Boston Member’s Book Shines Light on Women in the Trades


A lot has changed since 1998, when Boston Local 103 retiree Susan Eisenberg published her first book detailing the struggles of women like her in the building trades. And yet, as she notes in the preface to the recently-released second edition, a lot has stayed the same.


After Janus: Blue States Move to Protect Public Workers


The multi-year campaign to cripple public sector unions did not begin with the Janus case in 2017, and it did not end with the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in June. Now the billionaires who funded the campaign are turning their attention, and their wallets, to convincing workers to quit their unions.


With Clock Ticking, Canadian Nuclear Workers Fight to Maintain Public Pension Access


The IBEW and other Canadian trade unions are urging the federal government to scrap a measure that would lead to major cutbacks in retirement benefits for the country’s nuclear workers.


IBEW Union Plus Scholarship Winners Announced


More than a dozen IBEW members and family members are among this year’s recipients of Union Plus scholarships. One young recipient on the list, however, never knew his journeyman lineman father.


Supreme Court Nominee’s Track Record: Corporations Win, Workers Lose


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would cement the court’s big-business, anti-worker majority for years to come, squarely positioning all three branches of government against the rights and financial security of working people. His track record on the federal bench – including a 2016 ruling against an IBEW local – proves it.


IBEW Lights Up Trenton Makes Bridge


The IBEW is helping people see a historic landmark in literally a new light.