LU: 191   Jurisdiction: WA   Updated: 10/2/2015
Classification: Inside Journeyman Wireman   Referal Hrs: 8 A.M. until calls are filled
Scale: 41.15   Assessments: 3% organizing fund, 2% working dues
Pension I: 5.00   Pension II: 1.23   Annuity: 2.00
Vacation: 8% Deduct 10% Wenatchee area   Health & Welfare: 9.34
Book I Status: Promising   Book I Count: 163
Book II Status: Promising   Book II Count: 147
Details:  Calls on both the West and East sides of the mountains have slowed down but should pick up again soon. There are a few jobs that should be starting mid to late fall. We currently have opportunities for Low Voltage Techs w/O6 license and Residential Journeymen. All work in WA State requires a Journeyman's License. Out of state Brothers and Sisters can apply to take the WA State Electrical exam by visiting the Department of Labor & Industries website @
Local Contact Info:
City/State: Everett, WA  Address: 2701 Hoyt Avenue
Phone: (425) 259-3195   Email:   Website:

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