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Director: Jim Voye

202 728-6103

The Research Department was established in 1924 and is one of the oldest in the AFL-CIO.  Department staff members have expertise in a diverse range of areas.  These include financial and industry analysis, labor economics, employee benefits, database design, presentation graphics, desktop publishing, writing, and editing.

The following is a brief description of each section within the Research Department.
I.  Information and Technical Services Section

The Information and Technical Services section serves a wide variety of functions within the department:  research and writing, editing and proofing, publication design and revision, desktop publishing, original vector graphics, the design and production of PDF documents and visual presentations, and maintenance of the IBEW library collection. This section is responsible for updating, editing and proofing many IBEW publications that are sent to commercial printers.  In addition, this section designs, creates, and maintains current IBEW jurisdictional maps.

II. Economic and Corporate Analysis Section

The Economic and Corporate Analysis Section performs economic, financial, corporate, and industry-wide research and analysis for organizing and collective bargaining and assists local unions in selecting arbitrators. This section also examines national and international trade developments relating to our industries and the labor movement, and also conducts research necessary to support all offices and departments of the IBEW. 

III.  Employee Benefits and Data Analysis Section

The Employee Benefits and Data Analysis Section handles requests relating to employee benefits, database development and maintenance, construction market share, membership trends, surveys, and software development. 

IV.  Corporate Affairs Section

The Corporate Affairs section is responsible for running the corporate governance program. The primary objective of the program is to promote corporate accountability and to maximize the long-term value of our pension fund portfolios and the corporations in which they invest. This section also manages the IBEW/NECA Proxy Voting & Investment Tracking Services.

V. Other Activities

The department has continued to be involved in various additional initiatives, such as international trade, industrial apprenticeship and skill standards. The department continues to manage the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship Program. The department also issues certificates for completion of industrial apprenticeship and responds to numerous requests for information on the IBEW and careers in the electrical industry.