The fastest growing jobs in nearly a quarter of U.S. states are IBEW jobs according to projections form the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The fastest growing job in the most states – eight – is solar panel installer.  That doesn’t mean that there will be more total new solar installer positions than any other job in California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, or New Jersey. It means that demand will be highest, and growth will be fastest.

In Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, and Iowa, the fastest growing jobs are projected to be wind turbine service technicians, a trade filled by an increasing number of IBEW members.

In Nevada, the fastest-growing job is an electronic equipment assembler. Many of these jobs are nonunion – for now.

But the IBEW has members doing everything from building ships and prosecuting environmental lawbreakers to running nuclear power plants and building America’s cities.

Who’s to say that the men and women filling the fastest growing job in Oregon – animal trainer—or Georgia – costume attendant – won’t be members of the IBEW someday?