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Workers Battleground

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From Wisconsin to Maine, anti-worker politicians are coming after workers’ rights, using the recession as an excuse to squeeze even more from struggling working families.

The same anti-worker governors and legislators who target public sector workers are trying to eliminate prevailing wage protections in the building trades and many other gains affecting our broad membership.

In this new section on the IBEW Web site, we report on how our members and others are standing up, refusing to be silenced and coming together for real solutions to the problems facing our towns and cities and states.


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Wisconsin: Attacks on Public Workers

Wisconsin Ground Zero for Attacks on Workers, the Electrical Worker
After weeks of unprecedented shows of solidarity that sent thousands to the state capitol of Madison, Wis., Gov. Scott Walker and state Senate Republicans rammed through a bill stripping public workers of their rights on March 9, using a high-handed parliamentary maneuver that allowed them to bypass their Democratic colleagues.

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Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: ‘Closed for Business’,  IBEW.org

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker declared upon his election that “Wisconsin is open for business."
But since taking office, Walker has spent more time driving away new businesses and eliminating good jobs than attracting new investment to the state.

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Wisconsin Workers: ‘Fighting for All of Us', the Electrical Worker
The massive protests in Wisconsin against Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public workers has inspired a new spirit of solidarity and activism among IBEW members, both in Wisconsin and across the country.

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Wisconsin’s Wake-Up Call, the Electrical Worker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans have pushed through their bill to eliminate collective bargaining for tens of thousands of public workers in Wisconsin. They did it the only way they could—considering that polls show over 60 percent of the state's population opposes the bill—by using undemocratic tactics that make a mockery of their state's progressive tradition.

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IBEW President Edwin D. Hill Speaks to Wisconsin Rally

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Take Action: Protect Wisconsin Families

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Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions, Washington Post
Wisconsin is just the tip of the iceberg. The Republican war on unions goes far beyond Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to end collective-bargaining rights for public employees in his state or Gov. John Kasich's effort to do the same in Ohio.

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National: Project Labor Agreements, Prevailing Wage, Workers’ Rights

Meanwhile, Back in Washington, D.C.: GOP Plan Calls for Gutting Rights, Slashing Jobs, the Electrical Worker
GOP lawmakers in the nation's capital are attempting to roll back workers' rights under the guise of balancing the federal budget. Republicans introduced bills to defund the National Labor Relations Board, ban PLAs, eliminate prevailing wage law, restrict collective bargaining and impose a national right-to-work act.

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NLRB Blocks State Anti-Worker Amendments, IBEW.org
The National Labor Relations Board has informed the attorneys generals of Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah that anti-worker rights amendments passed in those states last November are preempted by federal labor law and therefore void.

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NLRB to Require Employers to Post Workers’ Rights, IBEW.org
The National Labor Relations Board proposed a new rule this month that would require businesses to inform employees of their workplace rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

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Arizona: Workers’ Rights

Bill Seeks to Limit Unions in Disputes with Employers, AZCentral.com

A state lawmaker wants to limit how unions can protest during labor disputes, offering a bill to ban picketing intended to coerce a company or its employees.

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Paycheck Deception to be Heard, Arizona AFL-CIO

Five Paycheck Deception bills recently introduced attack the ability of workers to have their union dues automatically deducted from their paychecks without jumping through bureaucratic hoops.

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Florida: Attacks on Public Workers
Florida Workers: Standing Together, the Electrical Worker

Teachers, firefighters, health care workers and numerous public employees took to Florida's streets in March for statewide demonstrations against Republican-sponsored legislation to roll back workers' rights.

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Fla. Gov. Preaches Austerity, Then Feathers His Nest, IBEW.org

Matt Meadows, business manager, Gaineseville, Fla., Local 1205, recalls Gov. Rick Scott running for office last fall on a platform of “smaller government.” That was then.

Since his election, Scott, says Meadows, is adding numerous new jobs to his payroll and paying off political supporters, some of whom have little experience in their new fields of responsibility. And Scott has increased the pay scale of 10 department directors by $20,000 a year.

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Idaho: Project Labor Agreements, Workers Rights

Idaho GOP Proposes Repeal of Long-Dead Prevailing Wage Law, IBEW.org
Idaho Republicans, joining the national wave of attacks on working people, are targeting construction workers by introducing a bill last month that would prohibit the use of prevailing wage rates on state and local projects. 

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Iowa: Project Labor Agreement, Attacks on Public Workers

Iowa Members Rally at State Capitol, IBEW.org
More than 100 IBEW members were part of a rally at the state capitol protesting anti-worker legislation.
Republican legislators have introduced measures to exempt health insurance and retirement plans from mandatory bargaining and require public workers to pay up to 30 percent of their health care costs.  Another bill would provide for a one-week waiting period before workers qualify for unemployment benefits.

IOWA: Gov. Under Fire for Collecting Pension, Stripping Workers’ Rights and Fighting PLAs, We Party Patriots
Iowans are next in line for anti-worker warfare.

Governor Terry Brandstad is coming under fire for receiving both a $180,000 salary and collecting a $50,000 pension whilst his legislature aims to lay off workers and strip pension rights of public employees. Branstad’s camp has argued that he took a 50% pay cut to become Governor, though it is unclear how this is actually related to his do as I say, not as I do approach.

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Indiana: Right-to-Work-for-Less

Indiana Right-to-Work Effort Derailed by Labor Pushback, the Electrical Worker
In the face of massive protests in Indianapolis, Republican leadership in the Indiana General Assembly drew back from its efforts to pass right-to-work legislation in February.

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Shovel-Ready Support for Workers’ Friends, IBEW.org
Members of South Bend, Ind., Local 153 wanted to show support for pro-worker legislators who walked out of the statehouse to block anti-middle class legislation from being rushed through the General Assembly.

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We Are Indiana!

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Maine: Right-to-Work-for-Less                    

Maine Workers Tell Gov.: 'We Need Good Jobs, Not Partisan Attacks', the Electrical Worker
Activists in Maine are gearing up to take on their own wave of anti-worker legislation as Gov. Paul LePage announces plans to go ahead with introducing a right-to-work bill.

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Maine Gov. Wipes Out Labor History, IBEW.org
It just isn’t enough that Maine Gov. Paul LePage is stripping away workers’ rights in the legislative arena. Now he is also trying to wipe out references to hardworking Mainers from the public sphere.

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Michigan: Right-to-Work-For-Less

Activists Keep up the Pressure on Michigan Lawmakers, the Electrical Worker
While Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder publicly maintains that he wants to work with unions to avoid mass protests like those in nearby Wisconsin, pro-worker advocates are concerned that he hasn't taken enough steps to distance himself from more anti-worker lawmakers in the state legislature.

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Missouri: Prevailing Wage, Workers’ Rights, Right-to-Work-for-Less

Take Action: Stop Right-to-Work-for-Less in Missouri

Click here to say no to right-to-work-for-less in Missouri 

Missouri Senator Wants to Eliminate Child Labor Laws, Really, AFL-CIO Blog

(T)here isn’t much that surprises me anymore, let alone shocks me. Well, today, I’m shocked.  Missouri State Sen. Jane Cunningham (R) has introduced a bill to minimize child labor laws. I could find all kinds of colorful words and descriptions to show just how crazed and outrageous is S.B. 222.

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Nebraska: Attacks on Public Workers

Nebraska Locals Defend Public Workers, IBEW.org
Workers across Nebraska are pushing back against proposals by state legislators that would severely undermine collective bargaining for state and municipal employees.

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New Hampshire: Right-to-Work-For-Less

N.H. Gov. Vetoes Right-to-Work Bill, Gains Some Republican Support, IBEW.org

With a hard-hitting May 11 statement, New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch vetoed a right-to-work bill passed by Republican majorities in the state legislature.

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New Hampshire: 'The Toughest Fight Yet', the Electrical Worker
For New Hampshire state Rep. Michael McCarthy, union values don't just belong on the work site—they extend into the statehouse. The Middleton, Mass., Local 2321 member and Verizon Wireless employee was one of a handful of Republicans who voted in February against a right-to-work bill.

Dover, N.H., Local 490 members were among 300 activists and citizens who testified in hearings. One by one, they stood up to speak against the measure that would divide and weaken all state workers by compelling unions to represent employees who refuse to pay their fair share through dues check-off.

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Ohio: Attacks on Public Workers

Ohio Workers Stand Up to Anti-Worker Legislation, the Electrical Worker
Ohio Gov. John Kasich was expected to approve a GOP-sponsored bill last month that strips public workers of their collective bargaining rights. But labor leaders are mobilizing to make sure it never sees the light of day.
Activists are looking to nullify the legislation by moving it to a statewide referendum. That will take a full-throttle effort from workers' allies to gather more than 200,000 signatures in 90 days, which would put the law on hold and place a repeal referendum on the state's November ballot.

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Just Say No to SB5, Progress Ohio
When the economic recession of 2008 struck the nation, virtually everyone agreed that Wall St. excesses and corporate greed created a dangerous scenario by which the rich continued to amass wealth, and the working-class/poor suffered increased financial hardship.

Ohio's Senate Bill 5 is a direct attack on the middle class and nurses, teachers, firefighters, and other hardworking people who keep our communities safe and provide vital services.

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Tennessee: Attacks on Public Workers

Tenn. Workers Rally Against Cutbacks, Shutdowns, IBEW.org
Community, faith and labor organizations from across Tennessee rallied Tuesday at the state capitol building in Nashville to speak out against anti-worker legislation under consideration in the General Assembly.

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Washington: Attacks on Workers’ Rights

IBEW Members Crowd State Capital to Stop Anti-Worker Bills, IBEW.org
Working families in Washington State will face harder times if their state legislators follow the lead of Wisconsin, Ohio and other states where bills undermining collective bargaining have passed.

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States of Denial
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