What the $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill Means for IBEW Members


With the COVID-19 pandemic essentially closing the American economy, the House and the Senate sent an unprecedented $2 trillion bill to the White House, where the president signed it late Friday afternoon.


Canada's Parliament Approves $2,000 a Month for Pandemic-affected Workers


Last week, Parliament passed and received royal assent on Bill C-13, “An Act respecting certain measures in response to COVID-19,” a relief package that will provide $2,000 a month through July for those who have lost their jobs or who are going unpaid as a direct result of the disease.


COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for Construction Trades


North America’s Building Trades Unions issued specific advice for construction industry employers to protect IBEW members and other construction professionals from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.


National Lighting Bureau Donates LED Lights to Coronavirus Testing


The IBEW-partnered National Lighting Bureau is offering free LED lights to remote COVID-19 testing sites being set up nationwide to help combat the global pandemic.


IBEW, Telecom Partners Working to Help Members Cope with Coronavirus Pandemic


The IBEW has negotiated agreements with Verizon, AT&T and other companies that will provide telecommunications employee-members added flexibility in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic


Unions Fight Back; Trump Backs Down from Plan to Gut Apprenticeships


After a coordinated response across North America’s Building Trades Unions, including hundreds of thousands of letters, phone calls and comments from union construction workers, on March 10 the Trump Administration backed off its plan to undermine the century-old construction apprenticeship system.


Agreements with CBS, FOX Sports Deliver Good News for IBEW Broadcast Crews


Hundreds of IBEW members hired by CBS for the now-canceled NCAA men’s basketball tournament this month will still be paid thanks to the union’s whirlwind efforts to help protect workers from the financial fallout of the coronavirus crisis.


IBEW, NECA Sign National Agreement in Response to COVID-19


The uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been deeply unsettling to nearly every industry, and the IBEW and its partners at the National Electrical Contractors Association have signed an emergency agreement to help construction workers and contractors navigate these turbulent times.


IBEW 2019 Canadian Women's Conference

#IBEW women are making their voices heard. Check out what went down at the 2019 IBEW Canadian women's conference.