‘Be Bold:’ AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler Comes Home to Challenge IBEW Delegates

“I’m home,” Portland, Ore., Local 125 member Liz Shuler told her IBEW siblings Tuesday in her first address to an International Convention since being named president of the AFL-CIO.

Delegates Vote to Strengthen the IBEW, Invest in the Future

The delegates to the 40th International Convention approved an increase to the general fund Tuesday, giving leaders the resources they requested to accelerate organizing and place the IBEW on solid footing for the years ahead.

May 11, 2022

Find out everything you need to know for Day 3 of the convention, Tuesday, May 11.

NECA’s Long, Davis Stress How Growing Opportunities Demand a Growing Workforce

On Tuesday morning, National Electrical Contractors Association Chief Executive Officer David Long and President Kirk Davis addressed the convention, each emphasizing the critical need to find enough skilled, unionized workers to meet the ever-increasing demands of a modern electrical revolution..

Words and Deeds: Illinois Senate President Harmon, U.S. Senator Duckworth Champion Workers

IBEW members and workers fighting to exercise their rights have two of Illinois’s highest-ranking politicians in their corner.

Delegates Begin Debate on Convention Resolutions

On Tuesday, delegates began consideration of resolutions dealing with important union matters, including recommitments to organizing and the IBEW’s Code of Excellence, working with contractor partners at the National Electrical Contractors Association, and a host of others

Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus Rallies Delegates to Seize ‘Historic Moment’ to Grow Union

International Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus Salvatore “Sam” Chilia spoke with the voice of experience when he told delegates and guests there’s never been a better time to be an IBEW member.

Irish Trade Union Leader Praises IBEW, Salutes Immigrants Who Built American Unions

Paddy Kavanagh, the general secretary of Ireland’s Connect Union, called for continued cooperation between his union and the IBEW and paid tribute to Irish immigrants who were instrumental in the U.S. labor movement during a speech to delegates and convention attendees on Tuesday afternoon.

‘Pound for Pound, PBF is one of the Best Pension Plans Out There’

International Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth Cooper delivered an update on the Pension Benefit Fund, considered one of the safest and best funded pension plans in the country, on May 10.

Credentials Committee Update, IP Report Adopted

International Executive Council Chairman Christopher Erikson provided a supplemental report of the convention’s Credentials Committee.

District Caucus Results Announced

When the IBEW’s 40th International Convention gaveled open on Monday, May 9, a total of 1,639 delegates from 515 local unions had registered and were present for the convention, representing a total membership of 597,670.

Convention Approves Rule Changes, Requires Electronic Per Capita Payments

On Tuesday afternoon, delegates to the 40th International Convention approved amendments that make a series of changes to convention attendance, changed the oath of admission to the IBEW and forbid locals from making per capita payments by physical check.