We Stand Together: 500 California Municipal Workers Vote to Join the IBEW


More than 500 Long Beach, Calif., municipal workers are newly represented by Diamond Bar Local 47 after a multi-year effort to join the IBEW.


It’s National SAVE Apprenticeship Week: Here’s How to Celebrate


Every November the Department of Labor holds National Apprenticeship Week to raise the profile of certified training programs that provide a path to the middle class for working people.


Honoring Our Veterans


This Nov. 11 we pay tribute to our brave servicemen and women in the U.S. and Canada. But honoring our veterans includes making sure they return home with the career opportunities they deserve, and for many, that means a career in the trades.


Business Manager ‘So Full of Energy’ Awarded Prestigious New Jersey Labor Award


Dan Cosner grew up in an IBEW home and followed his father into the trades. He decided early in his career a leadership position would be the right fit for him.


The IBEW Changed My Life


This summer, IBEW leaders asked for your urgent help. Our apprenticeships were under attack, threatened by a nonunion contractor-backed Labor Department rule that would allow them to operate second-rate training programs and present them as equal to our own.


New Jersey Members Help Finally Make ‘Dream’ Mall a Reality


One of the largest entertainment and retail complexes on the planet opened its doors five miles west of New York City on Friday after decades of planning and delays and multiple changes in ownership.


FMCP Aids Organizing Success for Utility Electricians in ‘Right-to-Work’ Texas


The IBEW’s Family Medical Care Plan is more than just a health insurance plan; it’s also a surprisingly effective organizing tool.


Now Hiring: Going Online to Find the Next Generation of IBEW Electricians

There are a lot of job websites out there. The IBEW thought it was time to get into the game and start aggressively recruiting nonunion electricians online through the WePowerAmerica website.