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February 2002

Judge - No More Hanging Chads in California.
A federal judge has ruled that no chads will be hanging, swinging or otherwise confounding voters and election officials...February 25, 2002.

Olympic Effort  See the mountainside efforts of the IBEW come to light in this 1-minute video.
IBEW members played a key role in constructing the interlocking Olympic rings on a mountain overlooking Salt Lake City during the Winter Games....February 22, 2002.

A Great Collaborative Effort- NTELOS Employees Vote For IBEW Affiliation.
Nearly 80 telecommunications workers employed by NTELOS, Inc. gained IBEW representation in a December 2001 vote...February 22, 2002.

IBEW Provides Key Testimony at Enron Hearings on Capitol Hill.
At Senate Hearing on Enron and Pension Reform A Call to Protect Working Americans Retirement Security...February 22, 2002.

House Republicans Delay Action While Unemployed Exhaust Benefits.
Help for the 1.8 million workers who have lost their jobs in the past year languishes on Capitol Hill...February 22, 2002.

IBEW Rejects AT&T's Contract Extension Proposal.
International President Edwin D. Hill recently announced that the IBEW rejected the proposal by AT&T to extend the current contract, but stood ready to begin negotiations...February 12, 2002.

IBEW members lend expertise to Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Rings project.
Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Locals 57 and 354 assisted the Salt Lake Organizing Committee...February 8, 2002.

Local 21 Targets Organizing Campaign At Chicagos AT&T Broadband.
The largest telecommunications local in the IBEW is taking aim at Chicago-area workers in an aggressive two-state organizing push....February 6, 2002.

IBEW Wins Guam Election.
Local 1260, Honolulu, Hawaii successfully organized a unit of workers at Raytheon Guam....February 6, 2002.

Bush Cuts Worker Training Programs.
President Bush has come a long way from Texas, where as governor he was known for supporting training programs...February 6, 2002.

National Electrical Benefit Fund and National Electrical Annuity Plan Launch Web site for Participants.
The Trustees of the National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) and the National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP) are pleased to announce the launch of their benefits Web site....February 5, 2002.

IBEW to Congress: Protect Workers From Enrons Abuse of Retirement Savings.
IBEW Local 125 Business Manager Bill Miller today urged Congress to take measures to protect workers in the future from the devastating losses Enron inflicted...February 5, 2002.