Delegates Return Home Filled with Union Pride as 40th International Convention Adjourns

International President Lonnie R. Stephenson gaveled the 40th IBEW International Convention in Chicago to a close on Friday, May 13, an historic occasion marked by a visit from the sitting President of the United States and the election of the first woman to International office.

Durbin Praises IBEW, Urges Delegates to Get Active for November

Senator Dick Durbin delivered a speech to the convention on Friday morning. Among other things, he updated the gathered delegates on the ongoing fight on Capitol Hill for working men and women.

Delegates Conclude Debate on Convention Resolutions

On Friday, delegates finished consideration of resolutions dealing with several union matters, including an emphasis on the importance of using and funding political action in the U.S. and Canada.

Pennsylvania Lineman Expresses Gratitude to IBEW Brothers and Sisters for Family Miracle

Just before Friday’s close of the 40th International Convention, delegates heard via video from Johnstown, Pa., Local 459 member Tom Whitehead, where he gave an update on the inspiring story involving his daughter, Emily.

Danish Labor Leader Calls for Solidarity Across Borders

Jørgen Juul Rasmussen, General Secretary of the Danish Union of Electricians addressed convention delegates on Friday with a message of international solidarity.

IBEW Lawyer Hails Game-Changing Progress for Unions; Warns of High Stakes in November’s Midterms

With the clock ticking down to the U.S. presidential election in 2016, anxiety was high the last time that an IBEW general counsel addressed the international convention.

Credentials Committee Update

International Executive Council Chairman Christopher Erikson provided the final in-person report of the convention’s Credentials Committee.

Delegates to Federation Conventions Selected

The IBEW International Convention appointed delegates to international federation conventions on the final day.