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IBEW Local 26 Residential Solar Electric Project

Part 9:  Conclusion

June 2001 IBEW Journal

Solar is providing a new look at the IBEW, said NPCSCPs Ingham. The Local 332 solar installation has generated much interest in the IBEW and solar photovoltaics. Many people have approached the IBEW as a result of the Local 332 installation, from big buildings that want solar, to local contractors, to tradesmen who want IBEW solar installations for their homes.

Solar photovoltaic technology is not new, but it is a growing trend both in North America and around the world. PV technology has captured the interest of architects, engineers, contractors and electricians worldwide.

As the PV market continues to grow, IBEW members will have expanded opportunities to utilize their skills in manufacturing, installing and servicing these photovoltaic systems, said President Hill. A knowledgeable and well-trained IBEW work force that understands the safety standards, installation process and maintenance requirements of these PV systems is a work force prepared to continue to power the Brotherhood into the future.

For more information about the NJATC solar PV Train-the-Trainer program, call Todd Stafford at the National Training Institute in Knoxville (865) 380-9044, or e-mail him at todds@njatc.org. For questions concerning promotion of activities dealing with grant acquisition, licensing and advocacy matters, call George Ingham, NPCSCP, at (604) 983-2819 or e-mail him at operations@npcscp.com.