February 2012

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Positive Outlook for Growth

L.U. 6 (c,i,st&u), SAN FRANCISCO, CA — 2011 has ended with work for our inside wiremen up more than 15 percent from 2010, and we should see even more growth in 2012 for our construction members. Work has begun on two large hospitals, and with the America's Cup coming to town in 2013 we have a positive outlook for the future.

Our 13th Annual Toy Run benefiting the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program was yet another success. With an estimated 80 people in attendance, our Toy Run Committee Co-chairmen Rich Reesink and Steve Passanisi led the motorcycles and hot rods on a beautiful ride to Occidental. All participants had a great time.

For many years Local 6 has marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade, but this year will be an extra special year as our Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. John O'Rourke was chosen as the grand marshal. Come out and march with your local on March 17. Call the hall for our gathering location.

Our general membership meetings are the second Wednesday of each month and we look forward to catching up with you there.

John Doherty, Pres.

Fight for Workers

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH — I wish to thank every member who voted last year in Ohio's Nov. 8 general election. With our hard work and perseverance, we defeated the very controversial SB 5 / Issue 2.

Issue 2 was voted down by 63 percent of the voters. Gov. John Kasich announced after the election that he will push to make Ohio a so-called "right-to-work" state. So, brothers and sisters, the fight is just beginning. Please keep these thoughts in the back of your mind when it comes time to elect a new governor, and remember your vote does count.

The IBEW International Convention wrapped up in late September with a few changes, most notably a per capita increase. Special thanks also go to Bro. Mark Ehrenfried, who initiated a uniform referral system. All the travelling brothers and sisters know all too well what a pain it is to keep track of the re-sign procedures at each local when you sign multiple books.

As always, work safe and play safe.

Bryan Emerick, P.S.

A Busy Holiday Season: Giving Back to Community

L.U. 12 (i,o&se), PUEBLO, CO — Many events highlighted the Christmas and New Year season for Local 12. The Annual Christmas Party was held Dec. 9 (see photo) and a larger venue was needed to accommodate the record attendance. Members and family, retirees and friends of Local 12 celebrated with food, music, gifts and fun. Thanks to Local 12 office manager Kathie Runco, the Ladies Auxiliary, and all who attended and supported another successful year in Local 12 history.

Local 12 is giving back to the community through a donation drive for the Cooperative Care Food Bank. Special thanks go to Pres. Tom Kelley for his hard work on this effort. Also, Local 12 has been very involved in the remodel of a new Cooperative Care Building. Albert Herrera, Local 12 organizer, is spearheading the electrical volunteer work. Thanks to all who have helped in this project.

Clif Thompson, A.B.A.

Local 12 members and their families celebrate at the local's Christmas party.

'RTW Grinch is Back Again'

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN — Evansville's Christmas season would not be complete without G.D. Ritzy's Fantasy of Lights exhibit. This fantastic drive-through light show, now in its 18th year, was blessed with more than 100 dedicated brothers and sisters who graciously contributed their skills for the first set-up day. Days of securing and energizing the fixtures have since brought them to life. Special thanks are due to the apprentices and retired members of Local 16 for their willingness to rebuild the displays when the displays are not in use. Thanks also to Nick Vaught and Matt Mullen for supervising the installation and nightly maintenance.

Indiana's RTW Grinch is back again this year. While some concessions were forced on labor during the last General Assembly session, so-called "right-to-work" was held off. Anti-union activists were in power then and still hold a majority. Therefore, union people may not be as fortunate in the 2012 session. The state's speaker of the house has said that the top item on his agenda will be to enact "right-to-work" legislation. The IBEW has already taken buses to the statehouse, and many more supporters will be needed.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Work Picture Improving

L.U. 24 (es,i&sp), BALTIMORE, MD — Local 24 held the annual Children's Christmas Party on Saturday, Dec. 10, last year. The annual event was held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and featured a puppet show, a movie, Christmas elves, pictures, lunch and a toy for each child after a visit to Santa. This party is a tradition that spans 35 years, and each year brings our families together for the holidays. Our thanks go to our two Santas, Scott Jarvis and Jim Smith, as well as "Mrs. Santa," Robin Smith. Thanks also go to all the volunteers and staff who made this party a success, Bro. Ted Daigle and wife Gail for their hand puppet and elf show for the kids, and Bro. Jim Valentine for his excellent photography work.

Our work picture has begun to improve as aggressive market recovery initiatives on medium-size jobs began taking effect at the end of 2011. We are waiting for bid results on several large projects coming in 2012 in our area.

Local 24 will celebrate our 50th anniversary at an event on March 24 at M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. Preparations will be finalized and notices will have been sent by the time this issue of The Electrical Worker is published.

Roger M. Lash Jr., B.M.

Baltimore Local 24 members and their families enjoy the annual Children's Christmas Party.

Improved Work Picture

L.U. 34 (em,i,rts&spa), PEORIA, IL — A belated Merry Christmas to all. December was a merry month for Local 34. As of this writing, some major customers in our area are trying to complete projects before 2011 year's end, and have shrunk our Book 1 to its lowest level in very long time. Our New Year's wish is that such projects continue, and many others begin, in 2012.

Please remember to vote for your labor-friendly candidates in the March primary.

Thanks much to IBEW Locals 649, 197, 146, 702, 697 and 725 for providing many of our members with opportunities for good union electrical work in 2011. We look forward to returning the favor.

Mark McArthy, Treas.

Bus. Mgr. Steele Retiring

L.U. 38 (i), CLEVELAND, OH — Bus. Mgr. Gil Steele Jr. announced his retirement at the December 2011 union meeting. He will leave office in late February. Gil started his apprenticeship in 1970 and has 42 years of Local 38 service. Gil also served the local as president, business agent and executive board member. He served on the IBEW Law Committee for last year's IBEW International Convention.

The Steele family has a long tradition of Local 38 service. In 1967, Gil's father, Gil Steele Sr., was elected president and later became business manager. 2012 marks 45 years of continuous service through both father and son. Local 38 officers and members thank Gil for his leadership and wish him a long, happy retirement.

Work has picked up and at this writing more than 120 members are working on the Caesar's Higbee Casino, scheduled to open in late March. Work has begun on the 18-story Ernst & Young office tower project that Zenith Electric has, and also on the Aloft Hotel project that Gateway Electric has adjacent to it on the East Bank Flats project.

We still only have about a dozen members on the Medical Mart / Convention Center site, but that number should grow to approximately 200 as the building progresses this year.

Remember to patronize the new Cleveland Aquarium, built 100 percent union in the old powerhouse on the West Bank Flats. See the great job Local 38 members working for Harrington Electric did.

Dennis Meaney, A.B.M.

Local 38 Bus. Mgr. Gil Steele Jr. stands in front of a portrait of his father, former business manager Gil Steele Sr.

'Annual Christmas Smoker'

L.U. 42 (catv,em,govt,lctt&o), HARTFORD, CT — On Dec. 8 last year, Local 42 held its Annual Christmas Smoker and award recipients were honored.

Retiree Awards went to members who retired in 2011: Alan Adair, Edward Avery, Paul Bates, James Bowen, John Croyle, Robert Currie, Thomas Edmonds, James Neuland, Dale Parks, Paul Rettig and Louis Hallstrom III.

Congratulations to the following "A" members who received pin awards for their years of service with Local 42: for 60 years of service — Leonard White; for 55 years — George Brede, Jr.; 50 years — Charles Nichols, Aubrey Pharmer, Gus Von Matt; 45 years — William Mock; 40 years — Dana Dana Foster, Mark Hodkoski; 25 years — Louis Bruno, Peter Jaconski, Bruce Lacharity, Milton Moffitt Jr., Karl Perkins; 20 years — Peter Abrahamsen, Philip Krzeminski; 15 years — Stephen Baldyga, James Dewey, Adam Hoskins, Steven McKeen; and for 10 years — Curtis Albin, Mark Belanger, Brian Bell, Dennis Cumming, Ronald D'Amato Jr., Robert Feltenberger, Edwin Geiger, Stephen Gustamachio, Dennis Guyette, John Haynes II, James Keough, Link Laporte, Neil Maruszewski, Randall Messenger, Thomas Mitchell, Scott Munger, Alfredo Rafala, Pawel Robak, Furman Romans III, Dana Santana, Anthony Sena, Jr., Arthur Smith and Kirby Wilkinson.

We also congratulate the following "BA" members for their years of service: for 15 years — Scott Carlin, James Rainey, Richard Russ, Conrad Seaberg; and for 10 years — Karl Bradshaw, Steven Chiappetta and Jared Gagne.

Jacquelyn Moffitt, P.S.

Major Solar PV Array Installed

L.U. 46 (as,c,cs,em,es,et,i,mar,mo,mt,rtb,rts&st), SEATTLE, WA — Seattle Sounders FC and First and Goal Inc. became the recipients of what is reportedly the largest solar PV array to date in Washington state. This installation is located on the roof of the CenturyLink Field Event Center (formerly Qwest Field).

The project consists of 3,750 individual solar panels manufactured in the United States by Fremont, CA, based Solyndra. Using the latest in thin-film technology, the panels will capture both direct and reflected sunlight across a 360-degree, cylinder-type surface. The panels take advantage of the facility's new "cool roof," which conserves energy by reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof surface and lowering the need for building cooling. The system covers more than 2.5 acres, approximately 80 percent of the Event Center roof.

The panels are projected to generate more than 830,000 kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to powering 95 Seattle-area homes for a year. The system was completed late summer 2011 using Local 46 inside wiremen and apprentices.

This project is another example of our sisters and brothers leading the way in all facets of the electrical industry. It is our hope that projects like this will serve as a catapult toward a prosperous and sustainable future.

Angela Marshall, Rep.

IBEW Local 46 crew of inside wiremen and apprentices on the 833 KW solar PV installation project are joined by, standing, Local 46 Bus. Mgr. Virgil Hamilton (left), Alternative Energy Dir. Sean Bagsby (second from left), Dispatcher Bud Allbery (fourth from right) and Puget Sound Electrical JATC Solar Instructor Fred Berg (right).

Spirit of Working Together

L.U. 48 (c,em,i,rtb,rts&st), PORTLAND, OR — Welcome to each member of former Local 970, who recently became part of IBEW Local 48. With the "paperwork" done on the merger effective Nov. 1, 2011, we can begin the job of blending the two organizations together.

IBEW Local 48 has a tradition of working together for common goals. That spirit goes back to our founding. That's when the first two IBEW locals in Portland — what was then Local 317, chartered in 1904, and then-Local 480, chartered in 1912 — elected to merge to form a unified union in the Portland area. We became Local 48 on May 21, 1913.

The charter that was signed in 1913 stood for people working together toward progress. Now, we are pleased to include former Local 970 in that rich tradition. We have a good start. If you have not heard already, we have good news to report: A new agreement was completed with NECA companies, allowing for wage increases in the former Local 970 jurisdiction.

We look forward to working with our members in the Longview-Kelso, WA, area — as we strive to improve the lives of union members; as we partner with union contractors; and, as we deliver outstanding results to our customers in southwest Washington and Oregon.

Robert Blair, P.S.

Holiday Party a Great Success

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO — The Christmas party for our young ones last year was Dec. 10 and the children were overjoyed. We had 481 children attending, accompanied by their families.

Made-in-USA toys were among many highlights contributing to the happiness. We also had the Shrine Clowns with face painting and balloons; the Keystone Kops with their "jailhouse"; the Electrical Federal Credit Union with cookie decorations; the Wireman's Brotherhood Fund with ice cream, cookies and shirts galore; and lots of great food prepared by volunteers Steve Langarak, Wayne Paul and many others. The 'toy corner' was staffed by Cindy Knox, Liz Perea, and several apprentices who volunteered.

Speaking of those apprentices, our grateful appreciation goes to the following for their time to help make the event a rousing success: Martin Carroll Jr., Tyler Cullen, Shane Daigle, Jeremy Douglas, Dominic Garcia, Kurtis Gookin, Eleno Gutierrez, Kyle King, Zachariah Mares, Mervin McKinney, Michael Parras, Michael Ricchetti, Jeffrey Tenhulzen, Shane Williams and Joseph Zangaro. Our thanks also to their instructor at the Denver JEATC, Jason Ogren.

Ed Knox, Pres.

Local 68 Christmas party for children and families.

Organizing Blitzes

L.U. 76 (c,i,rts&st), TACOMA, WA — 2011 was a challenging year for Local 76. One of the bright spots was the Wheeler Data Center in Olympia. This project employed more than 100 of our members through three different contractors. We congratulate EC Company of Oregon and the IBEW members working on the project for their achievement of 161,000 safe working man-hours on this project.

Local 76 volunteers, along with volunteers from neighboring locals and International Representatives, have been conducting organizing blitzes throughout Washington state with hopes to expand across the Ninth District this year. The door-knocking blitzes target unorganized workers who hold a current Washington State EL01 license. As of this writing 1,219 doors have been knocked on by IBEW members. Volunteer involvement is crucial to the success of these blitzes. During the most recent blitz, which took place Oct. 24-26 in Local 112, rank and file members donated more than 696 hours of their time. In all, volunteers have spoken to over 100 electrical contractor owners on their doorstep this year and to more than 250 unorganized electrical workers.

Mac McClellan, P.S.

IBEW Local 76 members worked on the big Wheeler Data Center project in Olympia, WA.

Solar Training Center

L.U. 90 (i), NEW HAVEN, CT — On Nov. 18 last year, Local 90 held a ribbon cutting dedication for its new Solar Training Center.

After a lot of hard work and funding through a $100,000 grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, the new center was completed for training our members in the latest solar technologies. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of invited guests. Among those in attendance were: IBEW Second District Int. Vice Pres. Frank J. Carroll, state and local politicians, representatives of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, many work-force initiative boards, Connecticut Technical High School System teachers and students, and many other distinguished guests.

All were very impressed with the 6,000-square-foot center and are interested in what we will be doing to help Connecticut become a greener state.

We thank our Training Dir. Paul Costello for his tireless effort and dedication to bring this project to fruition. Also thanks to the many Local 90 volunteers who helped with the construction. We look forward to deploying our members to work on many solar projects in the future.

Sean Daly, Pres.

Local 90 Solar Training Center ribbon cutting.

Line Clearance Pilot Agreement

L.U. 94 (lctt,nst&u), CRANBURY, NJ — As we move forward into 2012, we want to note a positive change from 2011. In July 2011, we negotiated a pilot agreement with PSE&G for line clearance in Southern Division. The company hired 13 Local 94 top-step tree trimmers to complete the project. This is a great opportunity for our members and the beginning of what we hope will be the future of line clearance within the utility property. Shown in the photo to the right are several members at work on this project. Congratulations, brothers, on doing an excellent job!

On another positive note, Local 94 is anticipating an exciting election year so we are doing a COPE Drive to get ready for it. Giving to COPE is very important — it helps to keep our jobs safe and our interests alive in Trenton. We need to be present at political functions and let politicians know who we are and that we vote. Elections have consequences! Please give what you can; your job may depend on it.

We wish all our IBEW brothers and sisters a healthy and prosperous 2012.

Carla Wolfe, P.S.

Local 94 members work on PSE&G line clearance project. Fred Lakatis and Executive Board member Ed Jones are in the aerial lifts; Mike Kamer and Tom Ciocian are doing the groundwork.

Craft Certification in Place

L.U. 102 (i,o,em,mt,ws&govt), PATERSON, NJ — Your 10 elected delegates, headed up by our Bus. Mgr. Patrick Delle Cava, proudly represented Local 102 at the 38th IBEW International Convention in Vancouver. Our congratulations go out to Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill, Int. Sec.-Treas. Salvatore J. Chilia, Int. Vice Pres. Donald C. Siegel, and IEC member Joseph P. Calabro on their elections; we look forward to working with all of you. Our thanks go out to our Canadian brothers and sisters for their hospitality!

Back at home our JATC has implemented the NJATC Craft Certification program; two new rooms have been built specifically for this purpose. The goal is to ensure that all apprentices have acquired the minimum skills required to become a journeyman wireman. Those members who are found to have deficiencies in certain areas will be re-trained in those specific skill groups. The focus of our leadership is to give our members all the tools needed to make them more employable; education is a key component of that toolbox. Our marketing campaign marches forward and as we profess to deliver the best value in the business, we must ensure the best possible training. Take advantage of our continuing education classes!

Bernie Corrigan, Pres.

Local 102 delegates to the 38th IBEW Convention gather prior to an afternoon session. Standing, from left, are Asst. Bus. Mgr. Gary Pfarr, John Sabaliauskas, Bus. Mgr. Patrick Delle Cava, Robert Renaldi, Mark Roche, Dave Fiore, Mike Pulsinelli, Mike Scotto, Pete Pagano; and kneeling, Pres. Bernie Corrigan.

Giving Back to the Community

L.U. 104 (lctt,o&u), BOSTON, MA — Local 104 continually stays active in our surrounding communities by giving back to many local charities throughout our jurisdiction. Our involvement with the community helps to give us a more positive image and paints a better picture of unions with all their charitable contributions to the public.

Among the charities that we donate to are local youth sports teams and local educational programs such as the Reads Program. Local 104 for the second year in a row has supported the Nottingham Reads Program at the elementary school in Nottingham, NH. The Reads Program is a literacy initiative that helps to ensure the young children of Nottingham have access to books. Donations contributed by Local 104 will be used to purchase and mail books, free of charge, to preschool children in the Nottingham community.

Our donations and support with these youth sports and educational programs will help many children begin their journey of learning and reading, hopefully for a better and brighter future.

Chris Blair, P.S.

Students and teachers participating in the Nottingham, NH, elementary school/preschool Reads Program hold up signs to thank IBEW Local 104.

IBEW Lights in the Park

L.U. 110 (em,i,rts,spa&u), ST. PAUL, MN — More than 150 IBEW volunteers helped set up lighting displays for the 4th annual IBEW Holiday Lights in the Park in Saint Paul. This event has become a tradition where IBEW members give back to our charities in our communities. To date, IBEW has donated $120,000 to charities from this event. One more way in which IBEW 110 helps build better communities every day.

IBEW Local 110 is working on starting a "young union members group." The apprentices are very engaged and have great ideas about the future of our movement. We need to keep our young members informed and energized about our movement so they can become the strong leaders of tomorrow.

As of this writing, we have 480 members on book 1. Thank you to the locals that are putting some of our members to work.

Brian Winkelaar, P.S.

Organizing Blitz Conducted

L.U. 112 (c,i&st), KENNEWICK, WA — On Oct. 24-26 last year, Local 112 welcomed IBEW members from the other four construction locals in Washington to conduct a door-knocking "blitz" of the nonunion electrical workers in Benton and Franklin Counties. Washington construction Locals 46, 73, 191 and 76 sent volunteer members to assist Bus. Mgr. Pete Marsh and Local 112 volunteers in this event.

Int. Reps. Mike Grunwald, Greg Boyd and Tracy Prezeau, State Organizing Coordinator Greg Galusha, Local 46 Bus. Mgr. Virgil Hamilton, and Local 73 Bus. Mgr. Ken Brown also assisted. Overall, 37 members helped Local 112 contact nonunion workers in our jurisdiction.

Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey addressed the volunteers by phone. He discussed the value of talking to unrepresented workers and thanked all members. Prior to the event, with assistance from Local 76 Organizer Dave Conzatti, we identified 357 electrical workers in Benton and Franklin Counties who were not Local 112 members. Following a "Member to Future Member" presentation by Prezeau, the "blitzers" knocked on the doors of 257 identified nonmembers

Blitzers asked the nonunion to fill out a survey requesting information on their employers (benefits, wages, number of workplace employees, etc.) and asked if they would welcome a follow-up call from an IBEW organizer. The information was entered into a database for future campaigns and blitzes.

Local 112 was the final of five blitzes conducted in Washington in 2011. All were very successful. In total, we knocked on the doors of more than 1,000 nonunion workers and explained the advantages of a union. Volunteers enjoyed the experience and are ready for upcoming 2012 blitzes.

Joe Legard, Organizer

Stand Up for Working People

L.U. 124 (ees,em,i,mar,rts,se&spa), KANSAS CITY, MO — The political winds are whipping up small embers of discontent among the working class into four-alarm fires across the nation. The only surprise to me is that it took so long. The working class has been under attack from the greedy "1 percenters." The top 1 percent uses the Republican Party as their weapon of choice to attack our workplace safety, our rights, our pensions and our wages. All good members need to be behind this workers' movement even if it is just a phone call to your elected representative. And to all members on the conservative side of the political fence, it is past time for you to dump the tea party, who only approve of government expenditures that end up in their pockets.

We remember recently deceased members: Wesley C. Cain, Chester C. Combs, Danny L. Meade, Harold L. Meadows, Harry A. Mills, Billy E. Shanahan, Bruce M. Smith and Arthur E. Spinner.

Congratulations to recently retired members: Thomas J. Gilchrist, Stephen L. McIlvene, Robin A. Marra, Timothy P. Maloney, Richard R. Reeves, Richard R. Reynolds, Gale L. Riley, Ronald Sweeney, Donald M. Sparks and Gary M. White.

Steve Morales, P.S.

Tenaska Energy Center Project

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL — For several months we waited for some good news about the Tenaska Energy Center project. We are happy that the measure finally cleared the Illinois Senate. As of this writing, we now wait for the House, which had previously passed this legislation. This is finally one step closer in the right direction.

The Local 146 apprenticeship program has a new name — the Midwest Electrical Training Center in association with the IBEW and NECA. Under the direction of Training Dir. Jason Drake, we now have an improved hands-on training facility at the hall. All apprentices have been trained in OSHA, first aid and CPR. Fifth-year apprentices recently completed steward training.

We completed another successful outage at the Clinton Power Station in December. Thank you to brothers and sisters from across the country who made this possible. We look forward to 1CR14 in two years.

Congratulations to members who retired in 2011: Jim Perkins, Herb Berg, Fred Thomas, Dan Waite, Monte Thornton, Rick Willenborg, Randy Dalby, Lyn Harner, Dave Law, Mitch Garrett, Terry Camfield, Scott Corrington, Mike Burrus, Mike Spracklen and Phil Green.

We remember members we lost in 2011: Joseph Dittamore, Darrell Rhodes, Mike Allen, Dominic Rigoni, Charles Weatherford, Jerry Chesnut, Robert Thompson, Lyle Thompson, Kenneth Hogge, Jim Current, Jim McKee Sr., Joseph Renfrow, Elwood Grissom and Bryan Kite. Their IBEW service made it possible for all of us to grow and prosper.

Rich Underwood, R.S.

Plant Update Project Wraps Up

L.U. 158 (i,it,mar,mt&spa), GREEN BAY, WI — Local 158 is wrapping up work for an outage at one of our two nuclear plants, Point Beach Nuclear Plant. The outage was scheduled for approximately 60 days or so. We have been fortunate for all the upgrade work the plant has done in the last 2½ years; it has employed many local members as well as traveling brothers and sisters. We hope some other projects will go our way in 2012 to carry over the manpower from this job.

Referral Agent Ron Vercauteren and myself were delegates to the 38th International Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in September. We thank the membership for allowing us to attend; it was an awesome city and experience. We thank the First District as well as host Local 213 for the great job they did. The people of Vancouver were warm and friendly and welcoming. Beautiful city indeed!

We are now operating out of our local's new office building. Things are going well. We have hosted many functions as well as held unlimited meetings. We have also had several training classes. We had an open house Aug. 26, 2011. Everyone, from members to retirees to travelers to nonmembers, is impressed with the place.

Donald C. Allen, B.M.

Local 158 held an open house at its new building in August 2011.

Better Outlook for 2012

L.U. 164 (c,em,i,o&t), JERSEY CITY, NJ — At this writing, the Christmas season was upon us. Work in our area is slowly getting better, but our members have suffered terribly since the financial meltdown halted the economy in northern New Jersey in 2008. Bus. Mgr. Richard Dressel addressed the membership at the December union meeting/Christmas party, expressing his outlook for a much better 2012.

A few highlights have brightened some spirits in this season of giving. The Children's Christmas Party was held Sunday, Dec. 4. More than 300 members and their children had a joyous time. Every child visited with Santa and was entertained by Stretch the magician and costume characters. Local 164 has held a Children's Christmas Party for 50-plus years. The looks on the faces of the children when they see our hall magically turned into a winter wonderland is priceless. Many thanks go to Chairman Rich Paredes, his wife Nancy and the many volunteers who work so hard to create such a wonderfully magical day for our children.

God bless to all, good luck and prosperity in 2012.

John M. DeBouter, Pres.

Local 164 members and their families enjoy the festive Children's Christmas Party.

Holiday Season Meetings

L.U. 222 (o), ORLANDO, FL — Brothers and sisters, greetings from Local 222.

We kicked off the holiday season at our November meeting, with barbecue ribs and chicken, collard greens and baked beans. I believe if the pilgrims had made landfall south of Virginia, that's probably what Thanksgiving would have looked like. Local 222's dispatcher and longtime member Fred Morgan was presented his 40-year service pin by Bus. Mgr. Mike Bell, and everyone had a good time.

Our December meeting had a little more traditional fare with American Legion Post 88 serving pot roast, mashed potatoes and fixings. We can't say enough about Post 88's hospitality — thank you.

As you are reading this in February, we hope that you had a great holiday season and that your new year is off to a prosperous start.

Bill Hitt, Pres.

Officer Transitions

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA — We thank all IBEW members and officers who worked so diligently to make the 38th IBEW International Convention such a success. Additionally, we extend to Steve Ray our heartfelt, sincere congratulations and gratitude for his 15-plus years of service as our Ninth District International Representative.

At our September 2011 E-Board meeting, three officer positions underwent transitions. As Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill stated in his keynote convention address: "There are no cowards here," — only dedicated members and officers all.

With both regret and pride we accepted the resignation of Ken Scherpinski as business manager/financial secretary; Bro. Scherpinski was tapped by Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey to fill Steve Ray's vacated Ninth District International Representative position. The loss of Ken's steady hand is bittersweet and he will certainly be missed, but it is pleasing to know we are still under his ever-attentive service.

Andy Hartmann resigned as president and graciously accepted appointment as our youngest, yet supremely qualified, business manager/financial secretary. Mike Ihnot, with his many years of service, resigned as treasurer and was appointed president. Chris Burditt was appointed treasurer and will work for Andy as organizer.

We are pleased to commend these newly appointed officers. Local 234 clearly demonstrates its support for IBEW core values as we move strongly into the 21st century.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

Prevailing in Central Oregon

L.U. 280 (c,ees,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR — The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) released on Nov. 10, 2011, a report of 24 percent union market share for Central Oregon — and a deadline of Nov. 18, 2011, to voice any concerns regarding the numbers from their survey to determine if Local 280 scale and benefits will be the benchmark for Oregon Prevailing Wage. The last time that we prevailed in this region was in 2007. Bus. Mgr. Tim Frew was not going to sit still and let this happen without giving it his best to help us prevail! He called Rosendin Electric to find out if the company was included in the survey, and it was not. After contacting BOLI to find out if the bureau would include Rosendin Electric's hours, Tim then asked Mary Marshall, field payroll manager for Rosendin, if Rosendin could do the almost impossible and supply its hours to Local 280 to make the deadline in three days. Mary came through for us! Local 280 now prevails in market share throughout our jurisdiction.

A big thank-you goes to our excellent local union staff for all their hard work in fighting to make our regions prevail in union market share for Lane County last year and now Central Oregon!

Jerry Fletcher, P.S.

Local 280 retirees enjoy the 2011 picnic. "The names are many and the memories will last forever."

'Brotherhood Pulls Together'

L.U. 292 (em,govt,i,rtb,rts&spa), MINNEAPOLIS, MN — On Oct. 13 last year, Local 292 Bros. Ron Rajkowski and Craig Carlson tragically lost their lives while doing electrical road work in the Twin Cities metro. The outpouring of support by many locals throughout the USA and Canada has been outstanding, and we were able to hand the families many cards and checks. It is good to know that the Brotherhood really pulls together to help our families in need.

The fourth year of Holiday Lights in the Park was a big success, raising money for UnderConstruction, Union Gospel Mission, Second Harvest Heartland, and St. Paul Parks Recreation and Conservancy.

The IBEW 292 Children's Christmas Party, Retiree Christmas Party, and Members Christmas Party were all very well-attended and a boost to the local's morale. More than 800 members are still on the out-of-work book, with many of those traveling to other states for work; thank you to those locals for putting our brothers and sisters to work.

We are remodeling our offices in Minneapolis. This will improve our ability to support our members and we look forward to completion of the project in the second quarter of 2012.

Carl Madsen, B.R.

Daniel James Quirk Remembered

L.U. 294 (ees,em,i,rts,spa&u), HIBBING, MN — Daniel Quirk was a former president of Local 294 and had taught at our apprenticeship school. For some time now, Dan had been fighting a long fight against a rare cancer of the thymus gland. The brothers of Local 294 participated in a spaghetti-feed fundraiser last April to help with his medical expenses. Dan passed away with family by his side on Tuesday evening, Nov. 22, 2011. His funeral was at St. Cecilia's Church in Nashwauk, MN, on Tuesday, Nov. 29. Dan was a very strong union supporter and will be greatly missed by his wife, Diane, family members and the Brotherhood of Local 294.

Daniel Arvola, P.S.

'Truly a Trade Unionist'

L.U. 302 (i,rts&spa), MARTINEZ, CA — Congratulations to former business manager Mike Yarbrough on his recent retirement after 42 years of service! Mike served as business manager from 1995 until 2011 and was elected to six terms as our business manager. Mike served as an assistant business manager from 1991-1995 and as an apprenticeship instructor from 1984-1995. Mike started his career in the IBEW as a temporary helper in 1968, was accepted into the apprenticeship in 1969 and turned out as a journeyman wireman in 1973. Mike is a proud veteran having served our country in the U.S. Navy. Throughout his career he exemplified the meaning of brotherhood and is truly a "trade unionist"! Local 302 wishes Mike and his wife, Bonny, the best in their upcoming 5th wheel adventures! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, brother!

In October 2011 we held our 10th Annual Ben Forfang Memorial Motorcycle Rally, which raises funds for children of deceased wiremen. We collected more than $15,000 last year for the children we assist. That brings our 10-year total to more than $105,000; we have helped 21 children with a nest egg! Thanks to all who contributed!

Paul Doolittle, P.S.

Linemen Restore Power

L.U. 304 (lctt,o&u), TOPEKA, KS — A Local 304 line crew was restoring power in the New England region when a resident in the area, K.P. Collins, approached crew foreman Richard Toledo wanting to express his gratitude for the work being performed in adverse conditions. Mr. Collins presented the crew with a handwritten thank-you note attached to a jacket cover from a book titled, "Medal of Honor, Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty."

Written in the thank-you note was the following. "To the Linemen of Kansas: I revere the Medal of Honor. Today, watching you men work and realizing your sacrifice in being away from your families so you could light us fellow Americans here in New England, up out of the dark and cold, it seems to me that you men deserve to be recognized with the finest American fighting men. You men fought this disaster and won. I'll remain forever grateful. — K.P. Collins"

(We would never rightfully accept an honor so great, as we in the line trade could never fill the shoes of the brave men and women who have received this award and who gave all on foreign soil. It is seldom that we get this kind of recognition and for that we say thanks).

Paul Lira, B.M.

Stewardship Classes

L.U. 332 (c,ees,i&st), SAN JOSE, CA — Local 332 is experiencing a renewed interest in stewardship. Twenty-two members graduated from a steward's class held in November, adding to 22 graduates from a February 2011 class. We are grateful for the time and energy our members are investing in learning how to improve our jobsites and protect our agreements.

Dozens of members pitched in at our 2011 Christmas in the Park volunteer event. Every year we decorate the trees at Cesar Chavez Park in downtown San Jose with lights and ornaments. We had excellent participation last year.

Recently we celebrated the contributions of some of our more-seasoned members at the annual "Old-Timer's Night" dinner. In total, 139 years-of-service pins were awarded, including two 70-year pins.

A new class of 18 first-year residential apprentices began in 2011, and 61 first-year inside apprentices were accepted. Our apprentices are at full employment, with 206 inside wireman apprentices working in the jurisdiction.

Our Web site and Facebook page have seen steady increases in regular visitors. Our members, both young and old, are becoming more connected through technology and social networking. This helps us get the word out about important issues facing our members at the local, state and national levels. Visit us on the Web at www.ibew332.org and on Facebook by searching for "IBEW Local 332."

David Bini, Organizer

Local 332 members and families volunteered their skills for a San Jose, CA, Christmas in the Park event.

Members Give a Holiday Hand Up

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA — Last year was a tough one for California workers. Our IBEW workers were not immune to this bleak work picture and money has been tight for many members — but at Christmas we really saw what "brotherhood" is all about. Every year we hold an Operation Christmas Basket Drawing and sell tickets for prizes such as $1,000 cash, a shotgun, lottery tickets, crab feed tickets, etc. Proceeds of the raffle go to help union members of all trades purchase food and toys for their children. The main winners of our drawing were: Bro. Ted Smith (who won $1,000), Bro. Dwight Evans (who won a shotgun) and Bro. Michael Wilson ($100 in lottery tickets).

Our office along with our LMCC held a Local Christmas Basket Drive where our members could donate toys, food and gift cards to our families who really needed the hand up. With items donated by the business office staff and members, we were able to help 14 families and 36 kids! Retired Bro. Herb Stone was the biggest supporter of our 2011 Christmas Drive with loads of toys, food and gift cards.

We mourn the recent passing of: Bros. Ray Carlson, Leon Chapman, Peter Gostovich, Al Sellards, John Winters, Dean Elbert, Jason Lowe and Carl Martin. Rest in peace, brothers.

A.C. Steelman, B.M.

Local 340 Bus. Mgr. A.C. Steelman (right) presents Bro. Ted Smith with a $1,000 win from IBEW/NECA Operation Christmas Basket raffle.

Member-to-Member Program

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts&spa), ROCKFORD, IL — In December, the Local 364 Kids Christmas Party took place. Thanks to Bro. Patrick Tomlin for planning this very festive event for the children and grandchildren of IBEW members. Thanks to Bro. Ty Hillman (aka San"Ty" Clause) for flawlessly portraying old Saint Nick once again.

Also in December we held our annual membership Christmas Party following the regular union meeting. At the meeting members reaching certain years-of-service milestones received IBEW years-of-service pins and retirees received gold watches as a token of our local's appreciation. Afterward there was a catered baked-ham dinner prepared by our banquet caterers, ABC Catering.

Primary election time is fast approaching. Our Member-To-Member program to get out the vote for union candidates is well under way. In these primaries it is so crucial that our members get as many family members and friends as they can to the polls to turn out the vote for friends of unionism and working families.

Local 364 leads other area unions with more than 98 percent of our members registered to vote. We also lead in the percentage of voters who show up and vote. It's so important to vote for union friendly candidates.

Charlie Laskonis, B.A./Organizer

'Sharing Brotherhood'

L.U. 388 (em,i,rts&spa), STEVENS POINT, WI — IBEW Local 388 welcomes home member John Danczyk, who worked in Afghanistan for 13 months as a civilian contractor. John not only exemplifies what it means to be a proud IBEW member, but also a Marine who served his country in the first Gulf War. John experienced firsthand what it was like living in a combat zone and witnessing numerous attacks over the months working overseas. Days before leaving for home John came under a rocket attack that severely wounded an American soldier, and John himself suffered shrapnel wounds to his leg. John was nominated for the Defense of Freedom Medal for his actions not only on that day but also for his skills as an electrician and his job performance throughout his deployment.

Local 388's picnic last September was a huge success thanks to the hard work of Robert Cyran and all the volunteers. Also, a big thank-you goes to the "Jensen Boys" for working so hard to provide us with a fine roasted pig. For those who have not attended in the past, this event is a great way to share some brotherhood and get reacquainted with retired members.

Guy LePage, P.S.

Local 388 members, a father and son, roasting pig for Local 388 picnic are: Michael Jensen (left) and Andrew Jensen.

Members Show Support

L.U. 412 (u), KANSAS CITY, MO — Local 412 members employed with KCP&L Hawthorn Station showed their support and/or honored those they've lost to breast cancer by wearing pink hard hats for the month of October 2011. [See photo.] Employees contributed $210 for donation to the American Cancer Society. Thank you to Renee Mosby, Hawthorn Generating Station facilitator, for contributing this article.

Debi Kidwiler, P.S.

Local 412 members wear pink hard hats to show support during October 2011 breast cancer campaign.

Members Appreciation Night

L.U. 424 (as,ees,em,es,i,mo,o,ptc,rtb,rts,spa&u), EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA — We recently held our annual Members Appreciation Night awards banquet honouring longtime members for their years of service in the advancement of the local.

Engraved gold watches and certificates were presented to retiring members: John Bell, Jim Calahoo, Dale Christianson, Abel Gallant, George Hyshka, Jerry Kalita, Leonard Lasek, Aubrey Marshall, Terry Merriman, Walter Nowicki, Rod Romano, Pietro Rosato, Ron Sanford, Ken Sieben, Kelsey Strong and Russ Taylor.

A special award went to Bro. Arthur Dowling (initiated in 1956), who received a 55-year pin. Before saying the "grace" Bro. Dowling treated the assembly to some interesting anecdotes of the local over the years.

Karl Geyer and Ed Strelaif received 50-year pins. Awarded 45-year pins were Paul Andruchow, Dale Danilak, Jack Grover, Helmer Hoglund, Bill Luchak, Duncan McArthur, Al McConaghy, Terry Merriman, Gordon Ross, Clairence Schill, Sid Smale, Jerry Stepanko and Jack Weyenberg; 40-year pins — Ron Kormendy, Mike Olesik, Robert Peesker, Denis Roy, Stewart Smith, Don Spurgeon and Charlie Virtue; 35-year pins — Craig Beckwith, Mike Bundziak, Jack Cockerill, Ed Gagne, Brian Heaney, Harry Knol, Des Kucy, Robert Kucy, Eric Muiselaar and David Towers. Space limitations preclude listing the many 30-and 25-year award recipients. Congratulations to all.

The "new" retirees are invited to attend Edmonton & Calgary Retirees meetings. Dates and times are posted at www.ibew424.net.

Dave Anderson, P.S.

Local 424 Bro. Arthur Dowling, a 55-year member, addresses Pin Ceremony.

Local 440 Gun Club

L.U. 440 (i,rts&spa), RIVERSIDE, CA — In observance and honor of the service men and women who have made the sacrifice to protect us, our rights and our country, a few members of Local 440 decided to exercise our right to bear arms and show appreciation, and not let our rights go to waste.

From this time forward Veterans Day 2011 will mark the inception of the Local 440 Gun Club, and we will honor Veterans Day as such annually from here on out. The goal is to get brothers and sisters active in their local! The truth of the matter is not every member cares enough to attend union meetings, but every member has a hobby — and if we can reach out to our membership with inventive ways, well we can also use those events as a conduit to promote brotherhood, craftsmanship, and most importantly unionism! If any Local 440 member reading this wants to participate, or has an idea about a club that you feel would benefit our local and this great Brotherhood, please contact the hall.

Bernie J. Balland, Organizer

Local 440 members form a gun club.

'We Do Make a Difference'

L.U. 456 (i&o), NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — As this past year concluded, we kept in our thoughts our brothers who received their final "referral" during 2011. They include: retired members William Kohn, Aldrich Guscott, William O'Buck, Teddy Horuzak, James Brusca Sr., Carl Tyler, Stanley Locha, Andrew Browne, John "Nooker" Kolowitz, Edwin Gadek, Isidore "Izzy" Pawlowski and Arthur Zboyan. We also remember recently deceased active members: Glenn Thompson and Albert Cutter Sr. These brothers have completed their labors and it is now their time to rest.

Many thanks go to all who volunteered to help with all our activities in 2011 — from the golf outing to our picnics and the outstanding children's Christmas party.

Big congratulations to Local 456 Bus. Mgr. Joseph Egan for being re-elected as New Jersey state assemblyman. Bus. Mgr. Egan has served in the General Assembly since 2002. Thank you to all who voted and made sure their families came out to vote for working families. We do make a difference if we work together.

Attend meetings and be part of our future.

Wayne Martiak, P.S.

Gaglione Family Celebrates 184 Years

L.U. 494 (em,i,mt,rts&spa), MILWAUKEE, WI — The Gaglione family has been building Milwaukee for two generations and has accrued 184 years of combined IBEW membership. Led by their father, Anthony "Tony" Gaglione (with 55 years of service), sons Duane, Dan, Darrell and daughter-in-law Gerri combine for the remaining 129 years of IBEW affiliation.

As an apprentice in the 1950s, Anthony worked on the first remodeling of the Milwaukee Auditorium. Constructed in 1909, the auditorium has again been extensively remodeled and now houses the Milwaukee Theater. Tony's other accomplishments include the remodeling of Milwaukee County Stadium in 1974 where he worked as a foreman overseeing wiring of what was then a state-of-the-art scoreboard. County Stadium was demolished in 2000 to make way for Miller Park.

Tony worked most of his career for Magaw Electric, Deitz Electric and later for Milwaukee County. However, Tony's most impressive electrical accomplishments lie in his offspring. Duane has been a proud member of IBEW Local 494 for 33 years. Dan, Darrell and Gerri have been proud members of Local 2150 for 33, 33, and 30 years, respectively. Thanks, Tony, for your longtime service to the IBEW and we wish you the best.

Daniel Large, B.M.

The Gaglione family celebrates its longtime IBEW service.

Service Pins Awarded

L.U. 520 (i&spa), AUSTIN, TX — In October 2011 we held our annual local union picnic. Everyone had a great time. At the picnic years-of-service pins were awarded to the following: for 50 years of service — Ira "Mac" Parks; for 55 years' service — Roy Mangleburger, Ernest D. Ragland; for 60 years — J.J. "Jack" Galbreath, Floyd D. Hopkins, Walter E. Johnson, Raymond L. Kieke, James L. Milstead, Lambert A. Raatz; and for 65 years — Nolan E. House and Omar A. Schulz. Congratulations to all the pin recipients.

Work remains slow with prospects looking to pick up in 2012.

Lane Price, Pres.

Local 520 Bus. Mgr. Chris Wagner (left) presents Omar Schulz with his 65-year pin and plaque.

Sarnia Local Gives Back

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Local 530 held our annual Children's Christmas Party Dec. 4. This event saw members, their wives and children enjoy an afternoon of skating followed by Santa Claus stopping in with gifts for all the kids.

Our local recently donated and erected a new scoreboard at Norm Perry Memorial Field. The new scoreboard measures 26 x 19 feet and will provide the start to much needed updates and advancement the city has planned for this location. Thank you to all the members and contractors who provided tools, manpower and time to make this project a success.

Dec. 6 saw Local 530 honor Bro. William "Bill" Lusk with his 65-year service pin. Bill was indentured Dec. 6, 1946, so this honor was given to him 65 years to the day.

At this writing during the Christmas season, once again Local 530 is giving back. Non-perishable goods have been collected at our hall for donation to the Inn of the Good Shepherd for the less fortunate.

With the work picture slow, Local 530 thanks Barrie Local 1739, Sudbury Local 1687, and Regina Local 2038 for employment opportunities.

Local 530 is saddened by the recent passing of Bro. Bud Parsons.

Al Byers, P.S.

'Work Picture Holding Well'

L.U. 558 (catv,em,i,mt,o,rtb,rts, spa&u), SHEFFIELD, AL — Greetings, brothers and sisters. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

At this writing, work in Local 558's jurisdiction is holding well. We have managed to put a few travelers to work as well.

I wish to thank all members who worked on our float for the Christmas parades last year. The float was a great success, winning a variety of prizes in the participating cities.

We congratulate all of our members who received years-of-service pins.

Keep in your prayers members lost in 2011.

Mac Sloan, Mbr. Dev.

2011 Projects in Tucson

L.U. 570 (i,mo,spa&u), TUCSON, AZ — As we look back on 2011, Local 570 was fortunate to have picked up some larger jobs that put a good number of local members and traveling brothers and sisters to work through the year. Highlights included Rosendin Electric's 10-plus story Unisource building downtown and Conti's first phase of the First Solar, Agua Caliente, 290-megawatt solar photovoltaic generating facility in Dateland, AZ.

However, along with the improved work picture came tragedy. Aaron "Big Red" Roger and Avram Levi Real were involved in a fatal car accident Oct. 20 on their way to work in Dateland, AZ. A foreman, Aaron was age 28. Avram was a fifth-year apprentice and 29 years old. Local 570 and all the IBEW members on that job were deeply saddened and will miss our young members. The prayers, support and generosity shown by local members — as well as by very many traveling brothers and sisters, local unions, Conti Electric, First Solar and several other employers — was greatly appreciated by the grieving families. Local 570 thanks everyone for your incredible caring and brotherhood following this tragic loss.

Scott W. Toot, Organizer

Local 570 pays tribute to the memory of two young members.

Holiday Party & Awards

L.U. 586 (em,i&o), OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Our annual Christmas party was held at the Hampton Inn, where 300 celebrated a wonderful evening, dancing, dining and winning prizes. The 50-year membership awards from the I.O. were given to eligible members who could attend. Great to see you, brothers. It was a fitting and happy ending to another year that has seen our local growing and thriving under the direction of our Bus. Mgr. James Barry and his diligent organizers and office staff. There will be more about them later in the new year. Yours in brotherhood.

Doug Parsons, Pres.

Local 586 Pres. Doug Parsons (center) congratulates six 50-year pin award recipients. From left are: Fredrick Gustafson, Ernst Poehlmann, Henry Veilleux, Parsons, Wolfgang Holz, Horst Matthiesen and Kevin Birmingham.

IBEW Fathers & Sons

L.U. 606 (em,es,i,rtb,spa&u), ORLANDO, FL — At a recent general meeting, Bus. Mgr. Bob Carr gave several IBEW membership certificates to fathers and sons. Bro. Charlie Durrance received a 55-year certificate, while his son Robbie Durrance received a 30-year certificate. Bro. Calvin Giles received a 50-year certificate, while his son David Giles received a 25-year certificate. And Bro. Cliff Gilmore received his 45-year certificate, while his son Cliff Jr. received a 30-year certificate. Another special moment occurred during the meeting when Scotty Peterson, a second-year apprentice, was sworn in for membership — while his father, Pete Peterson, a 40-year member, and his brother Tony Peterson, a 12-year member of the IBEW, watched.

With deepest regret we report the passing of Bros. Frank Harrington, Phil Jackson and Harry Brown. Our sincere sympathy goes to their families.

Our next article will be dedicated to the memory of our late former business manager Bro. Harry C. Brown, for his longtime service to Local 606 and the IBEW. Bro. Brown passed away Nov. 17 last year.

Janet D. Skipper, P.S.

Local 606 members Pete Peterson, Gary Patrick, Charlie Durrance, Calvin Giles, Joe Reims Sr., Floyd Brock, Cliff GilmoreSr., Neil Benton, Tony Peterson, Scotty Peterson, Kevin Patrick, Robbie Durrance, David Giles, Butch Cox, Barry Krumweide, Cliff Gilmore Jr., Kevin Krumweide and Paul Jacobs.

Report from Wyoming

L.U. 612 (u), WHEATLAND, WY — We hosted our annual Christmas party Dec. 17 last year for all the kids. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make it a great success.

Our local has 258 members, seven "Freddys" (nonmembers who nevertheless enjoy the benefits of a union contract) and 12 new members added just recently. At this writing, we were scheduled to start negotiations in December 2011/January 2012.

We have a steady flow of retirees, which leaves a void in skill and knowledge walking out the door, but we will persevere through the education and training of our brotherhood, with the help of our fellow Wyoming Local 322 JATC apprenticeship program. We have also been working hand in hand with Local 415 helping them organize and get a first contract at Dry Forks station in Gillette, WY.

On behalf of our local, I was pleased to attend the IBEW 38th International Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was impressed and proud to be a member of the IBEW.

William Allison, B.M./Pres.

Great Fellowship

L.U. 648 (em,i,spa&u), HAMILTON, OH — Local 648 would like to wish everyone a happy new year in 2012 and hope for full employment for all our fellow brothers and sisters of the IBEW.

The Kid's Christmas and the Retiree's Christmas parties were a huge success last year. Both were well-attended and everyone enjoyed the great fellowship during the holidays.

Local 648 thanks all the traveling brothers and sisters for helping to complete our projects on time and under budget this past year.

Local 648 mourns the loss of the following brothers who passed away last year: Elijah Minor, Jeff Brown, Andy Andrews and Pete Arno. May God bless these brothers, their families and friends.

Jeff McGuffey, P.S.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA — We had a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Grover W. Wiley meeting hall Oct. 14 last year. This new 10,000 square-foot, multi-purpose facility will have a meeting hall, training rooms, and two solar PV arrays totaling 25 Kw. The hall is expected to be completed July 1, 2012. Grover W. Wiley was our business manager from 1946 to 1976.

Work in our jurisdiction should improve in early 2012 with the new data center in Henrico and a few other projects. Thanks to all the locals that have helped provide work opportunities for our brothers and sisters in these hard times.

Congratulations to Bros. Ronald C. Lecarpentier and Jimmy R. Pollard, who recently retired.

We recently voted to merge our credit union with the Hopewell Chemical FCU to provide better service and options to our members. There is more information on our Web site www.ibewlocal666.com in the announcements section.

I encourage everyone to attend union meetings regularly and if you are not registered to vote, please do it!

Charles Skelly, P.S.

Attending groundbreaking for new Grover W. Wiley meeting hall are: Local 666 Bus. Mgr. James H. Underwood and Mary Wiley Goins, daughter of Grover W. Wiley.

Century Mark Achieved

L.U. 704 (catv,em&i), DUBUQUE, IA — On Nov. 19 last year, Local 704 celebrated its 100th anniversary. At the historic Hotel Julien, members gathered with local and International officials and other guests to mark this milestone.

Bus. Mgr. Tom Townsend and Pres. Dave Wilson introduced the presentations. Presenters included Int. Pres. Edwin D. Hill, Int. Sec.-Treas. Salvatore J. Chilia, Int. Vice Pres. Curtis E. Henke, state Rep. Chuck Isenhart and Dubuque Mayor Roy Buol. Their messages of congratulations also contained stories of tough times experienced by our organization. The local has survived and continues to work to improve the lives of its membership.

We are all members: apprentices, journeymen, manufacturing workers, retirees and officers in our union halls. Working together as a local, we strive to achieve common goals: maintaining and improving the standard of living for all!

Former 704 president Gary Freiburger highlighted some of the family names that produced generations of Local 704 members. Names such as Eichman, Frommelt, Sisler, Willging and Wirzbach were recognized.

A commemorative booklet, sponsored by Local 704 supporters, and a historic artifacts display were created by the Planning Committee. Committee members included: Tom Ellwanger, Dale Maas, Bill Eichman, Jim Willging, Carl Weimerskirch, Tyler Weimerskirch, Harry Noesges, Sean Leppert, Dan Hammel, Dave Wilson, Bob Wirzbach, Tom Wirzbach, Dan Hughes, Carl Oppelt, Ron Mueller and Shelly Freiburger.

Ron Heitzman, P.S.

Centennial Celebration

L.U. 716 (em,i,lctt,rts&spa), HOUSTON, TX — Greetings. I hope all had a happy holiday season and a safe New Year's celebration.

In Houston our work situation is still slow, but we do have good expectations for work to break in the spring.

Thanks to all the members who donated their time to help with the children's and adult's Christmas parties. Also, thanks to the Watt Women for providing refreshments at the December union meeting.

In March, we will participate in the Houston St. Patrick's Day parade to defend our title as the Green Derby winner of 2011.

On March 12, Local 716 is turning 100 years old! Starting on March 10–12, Local 716 will host several events to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of its charter with the IBEW. We continue our commitment to provide quality craftsmanship to the electrical industry in Houston, and the surrounding areas of our jurisdiction, for the next 100 years. We are proud to have the opportunity to put on such a monumental and special occasion for our members, retirees, friends and families.

Special thanks to the Centennial Celebration Committee, chaired by Local 716 Vice Pres. E. Dale Wortham, and the work of the numerous subcommittees to pull of this great celebration.

John E. Easton Jr., B.M./F.S.

Daytona Beach Project

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL — Local 756 has been involved in a unique project not common in the jurisdiction of Daytona Beach. Kipp Gardner, owner of Sterling & Associates, a longtime and second-generation signatory contractor, has been working for more than a year with the company Daytona Flexible Packaging. This company invented the "Capri Sun" style beverage pouch and is expanding the plant to include multiple types of premixed beverage packaging.

This project required stainless steel conduit and Class 1 explosion-proof wiring methods. The new system is designed to run 24/7 and has 75 control and monitoring devices and 29 motors all tied into a centrally located control panel. The project was finished months in advance of expected completion. Seven journeyman wiremen and three apprentices exhibited excellent craftsmanship and brought the job in early.

A second phase of expansion with another "clean room" is in the planning stages, and Sterling & Associates and its IBEW crew will be ready to perform at a high level of craftsmanship. A success for our members, our contractors and a new local customer within our jurisdiction — kudos to all involved.

The Local 756 annual Kids Christmas Party was Dec. 3. Bro. Buddy Hart and his wife, Kathy, dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus and presented gifts to all the children. Special thanks to office manager Candace Hampton for handling party details.

May the IBEW and all working Americans have a safe, prosperous new year.

Daniel Hunt, P.S.

Contractor Kipp Gardner (left) and Local 756 journeyman Leon Brown on the construction jobsite at Daytona Flexible Packaging plant.

Awesome Brotherhood

L.U. 776 (i,o,rts&spa), CHARLESTON, SC — At this writing, work has started to slow down for the holidays. Local 776 thanks all the traveling brothers and sisters who came to help us while we were blessed with some much needed jobs. We look forward to 2012 and the growth it will bring.

Congratulations to Int. Pres. Edwin P. Hill, Int. Sec.-Treas. Salvatore J. Chilia, Int. Vice Pres. Robert P. Klein, and IEC member William W. Riley on their re-election at the IBEW 38th International Convention. The "Brotherhood Beyond Borders" theme there was right on cue and it was awesome to be a part of it

Now is the time to really work hard on the upcoming November 2012 election. We can't afford to lose.

Chuck Moore, B.M.

75th Anniversary Celebration

L.U. 910 (ees,i&t), WATERTOWN, NY — The local's 75th anniversary celebration in September 2011 was a great success. Approximately 180 people attended and all had a great time. Area politicians and our International Representatives were among those present, along with several business managers from across the state of New York and from Pennsylvania. Local 910 was presented with two New York State Assembly citations by Assembly members Addie J. Russell and Ken Blankenbush.

The local thanks the Anniversary Planning Committee and the staff at the Edgewood Resort for an excellent celebration. Thanks to Bro. John Michael and his band for the evening's entertainment. We also thank our supporters who purchased ad space in our program or donated for the door prize.

Local 910 members marched in the 2011 Solidarity Parade in Massena. Several members and retirees braved threatening weather to represent the local. Our local placed third in the parade judging. Thanks to all who participated. It did not rain on our parade!

Retired 69-year member Horace Smith celebrated his 90th birthday at the picnic in Spring Park after the parade. Three retired local union presidents (Reggie Mott, John Rankin and Gary Grill) also attended to help Horace usher in his ninth decade.

Roger LaPlatney, P.S.

60-Year Service Award

L.U. 956 (mo), ESPANOLA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Local 956 Pres./Bus. Mgr. Doug Kaattari recently presented longtime member Johnny Savicky with his 60-year service pin and certificate. Johnny retired in 1991 and he and his wife, Cecile, are still enjoying retirement in their home in Espanola. Congratulations, Johnny, and many more healthy years to come! Johnny will be 86 in June.

Doug Kaattari, B.M./Pres.

Local 956 Pres./Bus. Mgr. Doug Kaattari (left) presents service award to retired member Johnny Savicky.

Scholarship Awarded

L.U. 1066 (u), DAYTONA BEACH, FL — Members of Local 1066 congratulate Sarah Tolbert, daughter of member Bro. Randy Tolbert, on winning the annual Local 1066 scholarship award. The award was started in 2008 and each year our active and retired members' children or grandchildren are eligible to compete for the award.

We also congratulate and honor David Livingston, Cavin Michaud, Rick Barnett and Jesse Ferguson for their service to the IBEW throughout their careers. These gentlemen have decided to retire. They will be missed.

Mario Menir, B.M.

Local 1066 scholarship award recipient Sarah Tolbert.

2012 Outlook

L.U. 1116 (em,lctt&u), TUCSON, AZ — Our local was fortunate to see our younger members step up during 2011. Hopefully, 2012 will be no different with our young work force entering apprenticeship programs in Relay/Communications, Substations, Line Construction, Heavy Equipment Operators, Designers, Automotive, Power Production to CSR, Meter Readers and Line Locators. It's a whole new wave and it's union workers making it that way. The labor movement made this country strong at one time and history usually repeats itself.

Our Trico Electric ratification vote is this month, then on to UNS Gas and both TEP Tucson and Springerville contracts. Organizing at this time is very important as our bargaining strength is only as strong as our membership. Bro. Jace Eckenrod, our Volunteer Organizing Committee chairman, is coordinating our internal organizing efforts along with Bro. Eric Reed (political efforts) and Sister Jessica Reyes (Young Union Activists). We must all work together to organize our co-workers who have not been invited or have not understood how important it is to be one of the voices heard by our employers and by our government officials.

R. Cavaletto, P.S.

Trico Chmn. John Dungan hangs up the Local 1116 banner for the October 2011 picnic, enjoyed by union members and their families.

'True Solidarity Among Workers'

L.U. 1466 (u), COLUMBUS, OH — IBEW Local 1466 thanks everyone who took the time to help defeat Gov. John Kasich's anti-union bill by voting no on Issue 2 on Nov. 8 last year. By working together with our union brothers and sisters across the Buckeye State, we showed that there is true solidarity among workers in the Ohio labor movement.

In other news, the membership voted at the November monthly meetings to have the inside of our union hall renovated. This was in discussion for the few months prior to the vote and was approved with a solid majority. The improvements were much needed and will make sure our members have a nice hall to enjoy for years to come.

Finally, we hope that everyone had a nice holiday and a happy, safe New Year's. Let's make sure we continue to look out for one another going into 2012.

Jimi Jette, P.S.

Local Gives Back

L.U. 1944 (t), PHILADELPHIA, PA — IBEW Local 1944 gives back to the veterans who have served our country. The New Castle office got together and decided it was time to give back to someone who gave so much to us. Everyone donated for this veteran and his family to have a nice Thanksgiving. This is just the beginning for us. We would like to continue the practice for years to come. Unions have always supported working people and those who make a difference in the lives of our loved ones.

In the accompanying photo are Local 1944 New Castle members joined by veteran William Weber. Our motto is: "It feels good to give."

Mary Lou Lane, Pres./B.M.

Local 1944 members at New Castle thank a U.S. veteran. From left, front row, veteran William Weber, Johnna Thompson, Mary Lou Lane; back row, Deb Fork, Kathy Gierlach, Tom Lane, Dawn Bartley and Cindy Wolfe.

Contracts Negotiated

L.U. 2286 (em,mar,mo,o,rtb&u), BEAUMONT, TX — Our membership celebrated an open house on Saturday, Oct. 28, last year at our new union hall. Several members attended with their families, as well as special guests Seventh District Int. Vice Pres. Jonathan B. Gardner, Int. Rep. George Crawford, Lead Organizer Kitty Prouse, Local 479 Bus. Mgr. David Gonzales and Local 66 Bus. Mgr. Greg Lucero.

Local 2286 Bus. Mgr. Clinton Trahan and Local 2286 Pres. Mike LaVergne have successfully led negotiations for four contracts simultaneously and with the hard work and dedication of our committees reached the best deals possible. Through the power of collective bargaining, we made a change in a system-wide policy already in place for non-bargaining employees that protects our vacation if we become ill or injured.

Asst. Bus. Mgr. Johnny Wilson notified the membership the negotiations with the outside contractors came to an impasse. They met with the CIR in Washington, D.C., during the August session, which resulted in a two-year agreement with a 3 percent increase in the second year. Work looks good throughout the next year.

We congratulate Bro. John Baker on his election as a vice president of the Texas AFL-CIO.

Mona Mack, P.S.

Attending Local 2286's open house at the new union hall are IBEW International and local union officers, guests and members.


Guest Speakers & Holiday Party

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 1, ST. LOUIS, MO — Local 1 retirees held their final meeting for 2011 on Nov. 16, with the usual order of business. Local 1 Bus. Rep. Rob Dussold addressed the group and spoke of current work conditions and future prospects for employment of our members. Another guest speaker, an attorney with expertise on lung disease, also gave an informative presentation; he suggested some retirees may have legal options if tests show lung problems, possibly caused by jobsite conditions. Retirees enjoyed lunch and camaraderie after the meeting.

On Dec. 7, the Retirees Ladies Auxiliary hosted our annual Christmas party. All had a great time and fun activities included: Pot-of-Gold, craft sales, etc. The new caterer served a great meal. The ladies presented the local, represented by Bus. Mgr. Greg Booth, a check for $4,000 to be used by the Relief Committee for our members in need. These ladies command our greatest respect and admiration for their many contributions to Local 1 and its retirees. We salute Jane Mitchell, Barb Moonier, Shirley Missey, Virginia Pagano, Mary Lou Bohn, Joan Germer, Marie Donnegan, Leverne Heghef and all other volunteers who make our organization work.

We extend greetings to all IBEW members, with high hopes the new year will bring God's blessings on us all.

Meetings in 2012: March 21, May 16, July 18, Sept. 19 (luncheon) and Nov. 21.

Don Appelbaum, P.S.

Holiday Party & Food Drive

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, LONG ISLAND-SUFFOLK CHAPTER — On Dec. 15, 2011, our chapter had its Annual Holiday Party at the Meadow Club in Port Jefferson Station. It was a huge success and all had a wonderful time. Attendees enjoyed great food, wine and music as well as a raffle. I didn't win, however, there is always next year. The most important thing was that there were lots of good friends to share the holiday spirit with.

Our Annual Food Drive was a great success due to the wonderful support by our members, and we donated 300 pounds of food to Long Island Cares. This organization distributes the donations to food pantries all over Long Island.

We are currently planning our meetings and upcoming events for the year ahead. On behalf of the officers and members of our chapter, we wish our brothers and sisters and their families a very happy and healthy new year.

Harvey Goldman, P.S.

Christmas/Hanukkah Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 3, NEW YORK, NY, WESTCHESTER / PUTNAM CHAPTER — On Dec. 13, 2011, our annual Christmas / Hanukkah luncheon was held at Travelers Rest, in Ossining, NY. More than 125 members and guests attended.

This day included the recognition of 28 Gold Members, at least 80 years of age, who received certificates showing the chapter's appreciation for their service. Local 3 Asst. Bus. Mgr. Paul Ryan and Chapter Chmn. Dominic Pironti presented the certificates. Honorees were: Thomas Antetomaso, William Arnold, William Baer, David Brown, Rudolph Cassano, Renalto Chirles, Edward Dobson, Newman Dunleavy, Eugene Fox, Sol Gibbons, Arthur Glatz, George Harsch, Willam Krell, Louis Lehmann, Joseph Marino, Walter McAlpin, Daniel Mecca, Frank Picerni, William Robertson, Edward Rubow, Joseph Scaringi, David Shiff, Donald Taylor, Howard Tobias, Gene Vetrano, Nicholas Victore, Edward Wall and Henry Wanser.

A holiday cookbook was presented to the ladies, as a gift, for their help and support in attending our functions.

Our new chapter banner was unveiled at the luncheon. The banner, which carries the IBEW logo and our chapter name, is representative of our continued dedication to Local 3. It will be proudly displayed at our chapter meetings and Local 3 functions.

Holiday luncheon attendees also enjoyed music by musicians from Locals 38 and 398.

John Rich, P.S.
Robert J. Cuneo, P.S.

Local 3, Westchester/Putnam Chapter, Retirees Club Chmn. Dominic Pironti (left) and Local 3 Bus. Rep. Paul Ryan at holiday luncheon.

'Travels Continue in 2012'

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 26, WASHINGTON, DC — In January 2012, the club raised its membership fee for the first time in many years to $15 a year per person. Our membership is open to any IBEW member over 50 years of age. We do not require that you already be retired and hope that you will begin to participate before that wonderful day arrives. You may send your dues directly to our treasurer, James Handley, 4933 West Chalk Point Road, West River, MD 20778-2211. Please include your e-mail address.

Our travels continue in 2012. If you wish to join our bus and ship trips, please contact Vice Pres. Rick Warner, our travel coordinator, at (240) 472-0438. He can sign you up for particular trips, before they are sold out! Remember, our trips are open to any IBEW member or their family.

In December, we held our annual holiday party and attendance was the best on record! We hope that continues as we progress in 2012. Thankfully, we were able to randomly give many of the poinsettia decorations to attendees.

With 2012 will come local and national elections, and we urge all to be active participants in the process. Our union needs our support, in body and spirit, to make certain the future is brighter for all members.

Susan Flashman, P.S.

Local 26 retirees and guests attend December holiday party.

Festive 2011 Holiday Party

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 58, DETROIT, MI — Happy New Year! Our festive Christmas party saw 173 in attendance, attired in their finest. Although we get together almost monthly, the Christmas and Pin Parties bring out the best in our local.

Former school instructor Fred Schroeder and wife Gerry were among attendees. Fred taught at the apprentice school in the 1970s and later was business representative for the Port Huron area. Bob Adams and his wife attended; Bob expounded on the upcoming golf season. Mike "Slugger" Mclean and his brother Frank attended with their spouses. I believe Slugger is one of the last legends in the local. Bus. Mgr. Joe Abdoo addressed the gathering. With the difficult work picture and slow economy of the last six years, we gave him thumbs up for the job he has done for our members.

We thank Barbara McNamara and Mary Schoeninger for their final touches on the Christmas tree. Thanks also to the brothers who helped decorate the hall and set up tables — John Ahern, Mike Hogan, Danny Bott, Charlie Mott, Dick Schoeninger, Ray Owen, Dennis McCann, Al Erickson and Frank Demers.

Speaking of "last of the local legends," I just learned of the loss of a great IBEW wireman. John Miney went on to the last wire-pull in the sky on Dec. 17, 2011. John's name could be seen on many jobsites in the USA, in the hull of a passing ship or even on a railroad caboose. He was a terrific wireman and wonderful union man. Take care of yourself, Mineroo. There will never be another like you.

Frank A. Maisano, P.S.

'Wounded Warriors' Project

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 60, SAN ANTONIO, TX — As a special project the Local 60 Retirees Club had the great honor of collecting personal items for distribution among the Wounded Warriors at Fort Sam Houston. A special thank-you goes to retired Bro. Buddy Swenson and his wife, Leora, and to retired Bro. Gene Chamberlain and his wife, Marilyn, for transporting the items to Fort Sam Houston.

Our Retirees Club's Thanksgiving luncheon last year was a big success. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make it a memorable occasion. The food was plentiful and exceptional! Everyone had a great time.

The Retirees Club meets the second Thursday of every month, 12 noon, at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Training Bldg., 3630 Belgium Lane. All Local 60 retired members are invited to join our club. A short meeting starts at 12 noon, followed by good food — and of course we cannot forget to add all the fun playing bingo. Your favorite side dish or dessert is welcomed. Please attend one of our upcoming meetings.

Sandy Rogers, P.S.

San Antonio Local 60 Retirees Club members and guests.

Local 103 Retirees Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 103, BOSTON, MA — At this writing, the holiday season was quickly approaching. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Shown below is a picture of our most recent luncheon with approximately 140 Local 103 retirees attending. It was an enjoyable day and as usual there were plenty of conversations and friendly stories exchanged about experiences of the past. The luncheons are usually the third Thursday of each month. Members of the Retires Club receive a mailing for upcoming events so if you have not joined the club, you should do so now.

Unfortunately, due to the present times with unemployment and the rising cost of health care, the Health and Welfare plan is undergoing numerous changes which affect us all and allow the plan to continue serving us.

R.E. Leary, P.S.

Boston Local 103 Retirees Club members attend a luncheon.

Holiday Party & Bus Trip

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 130, NEW ORLEANS, LA — At our Christmas party on Dec. 14 last year, we had 103 in attendance. MeMe's New Orleans Café catered our party and everyone enjoyed the food. Everyone enjoyed the 50/50 and parade of prizes. Buddy Carver also attended the party after his dialysis.

The club commended Harry "Buddy" Carver and George Clesi for a job well-done for the past 18 years.

Again this year, we had music by disc jockey Mark Sanders. He played from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and everyone enjoyed the music and hospitality. We congratulate Bro. Chad Lauga on a job well-done. Maybe next time, Chad.

After parting the night before, 45 of us took a bus trip to the Silver Slipper Casino on Thursday, Dec. 15.

With deep regret we lost the following brothers: Alfred C. Deubler, Irvin C. Deubler Sr., Camile L. Duvieilh Jr. and Richard F. Salathe. May their souls rest in peace.

Until our next meeting, God bless America.

George Clesi, Pres.

Annual Benefit Fair Booth

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 134, CHICAGO, IL — Our Retirees Club received an invitation from Local 134 to have an exhibit table at the Annual Benefit Fair. Approximately 30 booths exhibited for a wide range of interests, including: flu shots, health and welfare, vision, Illinois Driver license ID card, retirement financial planning, and most popular — popcorn and cold drinks. Space doesn't permit listing all the booths, but they were all well-done and informative. Each booth had representatives to answer questions. Our Retirees Club is fortunate to have support and backing from the business manager on down. Our booth was a great success with many folks stopping by. We have a picture of our booth, and we thank Gerry White for all she does to promote our club.

We have a new board member, Tom Bohn; he will fill the vacant seat of Leonard Eggert, who is ill. We wish you a speedy recovery, Len.

Come to the meetings. There are no strangers at Local 134, only friends you haven't yet met!

Welcome to all Local 134 retirees. Noon to 1 p.m. is Greet & Meet time at club meetings, held the second Wednesday of each month. The regular meeting continues until 2:30 p.m. at the union hall, 600 W. Washington St.

Louis Rodriguez, P.S.

Local 134 Retirees Club Pres. Mario Culatta (left), Board member Louis Rodriguez and Vice Pres. Richard Sipple.

Trips & Special Events

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 150, WAUKEGAN, IL — We had a nice 2011 summer season. We attended the Racine Theatre and Lake County Museum. We also had a day trip to The Ten Chimneys Estate, which was the country home of Albert Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. We had our annual trip to White Pines State Park for lunch, play, dinner and overnight stay and breakfast. The state park trip is always a fun time for us as we enjoy the evening under the stars, around the campfire.

The club also participated in the 2011 Labor Day parade in Zion. There were seven of us on the float. In lieu of a meeting in September, we held our annual potluck picnic at Holst's.

Our Christmas trip was to the Fireside Theatre. We enjoyed the very special Christmas presentation. We ended our year with a Christmas luncheon at Dover Straits restaurant.

On Dec. 4, we put on the local's annual Christmas party for children of the members. The children enjoyed face painting, balloon figures, a magician, gifts and goodies.

We invite all retired members to join us the second Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. at the union hall. We have a short meeting, refreshments and conversation. We truly need new and younger members.

Diane Holst, Sec.

Party & Politics

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 212, CINCINNATI, OH — On Dec. 7 last year, approximately 260 guests and club members gathered for a party. We enjoyed a great meal, drinks, games, door prizes, and reminiscing about the old-timers of our youth only to realize we are now the old-timers ourselves. It was great to see several of our members who are experiencing health problems in attendance and enjoying the day. Continue to remember them in your prayers.

Upcoming primary election voting dates to remember: Ohio — March 6; Indiana — May 8; Kentucky — May 22. Politicians determine winners and losers. Our quality of life could be jeopardized because we fail to support candidates sympathetic to our cause. It is important to the IBEW and to our local to have friends of labor elected to positions of influence in our government. The "Citizen United" decision opened the floodgates of unregulated and untraceable corporate money to buy our democracy — campaign funding on steroids. Our friends need our financial help now more than ever. Be American, buy American; be union, buy union; support those who support us and use our partner contractors to employ our members. Get involved before it's too late.

Bob Schaefer, P.S.

December Holiday Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 257, JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The Retirees Club met for their Christmas luncheon/ meeting on Dec. 13 last year at Local 257's building in Jefferson City, MO. We thank Local 257 for their hospitality again this year. The food was enjoyed and appreciated by all. We appreciate all that Local 257 does for us throughout the year. Also, we thank Juanita Fischer for all the Christmas decorations, Betty Nichols for providing the music, and Charlotte Baxter and Bill Lang for leading the singing of the Christmas carols. In addition, we thank Pres. Jerry Rehagen for all the great work he does all year long on behalf of the Retirees Club.

Christmas money collected by our retirees group was added to monies from Local 257 and given to the Joplin Tornado Relief Fund, which distributed funds collected among 16 IBEW members who lost their homes.

On a more somber note, we were sorry to lose Mrs. Sandra Gallatin. Our thoughts and prayers are with Joe Gallatin Jr. and his family.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and happy New Year's. See you in 2012.

Delores Melloway, P.S.

Local 257 retiree members enjoy a Christmas luncheon.

Christmas Luncheon

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 291, BOISE, ID — The December Christmas Luncheon/Gift Exchange was held in Garden City at the JATC site. There were 46 in attendance. We were pleased to have Bus. Mgr. Aaron White and a few of his staff from the union hall join us on this special day. It was a beautiful day and unseasonably warm.

Our meeting was opened with a moment of silence for the recent loss of Art Cushing, a longtime Local 291 member. Joe Sirani said a prayer and asked everyone to remember the "Reason for the Season." Following was a great meal with all the Christmas trimmings. The gift exchange was fun and it was exciting to see all the ideas members came up with for gifts.

Congratulations to the Sirani family on the birth of their grandson, Sebastian Atticus-Walker McVey. This is their eighth grandchild.

Let us all continue to pray for our country and everyone who is struggling in this economy. Defend and protect the rights for us to be union members, always!

Our club luncheons are held the second Thursday of each month. Please contact any club member for time and location.

Joe Sirani, Pres.

Local 291 Retirees Club members and guests attend Christmas luncheon.

2011 'A Most Successful Year'

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 353, TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — Our Retirees Club members enjoyed the most successful year of planned programs. Our successes were due to the continued support of: Local 353 working members and the "Sports, Entertainment & Retirees Trust Fund," our Retirees Executive Board, the Retirees Social Committee, Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Steve Martin, Local 353 Executive Officers and staff, Local 353 Trusts and Trustees, the ladies in the office, the ladies and gentlemen who help serve at our monthly luncheons and all the IBEW locals that honored us by inviting our club to their functions or participating in ours.

Our 26th Annual Christmas Dinner/Dance was a huge success and was attended by more than 600 retired members and guests including: Int. Vice Pres. Phillip J. Flemming, Bus. Mgr./Fin. Sec. Martin, Local 353 Pres. Rob White and Local 353 Executive Board officers. We also had retiree guests from the following Ontario locals: 105 (Hamilton), 120 (London), 303 (St. Catharines), 586 (Ottawa), 804 (Kitchener) and 894 (Oshawa).

This year, we separated the 50 years-of-service "Pin Presentation" from our dance. The "Pin Presentation Breakfast" will take place in April of 2012.

We encourage all retirees clubs to continue to "raise the bar" as all retirees and their spouses deserve it.

Robert Rynyk, P.S.

Holiday Celebrations

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 611, ALBUQUERQUE, NM — We hope all members had a glorious holiday season and wish you a good new year ahead.

Local 611 had its annual family Christmas party in December and as before, Local 611 members volunteered to cook under the tent. Thanks to all for their dedication to the children and families of our local. Retired member Jenero "Junior" Pedroncelli was again Santa Claus. Approximately 12 retirees attended, but when the photo with Santa was snapped only three were available.

At this writing, the annual Christmas potluck for the office staff and assistants was scheduled — but in 2011, for the first time, a few Local 611 retirees joined in, planned the event and turned it into a catered lunch by JR's BBQ. Other nonmember guests, contractors, suppliers, etc. were invited.

Don't forget, this is a voting year and we all must think seriously about candidates who will benefit working people, and not privatize Medicare but support health care for all citizens. It's a tough decision, but there are candidates who really do care.

We encourage all members to call or visit other brothers and sisters who are ill and unable to get around. A visit or voice from another member really makes their day.

Tracy Hall, Pres.

Retirees attend the Local 611 Children & Family Christmas Party, from left: Jimmy Chavez, Joe Romero, Junior Pedroncelli (Santa), and Tracy Hall.

Scholarship Recipient

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 640, PHOENIX, AZ — The IBEW Local 640 Golden Age Roadrunners are proud to announce the 2011 recipient of the Ron L. Bruce Mentor Scholarship, Local 640 apprentice Matthew Kitzmiller.

Matthew will be entering his fifth year of apprenticeship school and the scholarship will help with his expenses. He has shown good leadership qualities and excellent school work. His goal is to turn out as a qualified and well-versed journeyman wireman, to never stop learning and give back to others what he has learned. He intends to be a credit to his craft and actively support the brotherhood of electrical workers.

Diana Foster, Sec.

70-Year Member & Going Strong

RETIREES CLUB OF L.U. 760, KNOXVILLE, TN — Local 760 Bro. James "Jim" Knight has got the stuff and is still going strong! At age 91, Jim pulled up to the local in his Cadillac and strolled inside to meet in my office and talk about his remarkable IBEW membership. I asked Jim about just a few details on the amazing career he has had.

As expected, Jim was both gracious and humble in all his answers (a true class act).

Jim and I went to lunch following our meeting (he destroyed a huge burger and fries) where we fellowshipped more.

What a blessing it is for all to have men like Bro. Jim Knight who prepared the way for us. Jim was born in 1921; started his apprenticeship in 1940; joined the Navy in 1941; married in 1944; and retired from TVA in 1982. Thank you, Jim, for 70 years of service with IBEW Local 760.

Congratulations also go out to all the brothers who received their service pins. Thank you for all you do!

George Bove, B.M.

Local 760 Bus. Mgr. George Bove (left) and
70-year member Jim Knight.