February Issue 

In Win for Working Families, New Hampshire Says ‘No’ to Right-to-Work

New Hampshire’s nickname is the Granite State, a salute to the hard rock that is plentiful there and used in construction. Perhaps it’s only fitting its people held firm against right-to-work laws.

Fresh off a Victory, Working People React to Labor Department Nominee Acosta

On Feb. 16, Donald Trump nominated lawyer Alexander Acosta to replace failed labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder, who was forced to withdraw his name from consideration less than 24 hours earlier.

What IBEW and Congress Can Do About the Future of the Energy Grid

America’s energy infrastructure was on Capitol Hill’s agenda last week, and the IBEW was there to provide some expertise.

Record Snow Turns Out Calif. Lights; IBEW Turns Them Back On

With winter comes snowstorms, and with normal snowstorms come power outages and emergency work for the tens of thousands of IBEW lineworkers. Even a few inches of snow and ice can knock out power for hundreds of thousands of people.

From Pets to Vets, Delaware Members Give Back

The members of Wilmington, Del., Local 313 are willing to do their part for their neighbors, whether they’ve got two legs or four.

Millennial Minority Workers Look Forward While Giving Back

The young members of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus are growing their ranks and the next generation of the IBEW, and that includes a commitment to service.

Protect Your Paycheck: Fight Back Against National Right-to-Work

Emboldened by the frenzied first days of single-party control of the federal government, Republicans in Congress took aim on Feb. 1 at a longtime target – working people.

Leadership, Determined Workers Lead to Vancouver Organizing Win Over ‘Fake’ Union

Leif Andersen heard fellow workers on a jobsite at the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver last spring talk about their union failing to listen to their concerns and continually siding with management.

NACTEL– Education is the Gateway to the Jobs of the Future; Virtual Open House Feb. 7

There is a constant demand for telecommunications workers but the best jobs –the ones that become careers-- are only open to people who understand the industry’s rapidly changing technology.

IBEW, Jobs to Move America On Track to Good Jobs in New York

The IBEW has worked successfully with Jobs to Move America to ensure public transportation projects create good paying jobs for working families in the communities they serve. The next success story might be in New York.

Right-To-Work Battle Heats Up in N.H., Mo.

The march by GOP-controlled states to take away rights from working families continues as newly emboldened representatives and governors – elected with sweeping majorities – make their first order of business to cut paychecks and limit the voices of workers.

These Seattle Members are Powering a Massive Infrastructure Project

Bertha is a very big part of a very big project, and Seattle Local 46 members are helping to steer her, and the project, to the finish line.


  January Issue 

GOP Wants to Cut Prevailing Wage for Highway Projects

America’s bridges, roads and tunnels are in a sorry state, desperately in need of major investment, but Republicans on Capitol Hill are trying to make sure union labor has no part in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

Billion Dollar Texas Build Lays Path for ‘Clean Coal’

On Jan. 10, America’s first large-scale “clean coal” power station was declared operational, and IBEW members from Houston Local 66 are playing an integral part in making the groundbreaking technology work.

IBEW Electrician/Congressman Appointed to Labor-Focused Committee

New Jersey Rep. Donald Norcross -- the only active member of the IBEW in Congress—has been appointed to serve on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

‘All She Had to Do was Call 103’: Boston Members Rescue Missing Cat

It was a normal January night like any other. Members of Boston Local 103 were doing routine maintenance on an above-ground part of Interstate 93. They had no idea they were about to turn into local heroes.

‘Cautiously Optimistic:’ IBEW Leaders See Reasons to Like Proposed FairPoint Sale

FairPoint’s purchase of Verizon’s landline business in northern New England eight years ago was beset by problems from the beginning.

Fired While His Wife Was in Labor, Man Rejects Countless Offers for IBEW Apprenticeship

Lamar Austin became an unwitting public figure when he was fired because he missed work to attend the birth of his son on New Year’s Day. News of the incident spread on social media after it was reported by newspaper and television stations in New England.

Labor Nominee Accused of Widespread Labor Violations

Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary routinely stole from his workers and fostered an unsafe work environment in pursuit of personal and shareholder profit, according to current and former employees who spoke on Capitol Hill Jan. 10.

Victory: More Than 1,400 BG&E Workers Join the IBEW

After an 18-month organizing drive, a majority of Baltimore Gas & Electric's 1,418 gas and transmission-distribution workers voted to join the IBEW on Jan. 12.

Detroit’s ‘Wobbly’ Kitchen: Serving Up a Healthy Dose of Community Spirit

For many, Sunday morning starts with a lazy cup of coffee, maybe the sports page or readying the kids for church. But twice a month for nearly a dozen members of Detroit Local 58, Sunday starts at the union hall with 120 pounds of raw chicken.

First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Opens off Atlantic Coast

Business Manager Michael K. Daley and everyone with Providence, R.I., Local 99 had reason to celebrate when the first offshore wind farm in U.S. waters became fully operational in mid-December.

Republican House To Federal Workers: ‘Do What We Want or Kiss Your Salary Goodbye’

On their first session of the new year, House Republicans brought back a rule written three years before the invention of the lightbulb that would allow Congress to target specific federal workers and programs. 

Long-Shot East Coast Rail Plan: Faster Commutes, IBEW Jobs

Rail infrastructure between Washington and New York has been suffering for decades, falling victim to heavy traffic combined with a lack of investment. But federal regulators have a plan for sorely-needed upgrades that could shorten commutes and lead to IBEW jobs.

Kentucky Republicans Set to Gut Union Rights

Kentucky is poised to become the 27th state, and the last state in the South, to pass so-called “right-to-work” legislation.

‘We’re in a Union … We Have All We Need’: Why These Members Give Back

This crew of young, volunteer-oriented IBEW members is making their mark, one can of yams at a time.