IBEW President Hill on TPP: ‘No More NAFTAs’

April 18, 2015

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Edwin D. Hill issued the following statement today regarding Obama’s request for Fast-Track Authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 13 nation trade deal. 

“I urge all members of Congress to reject President Barack Obama’s call for trade promotion authority, or fast-track, legislation.

“’Yes’ on fast-track means voting in favor of a secretive trade deal that further empowers multinational corporations at the expense of working families and consumers.  

“It weakens labor and safety protections, while threatening good American jobs with further outsourcing. 

“For too long, Congress has been giving the president a blank check when it comes to trade. And look what we got: NAFTA, CAFTA, China Free Trade. Nothing but broken promises, bigger deficits and lost jobs. 

“With TPP, we’re talking the biggest trade pact in our history. There is too much at stake to repeat the same mistake.

“A no vote on fast-track gives Congress the power to negotiate a truly fair trade agreement that benefits all Americans, not just multinational corporations.