its 124-year history, Syracuse, N.Y., Local 43 has had a tradition of giving back to the central New York communities it serves. So, when most of the area shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its members figured out how to step up in a big way.

IBEW Members Power Field Hospitals in Long Island

With help from some travelers, members of Long Island, N.Y., Local 25 are powering two overflow hospitals to deal with the demand from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hamilton, Ont., Local Builds Temp Hospital in One-Week, 24 Hours a Day

For half a decade, the members of Hamilton, Ont., Local 105 made the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation one of the main recipients of their charitable donations each year.

Workers Memorial Day, Day of Mourning Call Us to Honor Lives Lost, Pledge to Fight For Safety of all Working People

This week, union members across the world will come together to celebrate the lives of workers lost and to recommit to the fight to make safety priority No. 1 on the job.

Local 11’s Good Works, Focus on Safety, Help Members and Greater Los Angeles Cope with Crisis

From safeguarding members to community service, Los Angeles Local 11 is playing a leading role helping the nation’s second-largest metropolitan area respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Ontario’s Local 636 Members Give New Meaning to Serving on the Front Line

Linda Georgiu affectionately calls the clerical workers she represents at Windsor Regional Hospital and Windsor’s Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in Ontario as “my girls.” Only two men are among the 548 members working at the two facilities.

IBEW, AFL-CIO Announce Earth Day Initiative to Plot Future of the Energy Industry

The IBEW and the AFL-CIO on Wednesday announced an innovative partnership with former Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz aimed at protecting jobs while moving the U.S. toward a carbon-free energy future.

Detroit Local Powers Alternative Hospitals in Fight Against Coronavirus

Members of Detroit Local 58 are providing critical power to two centers being repurposed as overflow hospitals to help combat the COVID-19 virus.

Utility Workers Local 704 Continues Labor’s Tradition of Generosity in Dubuque

The Dubuque Area Labor Harvest sprung to life in the 1980s to help feed union members and their families in a city ravaged by recession and sky-high unemployment.

Utility Workers Sequestered at Work on Both Coasts; Plans are in Place Across North America

Several dozen IBEW utility members have been sequestered at their work sites in California and New York since early April to protect critical power infrastructure and personnel from the threat of COVID-19.

In Hard-Hit New Jersey, Governor Thanks Local Unions for Massive PPE Donation

Few states have seen more devastation due to the COVID-19 pandemic than New Jersey. Not surprisingly, the IBEW and its local unions there stepped up to provide a huge assist to frontline healthcare workers.

Local 1547 Steers Massive Mask-Making Project for Fairbanks Hospital

Amanda Mertes was online exploring the shortage of personal protective equipment and the viability of cloth masks when she got a phone call that turned her curiosity into a mission.

Members Retool Factories for Critical Ventilator Production

IBEW locals across the country are pitching in to power the facilities being repurposed for production of much-needed ventilators to help with the growing Coronavirus pandemic.

Special Delivery: Local 134 Helps Retirees Stay Safe, Well, and Fed

As volunteers delivered care packages of food to Chicago Local 134 retirees and widows at the end of March, Elbert Walters said it was a little like “reverse trick-or-treat.”

Boston Local Donates 20,000 Face Masks to Area Hospital

Boston Local 103 has stepped up to help address the shortage of face masks needed to combat COVID-19.

Canada's Parliament Approves $2,000 a Month for Pandemic-affected Workers

Last week, Parliament passed and received royal assent on Bill C-13, “An Act respecting certain measures in response to COVID-19,” a relief package that will provide $2,000 a month through July for those who have lost their jobs or who are going unpaid as a direct result of the disease.

March 2020

  March Issue 



What the $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill Means for IBEW Members

With the COVID-19 pandemic essentially closing the American economy, the House and the Senate sent an unprecedented $2 trillion bill to the White House, where the president signed it late Friday afternoon.

National Lighting Bureau Donates LED Lights to Coronavirus Testing

The IBEW-partnered National Lighting Bureau is offering free LED lights to remote COVID-19 testing sites being set up nationwide to help combat the global pandemic.

IBEW, Telecom Partners Working to Help Members Cope with Coronavirus Pandemic

The IBEW has negotiated agreements with Verizon, AT&T and other companies that will provide telecommunications employee-members added flexibility in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Unions Fight Back; Trump Backs Down from Plan to Gut Apprenticeships

After a coordinated response across North America’s Building Trades Unions, including hundreds of thousands of letters, phone calls and comments from union construction workers, on March 10 the Trump Administration backed off its plan to undermine the century-old construction apprenticeship system.

COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for Construction Trades

North America’s Building Trades Unions issued specific advice for construction industry employers to protect IBEW members and other construction professionals from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.

Agreements with CBS, FOX Sports Deliver Good News for IBEW Broadcast Crews

Hundreds of IBEW members hired by CBS for the now-canceled NCAA men’s basketball tournament this month will still be paid thanks to the union’s whirlwind efforts to help protect workers from the financial fallout of the coronavirus crisis.

IBEW, NECA Sign National Agreement in Response to COVID-19

The uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been deeply unsettling to nearly every industry, and the IBEW and its partners at the National Electrical Contractors Association have signed an emergency agreement to help construction workers and contractors navigate these turbulent times.

Trump Slashes New Navy Ship Orders, Threatens to Cancel Shipyard Workers’ Collective Bargaining Agreements

President Trump’s 2021 budget cuts new ship construction by 20%, killing 10 new ships – some for this year – and putting thousands of shipyard jobs at risk, including many IBEW jobs. This is despite his promise only one year ago to increase the fleet by 30% by 2030.

Code of Excellence Boosts Safety and Morale at Colorado Utility

The energy running through La Plata Electric Association in southwestern Colorado these days isn’t limited to the utility’s power lines.


IBEW Member Wins Maine House Seat

Manchester, Maine, Local 1837 member Kevin O’Connell has been a lot of things throughout his career. Now he can add “member of the state House of Representatives” to his résumé.


IBEW Celebrates Women in Construction Week

This week we celebrate our sisters in the building trades who work side by side with our brothers to build our bridges, buildings, roads and more.

2019: Photo Contest: Results

The IBEW's 2019 Photo Contest results are official, and thousands of you weighed in on, Instagram and Facebook.

Outside Organizing for the 21st Century:A Golden Age, a Silver Tsunami and an Ironclad Plan

With a significant victory in New England, the IBEW announced a new era in outside construction organizing.

February 2020

  February Issue 



IBEW Members Dominate ‘Super Bowl for Electricians’

In what has become a yearly tradition, IBEW members dominated the competition at the fourth annual Ideal National Championships, which draws union and nonunion electricians from across North America and is considered the top competition of its kind for inside wiremen.

Biden, Sanders Split on Natural Gas with Thousands of IBEW Jobs at Stake

A bill introduced late last month by Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders could cost tens of thousands of IBEW jobs and cripple a natural gas industry fueling job growth across the entire U.S.

White House Vows to Veto PRO Act’s Worker Protections

On Feb. 5 — one day before 224 members of the U.S. House of Representatives from both parties voted to approve a bill to make it easier for working people to join labor unions — the White House issued a strongly worded statement opposing the measure.

IBEW-Run Gas Plant Named One of the 'Top Plants' in the World

The people who live among the lakes and forests in far northern Michigan are hardy people. Up at the northern end of Lakes Huron and Michigan, three and half hours north of Detroit, the winters are long, cold and dark.

NLRB Threatens Oregon Law Protecting Workers from Union-Bashing Captive Audience Meetings

The National Labor Relations Board is trying to kill a law unique to Oregon that prohibits employers from forcing workers to attend anti-union meetings, adding a state battle to its ferocious attacks on workers’ rights at the federal level.

Leveling the Playing Field: Pre-Apprenticeships Open Doors to the Middle Class

Any IBEW member knows a career in the trades can be incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s a debt-free education, a paycheck that provides a family with a solid middle-class life or the simple satisfaction of creating something with your own two hands, the opportunities available through the IBEW and other union trades are limitless.

NLRB Cracks Down on Union Symbols at Work

The National Labor Relations Board took another major step to eradicate the rights of working people with a recent controversial decision cracking down on workers wearing union insignia on the job.

The IBEW Endorses Vice President Joe Biden for President

The leadership of the IBEW, while attending its annual officers meeting this week, unanimously endorsed Vice President Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States.

PRO Act Clears House, Would Make Joining a Union Easier

An effort in Congress to make it easier for working people to join labor unions took a big step forward on Thursday when 224 members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.

Proposal Threatens Social Security Disability Benefits for Millions of Workers

A federal scheme that could rob millions of injured workers of their Social Security Disability Insurance is being widely condemned as a vicious attack on vulnerable Americans, similar to disastrous cuts in the 1980s.

IBEW Members Deliver Another Super Performance on the World Stage

Football fans across the world aren’t likely to realize it, but in most years, IBEW members are as critical to their Super Bowl viewing experience as chicken wings and guacamole.

January 2020

  January Issue 



Idaho Locals Helping Lead Statehouse Battles for Good Jobs, Workers’ Rights

Lobbying for union jobs and workers’ rights isn’t easy in a state as red as Idaho, but IBEW activists are playing a robust role in bridging the divide.

IBEW Leader Appointed to Key Role in Michigan’s Labor Department

Michigan’s working families have a new powerful voice in government with the recent appointment of Muskegon, Mich., Local 275-member Sean Egan to the state’s department of labor.

Two Major IBEW Priorities Finally Made Law

Several of the IBEW's highest legislative priorities were signed into law Dec. 20.

Green Transit Initiatives in Ontario Mean More Jobs for IBEW Members

Toronto’s GO Transit commuter rail network has committed to a shift away from reliance on diesel-powered locomotives, a push that could translate into meaningful, long-term employment for up to 1,500 members of Toronto Local 353.

IBEW, NFL Step Up Partnership to Protect Children

The IBEW's multiyear effort on behalf of the National Child Identification Program was honored at the start of the Dec. 15 Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field in recognition of a strengthened partnership with other unions and the National Football League to protect missing children.

IBEW Photo Contest: It’s Time to Vote

The IBEW photo contest is entering its final phase: your turn.

Locals’ OSHA Partnerships Help Keep Workers Safe

Across the U.S., an ongoing shortage of inspectors at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is putting workers’ lives at risk. But IBEW locals are stepping in to help fill the gaps.

Organizing Wins Pile Up for IBEW at New Jersey, Long Island Altice Locations

Years of legwork — along with the sale of a telecommunications giant — has led to hundreds of new members for the IBEW and its local unions on Long Island and in New Jersey.

BC Women’s Committee Collects Comfort Cases for Assault Survivors

The Kamloops, British Columbia, Local 993 women's committee has been hard at work collecting all kinds of items, from clothing to toothpaste to pillowcases, for "comfort cases" for sexual assault survivors.

‘Light Up Navajo’ Linemen Bring Electricity and Love to a Nation in Need

In the sacred story of the birth of the Navajo Nation, the first holy people rose through three worlds before emerging into the splendor of their homeland in what would become the American Southwest. They called it the Glittering World.

Union Plus Scholarship Application Deadline Approaching

IBEW members who are looking for some help paying for college — for themselves or for someone in their immediate families — have until noon Eastern Time on Jan. 31 to apply for the scholarships available through Union Plus.

Retired Wireman Hopes TV Success Will Fund Charity Work

Although he spent most of his nearly 40-year career working as a journeyman inside wireman — or maybe because of that — Charles Bush has held a longtime, abiding appreciation for the outdoors, and for fishing in particular.

Creative Thinking Helps Bring Museum Workers into the IBEW

In what’s believed to be a first in the IBEW’s history, museum workers have voted in favor of joining the union and have begun to bargain with management over a first contract.

December 2019

  December Issue 



Tampa Wireman Takes Top Klein Tools Honor

Tampa, Fla., Local 915 member Fernando Guillen, a journeyman inside wireman who now teaches electricity full-time at nearby Plant City HighSchool, was honored in November by Klein Tools as its 2019 Electrician of the Year.

Employers Charged with Violating Labor Law in 40% of Union Campaigns

U.S. employers are charged with violating federal law in four out of 10 union election campaigns, according to a new Economic Policy Institute study that also found that the nation’s private sector spends at least $340 million a year on union-busting consultants.

Canadian Government Offers a Boost to IBEW Apprenticeships

Kitchener, Ontario, Local 804 is getting some help from the federal government in the form of approximately $5.5 million for its pre-apprenticeship program.

Search for Fairness Leads Florida Battery Recycling Employees to Tampa Local

Many of the workers at Gopher Resource’s battery and recycling plant in Tampa, Fla., were perplexed by the company’s message after it was sold last year. They were a little angry, too.

Tell Your Senators, Don’t Tax My Retirement

Weeks ago, two Republican senators unveiled a plan that threatens to destroy the multiemployer pension system that provides retirement security to hundreds of thousands of IBEW members.

IBEW Members Discover Historic Shipwreck in Great Lakes

When Bernie Hellstrom picked up an obstruction on his boat's sounder, he knew something big was there, but he had no idea how historic it was — or that he would discover it with an IBEW brother.

There’s a Terrible New Plan to Tax Your Retirement – Help Us Fight It Today

Senate Republicans are readying a radical plan to raise taxes on retiree pension benefits and put catastrophic burdens on union retirement plans, according to documents released last month.

A $14 Billion Facelift for One of America's Busiest Airports

Person A takes off from San Francisco for a 389-mile flight to Los Angeles International Airport's Terminal 4. At the same time, Person B exits the 405 freeway bound for the same destination just 2.5 miles away.

The Numbers Are In: Union Construction Jobs Are Safer Than Nonunion

It may not be news to those in the business, but new numbers back up what IBEW and other union construction members already know: there’s safety in a union.

November 2019

  November Issue 



NLRB Workers Forced to Fight for Their Own Rights Against Union-Busting Bosses

The National Labor Relations Board’s own workers rallied Monday against management abuses affecting their union’s ability to represent them, signaling new depths of the agency’s union-busting agenda.

Rail Workers’ Safety, Jobs in Jeopardy as Precision Scheduled Railroading Expands

An efficiency scheme being adopted by most large freight railroads threatens the safety and job security of members in the IBEW’s railroad branch, and International President Lonnie R. Stephenson is appealing to the Transportation Department to take a closer look at the practice and its potentially dangerous outcomes.

Massachusetts, Rhode Island Back Public Employee Unions in post-Janus World

Massachusetts and Rhode Island lawmakers took decisive action to lessen the impact of last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME. The new laws provide greater protections for unions and their members, and it’s thanks, in no small part, to IBEW efforts.

It’s National SAVE Apprenticeship Week: Here’s How to Celebrate

Every November the Department of Labor holds National Apprenticeship Week to raise the profile of certified training programs that provide a path to the middle class for working people.

We Stand Together: 500 California Municipal Workers Vote to Join the IBEW

More than 500 Long Beach, Calif., municipal workers are newly represented by Diamond Bar Local 47 after a multi-year effort to join the IBEW.

Honoring Our Veterans

This Nov. 11 we pay tribute to our brave servicemen and women in the U.S. and Canada. But honoring our veterans includes making sure they return home with the career opportunities they deserve, and for many, that means a career in the trades.

Business Manager ‘So Full of Energy’ Awarded Prestigious New Jersey Labor Award

Dan Cosner grew up in an IBEW home and followed his father into the trades. He decided early in his career a leadership position would be the right fit for him.

IBEW Wages Lost: $1.8 Billion in U.S. Military Construction Cut for Border Fence

The White House suspended more than 100 shovel-ready military construction projects in September to divert funding for a border fence, effectively killing hundreds of potential IBEW jobs.

The IBEW Changed My Life

This summer, IBEW leaders asked for your urgent help. Our apprenticeships were under attack, threatened by a nonunion contractor-backed Labor Department rule that would allow them to operate second-rate training programs and present them as equal to our own.

October 2019

  October Issue 



New Jersey Members Help Finally Make ‘Dream’ Mall a Reality

One of the largest entertainment and retail complexes on the planet opened its doors five miles west of New York City on Friday after decades of planning and delays and multiple changes in ownership.

FMCP Aids Organizing Success for Utility Electricians in ‘Right-to-Work’ Texas

The IBEW’s Family Medical Care Plan is more than just a health insurance plan; it’s also a surprisingly effective organizing tool.

Best Doctors Makes Getting a Second Opinion Easy

One of the programs offered under the IBEW’s Family Medical Care Plan can help members make important medical decisions with confidence.

IBEW Membership Turned into Her ‘Freedom Ticket’

Crystal Rourke says life wasn’t quite as tough two years ago as it now sounds.

Winnipeg Member Returned to Parliament in a Good Night for Working People

Working families scored big wins in Canada’s federal elections on Monday – and the IBEW held an especially important seat in Winnipeg’s Elmwood-Transcona riding.

Safety, Right-to-Work, Prevailing Wage at Stake in Virginia Election Nov. 5

With every vote counted in 2017, pro-worker lawmakers in Virginia were one botched ballot away from shared control of the House of Delegates.

Ohio Member Turns Fly Fishing Passion into Dream Trip, Television Appearance

Like many skilled trades workers, Paul Hughes wondered how he would make ends meet following the economic collapse in 2008. Construction came to a near standstill in his hometown, so the Columbus, Ohio, Local 683 member became a traveler and took to the road.

Sign Modernization Upgrades Manhattan Commute

Railroad branch members in New York and Connecticut have been installing modern electronic message signs that provide real-time service information to Metro-North’s customers.

Kentucky Race Gives Working Families Chance to Fight Back Against Governor Who ‘Hurts Us’

Labor and its allies have battled strong headwinds in Kentucky recently. The election of Gov. Matt Bevin in 2015 and a GOP takeover in the House the following year meant a single-party state government intent on rolling back union rights.

In Louisiana, an IBEW Friend in the Governor’s Mansion

John Bel Edwards is the only union-friendly governor in the Deep South, and he is on the ballot in Louisiana Oct. 12.

Federal Workers Under Attack as Agencies Told To Enforce Anti-Union Executive Orders

A court injunction that temporarily protected federal workers from a hostile government agenda expired last week, prompting the Trump administration to order agencies to enforce anti-union policies the president issued in May 2018.

Canadian Election Offers Chance for Members to Show Who ‘Shares Our Values’

Toronto Local 353 Vice President Jeff Irons views the upcoming Canadian federal elections much like an organizing drive.

IBEW Supports Nuclear Powers America Act

In an age of shrinking bipartisanship and climbing global temperatures, the Nuclear Powers America Act might just be the bipartisan legislation the country needs to cleanly and reliably power future generations.

Finalized Overtime Rule Leaves Out Millions of Working People

The Trump administration announced its final overtime rule on Sept. 24, ending a yearslong process that sought to undo the original, more generous, 2016 rule.

Study: West Virginia’s Prevailing Wage Repeal Lowers Wages, Not Costs

Students at Mountain Valley Elementary School in southern West Virginia’s Mercer County were forced to wait more than a month beyond the start of the school year for their facility’s grand opening. Construction delays were at fault, the state’s Affiliated Construction Trades reported in August.

Union-Busting App Backed by Billionaires

It’s an important signal that unions are working when the rich and powerful spend billions trying to silence them.

September 2019

  September Issue 


Anti-Worker Lawyer Eugene Scalia confirmed as Labor Secretary

After decades spent attacking the rights of workers struggling for justice and safety on the job, corporate lawyer Eugene Scalia is a vote away from taking the reins of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Landmark California Law Offers New Protections, Greater Economic Security for Misclassified Workers

A trailblazing California law that IBEW members fought for will extend job rights and benefits to hundreds of thousands of workers long misclassified by employers as independent contractors.

Colorado Member With Lifetime of Service Seeks Public Office

Service to others was central to Eppie Griego long before he became an active member of Pueblo, Colo., Local 12.

Pennsylvania’s New Juneteenth Holiday Extra Special to One IBEW Member

On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers finally arrived in Galveston, Texas, bearing news that had taken six long months to wend its way through the South: Congress had passed the 13th Amendment freeing American slaves.

Hotel Employees in the IBEW? In this Iowa Community, They’re a Perfect Fit

Dubuque, Iowa, Local 704 Business Manager Tom Townsend won’t take any credit for a successful organizing effort and first contract for workers at the city’s Hilton Garden Inn along the Mississippi River.

Gallup Says Union Support is at a Near-Five-Decade High

Reports of labor’s demise have been greatly exaggerated according to a new Gallup poll.

All in the Family: Trayer Workers Put ‘Rolls-Royce’ Switchgear in Linemen’s Hands

Every step of the way at Trayer Switchgear near San Francisco, IBEW members treat the products they make as if their own family will use them.

Delaware, Oregon Provide Protections for IBEW’s Public Employee Members

The IBEW joined with other unions in two states – one on the East Coast, the other on the West – to pass legislation that strengthens public employee unions following last year’s Janus decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Patience Pays as New Missouri Members Finally Get First Contract

Barack Obama still was president when Springfield, Mo., city employees votedin the fall of 2015 to join Springfield Local 753.

Has the NLRB Lost Its Way?

"Everybody needs a law that is precise and certain."

Standout Detroit Tree Trimmer is Special, But Not for the Obvious Reason

Lisa Bagalay was, by all accounts, an exceptional member of Detroit Local 17's Line Clearance and Tree Trimmer apprenticeship program.

August 2019

  August Issue 


VEEP Bridges the Gap Between the Military and What’s Next

The transition from military to civilian life can be a difficult one for servicemen and women. Gone are the regular paychecks, the structure, the camaraderie and the shared sense of mission. That first step after military discharge often feels like a leap into the unknown.

A Win in Ontario, but Labor’s Battles Continue

Toronto’s leaders stood defiantly in June against an anti-union attempt by Ontario’s Conservative Party to reclassify the city’s relationship with its construction workforce.

New Reports: Soaring CEO Pay a Growing Threat to U.S. Economy

CEO compensation has skyrocketed 940 percent over the past 40 years in the United States, 78 times the rate of growth in workers’ pay and benefits, according to one of two new studies that challenge the upbeat conventional wisdom about today’s economy.

Urgent Call for Action: Last Chance to Help Save IBEW Apprenticeships

Just days are left to help save the IBEW’s apprenticeships from greedy nonunion contractors who want to cut corners on training.

IBEW, Entergy ‘Sticking’ with Code of Excellence

A simple sticker on the side of a work truck could be easily overlooked, but for IBEW members at Entergy Arkansas, that bit of plastic represents something more: a sign of growing pride on the job and an improved relationship with management; a symbol of the values embodied in the IBEW’s Code of Excellence.

Union Plus Scholarships Awarded to 11 IBEW Family Members

A commitment to the values of the IBEW and organized labor, as well as academic achievement, personal character and financial need each were all factors in determining this year’s IBEW recipients of the Union Plus scholarshipsfor the 2019-2020 school year.

Washington, Tennessee Harden Penalties for Assaults on Utility Workers

Rick Luiten didn’t have to rely on abstract statistics or second-hand anecdotes when he testified in favor of Washington state’s new law imposing tougher penalties on people who assault utility workers.

New Senate Energy Bill Supports Union Jobs, Priorities

An IBEW-backed bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would ensure that the country’s growing number of clean energy construction jobs will be filled by unionized electrical workers and by highly trained brothers and sisters in other union trades.

In Boise, New Telecom Unit Sees Membership Rise in Right-to-Work’s Shadow

About 3,000 employees at DirecTV facilities across 13 states voted for IBEW representation and approved contracts in 2016, a major organizing win for a telecommunications industry that has weathered remarkable change over the last decade.

IBEW Effort Helps Move ‘Butch Lewis’ Closer to Passage

Intensive lobbying by activists from the IBEW and other labor unions paid off on July 24 when a bipartisan majority in the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pension Act by a vote of 264 to 169.

$6.5 Billion Pa. Cracking Plant Puts a Region to Work

One of the largest projects in the IBEW is finally underway north of Pittsburgh.

Crisis in a Bottle: Opioids and the Construction Industry

Opioid deaths in the U.S. and Canada are at epidemic levels, ravaging communities across regional, ethnic and socioeconomic divides. But no industry suffers higher rates of addiction and death than one of our own: construction.

‘It Was Magic How Nine Electricians Meshed So Well’

Five thousand miles from the building codes and safety rules of Ontario, Canada, the team of IBEW electricians had never seen anything quite like the dormitories for older students from a Guatemalan children’s home.

July 2019

  July Issue 



Take a Bow: Study Shows Union Members are Better Informed

If knowledge is power, then political knowledge is the fuel of an informed democracy. And according to a recent study, unions are a valuable source.

N.J. Local’s ‘Good of the Union’ Commitment Bolsters Community

Members of Trenton, N.J., Local 269 put in long, hard hours during the week. But well-earned weekends aren’t just for relaxing; many members are also committed to the wide variety of community service activities the local sponsors through its “Good of the Union” committee.

Capitol Hill Lineworker Events Celebrate Recognition Resolution

In On July 10, Rep. Linda Sanchez of California formally introduced a House of Representatives resolution to designate that date as National Lineworkers Recognition Day.

Florida Activists Fight to Fend Off Deregulation Threat

In Florida, IBEW members are mobilizing to help kill a proposed constitutional amendment that aims to deregulate the state’s investor-owned electrical utilities — a law that, if implemented, could disrupt the livelihood of thousands of electricians who work and live there.

Atlanta’s Newest Local is Home for Gas Workers

The IBEW has its first new local in the state of Georgia in nearly 40 years. The birth of Atlanta Local 1997 on June 29 marks a major victory for the rights of working people in the Deep South.

Call for Action: Help Protect IBEW Apprenticeships

The IBEW urgently needs your help to protect our training programs from a pending federal rule that would let businesses run shoddy apprenticeships with minimal standards, oversight and pay.

House Votes Overwhelmingly to Scrap ‘Cadillac Tax’ on Health Benefits

The House of Representatives voted 419-6 to repeal punitive taxes on many union health plans, a major win for union workers and a rare moment of bipartisanship in Washington.

With Election Approaching, New Contract Secures Gains for Federal Workers

With the federal election on the horizon, Ottawa, Ontario, Local 2228 reached tentative agreement with the Treasury Board for a new four-year contract that will guarantee an 8% increase in salary for the more than 1,000 members covered.

IBEW, Unions Rally to Keep Pension Promises

Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth W. Cooper joined hundreds of labor activists representing the IBEW and other unions Wednesday to rally on Capitol Hill encouraging Congress to pass a bill aimed at rescuing troubled multiemployer pension plans.

Thanks to North America’s Lineworkers

An early summer thunderstorm had knocked out power in parts of northwest Washington, D.C.

Hitting the Legislative Jackpot: Nevada Unions Reap Rewards of Hard-Won Election Victories

Led by IBEW members, Nevada’s building trades unions hit a triple in the Legislature this spring, restoring prevailing wage and project labor agreement laws killed by the business lobby in 2015, and ensuring that apprentices from accredited programs fill a percentage of jobs at public construction sites.

Temps Heat up With No Federal Safety Standard

As summer temperatures soar to scorching heights, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is here with recommendations and tips to stay safe on the job, even a smartphone app, but no federal standard as to what “safe” actually means.

The Electrician at the End of the Earth: An Antarctic Adventure

A globetrotter at heart, John Murphy was already adept at swapping his Queens apartment for digs in Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

The Battery Revolution: Fixing the Grid’s No. 1 Problem

The North American electrical grid is the largest machine ever built by human hands. The interconnecting web of power plants, end users and everything in between has an unknowable number of components that fuel the $20 trillion U.S. economy.

June 2019

  June Issue 



Ottawa-Area Members Pitch in for Flood Victims

When the Ottawa River swelled to record levels this spring, IBEW members were there to help.

First Contract Ratified by BGE Workers

After four failed organizing drives and two years of negotiation, the 1,400 members of Baltimore Local 410 ratified a first contract on Sunday with Baltimore Gas and Electric.

Wyoming Organizer Honored for Leading Local 322 Volunteers in Conservation Projects

Bruce Johnson, a Casper, Wyo., Local 322 organizer and avid outdoorsman, has been named the IBEW Conservation Steward of the Year for his leadership on volunteer projects protecting elk and their habitat.

‘It Matters’ Campaign Encourages Voter Registration, Participation

A major initiative is underway to ensure that every IBEW member eligible to vote is registered, aiming to educate members that participating in the electoral process directly translates to power on the job and at the negotiating table.

Free College, No Catch: IBEW Members Say Degree Program Hasn’t Cost Them a Nickel

With just four or five classes to go, Todd Bedard is on the verge of having an associate degree in business management – without accruing a penny of student debt.

IBEW Urges Congress to Get Moving on Nuclear Waste Storage

A trio of recently introduced bills before the U.S. House of Representatives could help unlock meaningful, long-term employment for IBEW members in Nevada — and beyond.

In Canada’s Election, a Call to Avoid ‘All-Out War on Unions’

When the Liberal Party took power in Canada in 2015, the IBEW and working families gained access to halls of power on Parliament Hill that hadn’t existed in the previous four years of Conservative rule and five years of coalition government before that.

$200M Agreement Brings Jobs, Stability in Pennsylvania

Steady and plentiful work is on the horizon for members of Chester, Pa., Local 654, thanks to a newly announced, multimillion-dollar project labor agreement covering the ongoing revitalization of the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in suburban Philadelphia.

‘Rite’ Strategy Leads to Steady Work for New Jersey Local

For decades, Jersey City, N.J., Local 164 electricians were among the hundreds of union tradespeople who built nearly two dozen ShopRite grocery stores in New Jersey and New York.

Clock Ticking on Bill to Preserve Nuclear Jobs in Ohio

Hundreds of IBEW jobs in Ohio could be in serious jeopardy if the state’s Legislature fails to pass a bill to keep two nuclear plants open.

May 2019

  May Issue 



The Future of Organizing: New Technology Builds on the Tried and True

The future of organizing is here, IBEW leaders say, and new tools and technology will play a key role in recruiting the next generation to meet the needs of a growing electrical industry.

We Need Your Help: Call Your Congressman, Save Your Pension

Weeks before Christmas, hundreds of IBEW members swarmed Capitol Hill to kill a proposal that would have crippled multi-employer pension plans.

Chicago Partnership Promotes Apprenticeships as Alternative to College

Identifying and encouraging high school students who might benefit from a career in the electrical trades is the aim of a new partnership between Chicago Local 134 and a school district in the city’s northwestern suburbs.

Faces of the IBEW: Second-Chance Baltimore Wireman Headlines New Ad Campaign

Rico Albacarys didn’t sulk or stew when he was turned down for a Baltimore Local 24 apprenticeship back in 2010. Instead, he got back to work – and the right people noticed.

Syracuse, N.Y., Local 97 Members' 'Flawless' Replacement of Diesel Back-up at Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station

When back-up generators at nuclear power stations stop working, the clock starts ticking before federal rules require the main unit to shut down. So, when the 49,000-pound back-up diesel generator went quiet at the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station in upstate New York, the nearly 75 members of Syracuse Local 97 in the maintenance department had a monumental challenge on their hands.

Even in Right-to-Work Era, Northern Michigan Manufacturing Local Grows Membership

Growing membership in a manufacturing local is a challenge under any circumstances. American jobs continue to move overseas at an alarming clip, so growth in a right-to-work state makes it even more of an achievement.

New Program Aims to Help Trades Recruit More Women

Expanding programs for women who might be considering a career in the skilled construction trades, or who are already in them, is the goal of a new joint initiative of Canada’s Building Trades Unions and the federal government.

Social Security Workers Fight For their Rights Against Anti-Union Attacks

The Social Security Administration has joined a growing list of federal agencies that are impeding the ability of unions to represent government workers and taking extreme positions in contract talks.

Tell Missouri Senators: Say ‘Yes’ to the Grain Belt Express

IBEW leaders are asking members and friends to contact Missouri state senators this week and urge them to vote against any bill that would derail construction of the Grain Belt Express, an environmentally friendly, electrical transmission project that will deliver wind power from the Midwest to the East Coast power grid.

Pro-Union PRO Act Accelerates Congressional Fight for Workers’ Rights

Pro-union lawmakers are pushing for landmark federal legislation that would pull the teeth of right-to-work laws and impose stronger, swifter penalties on law-breaking employers, ensuring that workers across the country have the right to join unions and bargain collectively for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

With More Allies in State Capitols, A Sunnier Forecast for Unions and Workers

IBEW activists have an extra spring in their step walking the halls of America’s statehouses this year.

Time Running Out for Thousands of Clean Energy Jobs in Pennsylvania

Hundreds of people rallied on the Pennsylvania Capitol steps this week, urging the Legislature to save thousands of clean energy jobs – and fast.

The 2019 Photo Contest is Here

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for this year’s IBEW photo contest.

America’s Underground Crisis: Aging Infrastructure Brings Opportunity for Gas Workers

Beneath nearly every American city, a crisis is unfolding. While talk of America's crumbling infrastructure focuses on bridges and roads, ports and airports, below ground the aging pipe networks that carry natural gas to homes and businesses grow more dangerous by the day.

Stay Safe with National Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down Week

Every year, hundreds of construction workers are killed on the job and more than a third die from falls, the number one cause of accidental deaths in the industry. The tragic loss of our brothers and sisters is made all the more bitter because every death or injury from a fall is preventable with proper training and the use of appropriate fall protection.

Local 1212 Member Mentors Young Members after Stellar CBS Career

Iconic sports venues like Augusta National and Daytona International Speedway came to feel like second homes for Neil McCaffrey during an award-winning career as a CBS camera operator.

April 2019

  April Issue 


IBEW Members Power Parliament Hill’s West Block

The West Block section of Canada’s historic Parliament Hill recently underwent a major restoration and members of Ottawa, Ontario, Local 586 were there to power it.

Workers Memorial Day is a Time for Remembrance, Action

Union members across the U.S. and Canada will pause on April 28 to remember fellow workers who lost their lives on the job over the past year and to recommit themselves to the effort to prevent workplace deaths and injuries.

Illinois Bans Local Right-to-Work Zones as Elected Leaders Hit the Gas on Pro-Worker Agenda

An IBEW member’s bill to ban cities and counties in Illinois from passing local right-to-work ordinances has become law, two years after the state’s previous governor vetoed the legislation.

Fewer Inspectors, Less Enforcement: OSHA Trend Raises Risks for Workers

As the number of OSHA inspectors shrinks, enforcement action to safeguard workers is on the decline — at the same time that investigations into workplace deaths and injuries are rising.

IBEW Founders’ Scholarship Deadline is April 30

One of the legacies of the IBEW’s founding fathers isn’t directly related to organizing or pulling wire, but it remains very much in the spirit of the Brotherhood and unionism. It’s the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship.

Fastest Growing Jobs in the U.S. Look Good for the IBEW

The fastest growing jobs in nearly a quarter of U.S. states are IBEW jobs according to projections form the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

N.H. Nuclear Security Workers Making the Most of Membership

The IBEW has represented thousands of nuclear energy workers over the years, usually in either the construction or utility branches.

New Brunswick Local Receives National Recognition for Excellence

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Local 37 earlier this year won an award from Electricity Human Resources Canada for its Training Trust Fund, a program that offers members continuing education opportunities in a variety of areas including essential “soft skills” – the first time a union has earned the prize.

Texas Local Energizes the Next Generation

Last April, Houston Local 66’s young members group had four members. Today, they have close to 50 – and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Toledo Local Looks to Recruit from New Communities

The Latino population in northwestern Ohio has risen steadily over the last 40 years. For Toledo, Ohio, Local 8’s Ricardo Jiménez, this presents a rich recruiting opportunity that can help the IBEW grow as well.

IBEW Canada Lobbies for Fair Wages Policy’s Return

With Canada’s next federal election only six months away, IBEW leaders and activists are reminding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party majority in Parliament that they have not yet made good on one of their 2015 campaign pledges: to bring back the country’s federal fair wages law.

Trump Budget Takes Aim – Again – at Federal Workers

For the federal workforce, the Trump administration’s budget proposal for 2020 reads like a roadmap to civil service demise, with calls for cuts to annual leave and retirement security, pay freezes and a weakening of collective bargaining rights.

Michigan Members Help Save Historic 'Rosie' Bomber Factory

W. Jeffrey Koepp is like many baby boomers who grew up in and around the Michigan cities of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. He’d long heard tales from older family members who’d worked at the nearby Willow Run Bomber Plant of how the B-24 bombers built there turned the tide of World War II against Germany.

March 2019

  March Issue 

IBEW Activists Work to Bring Back Prevailing Wage to New Hampshire

For more than three decades, New Hampshire has been the lone New England state lacking a prevailing wage law. But after voters in November’s elections sent labor-friendly majorities to the state’s Legislature, IBEW members in the Granite State are hopeful that such a statute could finally be making a comeback.

IBEW Helps Alabama Boy Check Wish Off ‘Vision Bucket List’

Ian Oliver has always wanted to know how things work. The nitty-gritty of machinery, how it’s engineered, and what happens mechanically when you pull a lever or flip a switch.

IBEW Helping Railroads Meet Critical Safety Deadline

U.S. railroads already are among the safest in the world. But over the past several years, IBEW members have helped install technology across the country that aims to make them even safer.

Lawmakers Want Answers About NLRB’s Plans to Outsource Work

Two members of Congress are pushing for answers about the National Labor Relations Board’s plans to contract out its unionized staff’s duties reviewing public comments on the controversial joint employer rule.

Stephenson, Richard Lay Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier

There is nothing to break the stark view from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It floats like a white marble ark in a sea of green lawn and small, white-capped grave markers for the thousands of buried troops. All of Washington D.C.’s grand monuments are hidden from sight across the Potomac from Arlington National Cemetery.

‘Skills Need to Change’ for Energy Workers, IBEW Tells Lawmakers

Utility Director Donnie Colston testified before a House subcommittee on March 7, telling members the role the IBEW and other unions can play in meeting the nation’s increased demand for workers in the energy and nuclear industries.

Locals That Battled Energy Deregulation Scheme Share First-Ever Edwin D. Hill Award

Two IBEW locals and their employer have won the inaugural Edwin D. Hill Award for their expansive efforts to protect good jobs and Nevada power customers, a campaign that led to the landslide defeat of a deceptive state ballot measure last November.

Trump Administration Issues Weakened Overtime Rule

The Trump administration has issued its version of an Obama-era rule to extend overtime pay, one that leaves out millions of working people.

Like Father, Like Son: Two Generations of Broadcasting Excellence

Jay Willis is accustomed to making quick decisions as an audio mixer during major sporting telecasts, primarily while working as a freelancer for CBS.

Tax Season: Deductions Disappear for Working Families

Tax season is here, and tens of millions of Americans are finding an unpleasant surprise when they enter the final calculations on their return.

BC Member Selected for Canada’s Future Skills Council

The government of Canada has assembled a new council to address the future of jobs in the country, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Local 213 assistant business manager Lisa Langevin will serve as a member.


Salt Lake City Local Blends Skill-Building With Solidarity

When Salt Lake City Local 354 member Jared Brydson returned from the IBEW’s International Convention in 2016, he was looking for ideas to increase engagement among new members. Then, he and Business Manager Russ Lamoreaux landed on the idea of a boot camp.

Judge: Parts of W.Va. Right-to-Work Law Violate State’s Constitution

West Virginia’s working people scored a big win on Wednesday when Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Bailey ruled unconstitutional parts of the state’s 2016 right-to-work law.

February 2019

  February Issue 

New Law in Ontario Threatens Jobs, Worker Safety

Under the guise of modernizing apprenticeships and cutting red tape, Ontario’s provincial government recently pushed through a blatantly anti-worker measure that instead will end up putting skilled people out of work and placing workers’ safety at risk.

The Rising Tide Lifting Women into Leadership

Sally McKleinfeld has been helping female friends with their résumés for years. Now she’s developed a program to help even more women within New York Local 3.

20th Annual Photo Contest: Results

From long shifts in driving snow to moving portraits and Pacific sunset views, this year’s photo contest winners captured what it means to be a member of the IBEW.

The State of American Democracy

A little less than a year ago, the Electrical Worker told you about a crisis in our democracy. The picture was dark. Tens of millions of American citizens live in gerrymandered electoral districts with borders surgically created to keep incumbent politicians in office. Millions more voters are locked out of the voting booth entirely.

‘Good People Like You Make This World’ Local 465 Gas Worker Rescues Trapped Car Crash Victims

Bringing his utility truck to a stop at a traffic light south of San Diego on a late January morning, Martin Barraza was shocked to see an overturned sedan, its crushed hood and front roof pressing against the pavement.

Superior Training Sees IBEW Members Nab Top Honors at Annual Competition

IBEW electricians from New York, Illinois and Minnesota swept the top honors at the third annual 2018 Ideal National Championship, held Dec. 1-3 near Orlando, Fla.

Missouri Union Membership Up, Bucking National Trend

Missouri added 25,000 working people to its union membership last year, propelled by a major right-to-work win victory where Show Me State workers made a compelling public case for the value of unions.

Safety Standards Slide as OSHA Guts Workplace Injury Tracking

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has gutted an Obama-era rule that required employers to report on-the-job injuries and illnesses.

Longtime Illinois Member Tells New Southern Colleagues: We Need the IBEW

After 38 years in the telecom industry and 35 years as an IBEW member in his native Illinois, Randy Phillips wasn’t quite ready to call it a retirement when he left AT&T in 2011. He came from a strong union family with a tradition of fighting for working people.

IBEW Members To Be Official Guests at State of the Union

Retired Manchester, Maine, Local 1837 member Cynthia Phinney and Chicago Local 134 apprentice Lily Wu have been invited as official guests to attend President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night from the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Generation Z and the ‘Other’ Four-Year Degree

All parents want their children to get a good job that pays them a livable wage. For many, that means attending a four-year college institution. But for many others, there’s an alternate path.

For the 20th time, IBEW Members Work to Provide CBS With A ‘Super’ Broadcast

More than 100 million people in the United States alone will watch the Super Bowl Sunday night on CBS. And, as usual, the network will rely heavily on IBEW broadcasting members to provide a world-class viewing event.

January 2019

  January Issue 

Near the IBEW’s Birthplace, St. Louis Members Build Affordable Housing

The Ville neighborhood on St. Louis’s near north side is an historic one for the region and the IBEW.

IBEW Collaborates with Entertainment Unions to Fight Harassment on the Job

In support of broadcast members, the IBEW has joined with about a dozen other unions within the entertainment industry to share resources as part of a pledge to combat workplace harassment.

Tradeswomen Find Solidarity in Numbers at Annual Women Build Nations Conference

It took Briane Montoya two days, but she finally found another woman who was an outside lineman like her. For someone who’s often the only woman on her job site, it was a big moment.

Texas Local Helps Corrections Officers Impacted by Government Shutdown

As the federal government shutdown drags on with no end in sight, more and more federal employees are going without. IBEW members, including those at Corpus Christi, Texas, Local 278, are stepping in to help.

Agency Created to Protect Federal Workers’ Rights Slams Door on Staff Union

A little-known federal agency charged with protecting the right of government workers to organize is refusing to recognize its own union.


Closed Local’s Hall Gets a New Lease on Life

The union hall of a disbanded Ohio local is finding new life as a museum and learning center, thanks to an innovative partnership forged between the local’s former leaders and a nearby university.

Same Care. Less Time and Money

You have the flu. Modern medicine’s solution is for you to drag yourself to the car, try not to kill anyone as you drive through a pounding headache, then wait who-knows-how-long on a sticky plastic couch to see a doctor you don’t know for a prescription. And you’ll pay for the privilege.

Maryland Members Help Preserve a Historic Railroad ‘Station’

As Interstate 68 curves through Cumberland, Md., the speed limit drops from 70 miles per hour to 40, providing drivers an opportunity to glimpse a historic church that once served as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

BC Organization Looks Past Recruiting Women to the Next Step: Keeping Them’

Typically, the solution to the stagnant number of women in construction – it’s been stuck at roughly 3 percent for decades – is to recruit more women. The BC Centre for Women in the Trades is taking a different approach: retention.

‘Congress: Do Your Job So We Can Do Ours’

On Jan. 10, the 20th of day of federal government shutdown, employees gathered outside the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C. and in cities across the country to issue a message to Congress and the White House: Do your job so we can do ours.

Team Effort Delivers IBEW Representation For 200+ at Eversource

Fed up with their deteriorating office environment, a majority of the employees at a utility call center in Connecticut recently voted to join the IBEW in a united effort to improve their working conditions.

Unions Rally to Reopen Government

On what is expected to be the 20th day of the federal government shutdown, the AFL-CIO is organizing a rally to call for an end to the partial government stoppage. More than 30 unions, including the IBEW, are co-sponsoring the event.

Federal Employees Start 2019 With Shutdown, Uncertainty

The new year has started off on a precarious, if all-too-familiar, foot for the nation’s federal employees.

Nebraska Wireman Wraps Up an 89-Year Career

Every year, the IBEW hands out hundreds –yes hundreds—of 70-year pins to men and women marking seven decades as members of the Brotherhood.

Department of Energy Program Could Help with Soaring Medical Expenses

For IBEW members employed by the U.S. Department of Energy and dealing with a work-related illness, there could be a new way to get help with your medical bills.