Union Plus Announces Scholarship Awards

July 30, 2014

Kevin Burton is a member of Washington, D.C., Local 26.

IBEW members and family members were awarded $10,000 of scholarships from the Union Plus Educational Fund.

The 10 IBEW awardees were among 116 winners, representing 39 unions who were awarded a total of $150,000. More than 5,300 applications were received and winners were chosen based on their financial need, academic performance, social awareness and a 500-word essay explaining their relationship with the labor movement and career goals.

Brittany Androsko of Weedsport, N.Y., won a $500 scholarship. Her father, David Androsko, is a member of Johnson City Local 10. She has volunteered at the local food bank, retirement homes and highway cleanup projects. Brittany wishes to pursue a career in medicine.

Kelly Babcock of Bear Lake, Mich., won a $500 scholarship. Her father, Timothy Babcock, is a member of Traverse City Local 498. Her family’s history in the labor movement dates back at least four generations. Kelly hopes to use qualities she’s learned through the labor movement in her career as a paralegal.

Kevin Burton of Glenn Dale, Md., won a $1,500 scholarship. She is a member of Washington, D.C., Local 26 as an IBEW instructor. She says she wants to move labor’s agenda forward as she pursues law school.

Christopher Damlos's father is a member of Chicago Local 134.

Sterling Cable of Groesbeck, Texas, won a $1,000 scholarship. His father, David Cable, is a member of Houston Local 66. Sterling was the quarterback of his football team, received academic all-district recognition and was named Youth Citizen of the Year. He says, “I am glad that people took notice of my performance and work ethic.” Sterling is going to study petroleum engineering.Mary Connolly of Orland Park, Ill., won a $1,000 scholarship. Her father, Mark Connolly, is a member of Chicago Local 134. Mary said she appreciates the positive influence unions have had on her family and nation. She comes from a family with four generations of union members. She is approaching college with an open mind as she hasn’t yet declared a major.

Christopher Damlos of Chicago, won a $1,000 scholarship. His father Carl Damlos, is a member of Chicago Local 134. Christopher spent a week in Appalachia where he helped repair a house for a family in need.

David Joyce of Worcester, Mass., won a $1,000 scholarship. He comes from a union family, his parents both union members, and he is a member of Worcester Local 96. He said he is appreciative of the way union membership has changed his life.

Erin Krebs of Queens, N.Y., won a $1,500 scholarship. Her father, John Krebs, is a member of New York Local 3. Erin received her school’s “Peacemaker” award and is planning to major in global affairs and pursue a career in diplomacy.

David Joyce is a member of Worcester, Mass. Local 96.

Madison Krischak of Erie, Mich., won a $1,500 scholarship. Her mother, Shari Schuldt, is a member of Toledo, Ohio, Local 8. “The union supported my mom and my education,” Madison said. She said she learned the value of hard work and determination and plans on using those skills while studying chemistry.

Hannah Powell-Yost of Chesapeake, Va., won a $500 scholarship. Her father, Jared Yost, is a member of Bethlehem, Pa., Local 1600. Jared spent time overseas in the military before joining the IBEW and Hannah said she’s glad to have him home again. She plans on obtaining a degree in social science to become a teacher and join a union.

The annual scholarship is awarded to students attending a two-year college, four-year college, graduate school or a recognized technical or trade school. Since the program started in 1992, more than 2,400 union members and family members have received the scholarship totaling more than $3.6 million. Scholarship amounts range from $500 to $4,000.

Applications are available for the 2015 Union Plus Scholarship here and are due Jan. 31.