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ADT Locks Out Winston-Salem, N.C. Employees

IBEW Blasts Company’s Obstructionist Behavior


ADT employees and union leaders are denouncing the security company’s Feb. 13 decision to lock out 19 of its service technicians in Winston-Salem, N.C.

The workers had voted for representation by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 342 in 2013. They have been negotiating for a first contract since then.

“ADT has dragged out talks for nearly two years, using every trick in the book prevent us from ever coming to an agreement,” said Local 342 Business Manager Alvin Warwick.

The Florida-based company refused to budge from its final offer, which would slash employees’ wages by up to 30 percent.

ADT has brought in outside contractors to do the work of the locked-out workers.

“Using untrained contractors not familiar with ADT to install and maintain security systems in a customer’s most important possession – their home – is a bad move from a company devoted to security,” Warwick said.

The union says it is committed to negotiating a fair contract that is mutually beneficial to both parties. “ADT employees have made it clear they want to keep working while bargaining goes on,” said IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill. “This lockout undermines workplace relations, undermines service and undermines the community. Management needs to end its obstructionist behavior and come back to the table.”

The IBEW represents approximately 1,000 ADT employees.

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