The IBEW’s international vice presidents and international executive committee members were sworn into office on Thursday.

May 13, 2022

Convention Ratifies IVP and IEC Members

The IBEW’s 40th International Convention on Thursday ratified the choices of Monday’s district caucus, officially electing the IBEW’s slate of vice presidents and International Executive Council members. Among the new officers was Fourth District International Vice President Gina Cooper, who made IBEW history as the first woman to be elected an international officer.

The 19 officers, plus International President Lonnie R. Stephenson and International Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth W. Cooper, were sworn in by former Third District Vice President Donald C. Siegel.

Excerpts from each International Vice President and International Executive Council member’s acceptance speech are included below:

First District, Russ Shewchuk

“We will always be one team moving in the right direction … The IBEW has always upheld democracy … Democracy is what makes our two countries the greatest in the world … I am so very proud to be associated with you … I will not let you down … We will always be stronger together.”

Second District, Michael P. Monahan

“To the delegates of the Second District, thank you. Thank you for selecting me to serve and lead you during these times with so much opportunity … We have a lot more work to do and I'm looking forward to the challenges that face us over the next five years.”

Third District, Michael Welsh

“With the re-electrification of America, there will be many opportunities for the skills in all of our branches… We must be ready to take advantage of the opportunities when they arise. We have some of the most skilled crafts people in the world and I know they are up for any challenge.”

Fourth District, Gina P. Cooper

“It is my greatest honor to accept the nomination of vice president … and to officially be elected as the first female international officer in the IBEW's 131-year history. … Movements are made by moments and this, brothers and sisters, is a moment. It is a time to celebrate our differences and recognize that every race, gender, sexual orientation and classification have something to offer to this great union.”

Fifth District, Brian Thompson

“I am humbled and honored that all of you have put your trust and faith in me to guide the Fifth District into the future. A future that looks brighter than it ever has in my career … a future where we if we seized those opportunities … I’m confident the next generations of IBEW members will look back on us, just as we look back to our forefathers and they will say … This generation did all the right things when we had the opportunity.”

Sixth District, Paul Noble

“I know in my heart that no matter what I ask, you will always have my back, and you always have … That’s what brothers and sisters do … I have always believed that a person’s legacy is not only what they accomplish on the job, but also … how they influence the next leaders.”

Seventh District, Steve Speer

“I never could have imagined that a day would come when I would be chosen to serve my brothers and sisters as an international officer of the IBEW. I am more grateful than I can explain … I promise to work every day until I pass into the great hereafter, trying to repay the debt I feel in my heart for the IBEW.”

Eighth District, Jerry Bellah

I can’t thank the IBEW enough for the many opportunities that this organization has given me and my family … Over the next several years we will have unprecedented opportunities for growth that will come with many challenges both old and new … I am confident that we will meet those challenges with the same determination and grit that got us through COVID in better shape than we began.”

Ninth District, John J. O’Rourke

“I am immensely proud of the great work that we have all done in growing our district … That is a direct result of our willingness to embrace change, adapt to current market conditions and initiating programs that meet the needs of our evolving industry … As your Ninth District vice president, I will continue leading the district with honor and integrity, and I am committed to excellence in serving the local unions and the membership of our great district.”

Tenth District, Brent E. Hall

“When I climbed on the back of a line truck in 1984, I never dreamed I would be standing here today … We must go back to the words of Henry Miller and organize all electrical workers in this industry. We should strive to “light the path to the middle class” for all electrical workers, give them the same opportunity that we were given, and welcome them into this great union.”

Eleventh District, Mark Hager

“This is truly an incredible honor, and it is only with the help of many people that I stand here today … We have before us, an opportunity for unprecedented growth in the 11th District and the IBEW overall … Our continued success only happens with the support and commitment of all of you here and our members back home and I look forward to working with all of you as we secure the future of the IBEW.”

First District, Joseph P. Calabro

“Serving the members of the IBEW has been the greatest privilege of my life … And I am eternally grateful for the opportunity you’ve all given me to continue to work for the greatest union in the world … This is an exhilarating time to be in the labor movement. And an exceptional time for the IBEW. Throughout North America, we are leading the way in rebuilding our middle class. We’re showing just how crucial we are to our economy and to our communities.”

Second District, Myles J. Calvey

“To the leadership and the members of 2222, thank you for allowing me to do this job … I commit to all of you delegates in the Second District to continue to work on your behalf on any issue … So thank you to the entire delegation.”

Third District, Daniel L. Shirey

“There are no words to describe the honor that has been bestowed upon me by the delegates of the IEC 3rd District. I never dreamed I would be serving in this capacity, but know that I will take this incredible responsibility seriously, and in humble regard. I commit to you here and now, to serve your interests to the best of my ability.”

Fourth District, William W. Riley

“I stand before you today humbled, honored and proud to be a member of the greatest labor organization in the world, the IBEW. I promise to continue dedicating myself to the IBEW for the benefit of all our brothers and sisters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this honor.”

Fifth District, Frank J. Furco, III

“I would … like to give a special shout out to the delegates, members, officers and staff of IBEW Local 701. Without their continued support I could not do what I do … Thank you for your patience and your vote of confidence. I will continue to be your eyes, ears and most important, your voice on all International Executive Council business.”

Sixth District, Dean Wine

“I believe in servant leadership, and I have had the privilege of working with many IBEW leaders over the years who are not only great union leaders, they are outstanding people, and it’s been an honor to serve beside them and continue to learn from them.”

Seventh District, Leroy J. Chincio, Jr.

“I … am humbled by your trust and support. I accept the position in honor of, and on behalf of, the amazing members of Local 1260 in Hawaii and Guam. Thank you to President Stephenson, Secretary-Treasurer Cooper, and the international vice presidents for your continued leadership and inspiration. Because of your vision and guidance, we’ve come through 2022 with increased opportunities, stronger than ever.”

Eighth District, Tom Griffiths

“It is an honor of a lifetime to stand here before the 40th IBEW Convention to accept my election to the office of IEC representative for District Eight Canada … I promise before the members of this convention to represent all the members in Canada and the rest of this great union to the best of my ability. I thank you very much for the opportunity to serve the IBEW in this important position.”