In Win for Working Families, New Hampshire Says ‘No’ to Right-to-Work


New Hampshire’s nickname is the Granite State, a salute to the hard rock that is plentiful there and used in construction. Perhaps it’s only fitting its people held firm against right-to-work laws.

Fresh off a Victory, Working People React to Labor Department Nominee Acosta


On Feb. 16, Donald Trump nominated lawyer Alexander Acosta to replace failed labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder, who was forced to withdraw his name from consideration less than 24 hours earlier.

What IBEW and Congress Can Do About the Future of the Energy Grid


America’s energy infrastructure was on Capitol Hill’s agenda last week, and the IBEW was there to provide some expertise.

How the IBEW is Building A Green Power Future

California's increasing reliance on solar energy means utilities need to find new ways to store excess power. That's why advanced battery storage facilities are so important to our energy future. And members of the IBEW are leading the way. SHOW MORE