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Local 332, San Jose, California, electricians install 23-kilowatt solar PV array on new local union hall.

Part 6:  NPCSCP: A Solar Advocacy Group

June 2001 IBEW Journal

An NPCSCP workshop held in Knoxville, Tennessee, in November 2000, served as the first in a series of solar advocacy summits. It is the aim of the NPCSCP members to focus on key issues necessary to ensure a healthy, vibrant solar construction sector, including: training accreditation, certification, solar product review and enhancement, policy and legislation, design and construction, inspection and safety, said NPCSCP International Executive Director Ingham.

NPCSCP affiliate members include the IBEW, NECA, NJATC, The Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP), Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), and the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). NPCSCP subcommittees will comprise partnership members and associate members including manufacturers, designers, engineers, academics, contractors, inspectors, code reviewers, etc., noted Ingham. NPCSCPs mission is to build a strong solar-related electrical construction industry in North America....

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