June 2010

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Community Service Volunteers

L.U. 6 (c,i,st&u), SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Members of Local 6 have reached out once again to our community to improve the lives of people in need and the organizations that serve them.

In partnership with the San Francisco Electrical Contractors Association, our industry worked together to provide labor, service vans and material to 13 projects in conjunction with Rebuilding Together San Francisco. Steve Powers, Paul Mitchell, Jim Reed and Tom Burrows are commended for their efforts in organizing this outreach, as are the many members who volunteered their time and labor to enhance the lives of others.

Work in the jurisdiction is still slow. We extend heartfelt thanks to our sister Locals 595 and 617 for providing employment opportunities to our apprentices during this difficult economic time.

Phil A. Farrelly, Pres.

Tribute to a Brother

L.U. 8 (as,em,i,mar,mt,rts,s&spa), TOLEDO, OH—Local 8 and our Toledo Electrical JATC are pleased to announce that the JATC’s welding lab has been dedicated to the late Bro. Kevin Flagg. A plaque honoring Kevin is placed at the lab entrance. As a welder himself, Kevin was a hard-working, dedicated union member and officer who worked tirelessly to advance the JATC, Local 8, and our industry. We are proud to give him tribute in this way.

We hope to see a few more job opportunities in coming months as the weather warms up. The book is moving slowly for now, but we anticipate a little more movement in the latter months of this year. Some projects we expect to start this year will be a boon to the Toledo area, as they will not only provide work for us, but also will bring permanent jobs for the area work force. Let’s keep in mind the work that went into getting these jobs to this area. Politics do pay!

Ben “Red” Tackett, P.S.
Jim Kozlowski, B.M.

‘Foundation for the Future’

L.U. 16 (i), EVANSVILLE, IN—On Dec. 13, 2009, IBEW Local 16 celebrated its 110th anniversary of giving southern Indiana the highest quality, best trained electricians available anywhere. Many changes have come and gone in the electrical industry since the union’s humble beginning; however, the pride and integrity of its membership remains strong and continues to serve as an excellent foundation for her future.

Special thanks to the following, who put together a portable solar/wind generator training lab: Mike Weinzapfel, Jeff Brady, Greg Ward, Dan Lasher, Mark Bittner, Brad Arney, Jeff Barr, John Bogan, Mark Marshall, Will Brenner, Robin Haskell and Roger Clark. It was used to power the IBEW/NECA display at Fantasy of Lights. This equipment was donated by the LMCC and has the potential of generating and storing enough power to independently supply the display. The unit uses a 1,000-watt wind generator, four 200-watt solar panels, and it saved the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center approximately $600 in electricity during the 2009 season.

Local 16 was again recognized by the NJATC for the large number of journeyman wiremen who have voluntarily given their time to broaden their skills through advanced journeyman training classes.

Donald P. Beavin, P.S.

Welcome, IUPAT

L.U. 24 (es,i&spa), BALTIMORE, MD—Local 24 is extremely proud to have members working on the headquarters and dormitory buildings for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. Brown & Heim is the signatory contractor awarded the project. The project is located at the IUPAT’s Hanover, MD, complex.

The three-story headquarters building will house the offices of the IUPAT international officers. The 36-room dormitory building will house IUPAT members sent to attend the existing training facility, also located on the Hanover complex. Not only are our members proud to be helping construct the IUPAT facility but we also welcome their international to the area.

Gary R. Griffin, B.M.

At the IUPAT headquarters project, IBEW Local 24 Bus. Mgr. Gary Griffin (left) and Brown & Heim Executive Vice Pres. Jack Shiloh (second from left) join the Local 24 crew for a photo. From left: Griffin, Shiloh, Steve Langrill, Tim McGuigan, Dave Cummins, Paul Buchanan-Wollaston, Brandon Ingram, Jason Gilliland, Dayne Thomas, Jason Smith, Tim Legg, Charles L. Bradley, Tony Kontogeorgos, Brandon Cassady, Steven E. Smith, William Wilking, Johnny Wallace, Foreman Phil Gerber, Gen. Foreman Mike Kinn and Project Mgr. Jeff Cornelius.

Historic Occasion

L.U. 26 (ees,em,es,govt,i&mt), WASHINGTON, DC—Local 26 is extremely proud of a historic event that occurred here in February. Pres. Barack Obama chose Local 26 to use as a backdrop to announce plans for a new nuclear power plant to be built in Georgia and he also toured our training facility. You can see a video of his speech and photos of his visit on our Web site www.ibewlocal26.org. This was an awe-inspiring and unprecedented event for our local!

Local union officers and agents remain very busy. The Minority Coalition held its Annual Black History Month celebration; we attended the IBEW Construction Conference and the National Building Trades Conference; the golf outing preparations are in full swing; and we are planning our Manassas, VA, and Edgewater, MD, picnics scheduled for June 19 and Aug. 7, respectively. When you receive this article, results of the Local 26 elections will be known. Officers will be sworn in at the July general membership meeting.

We mourn the recent deaths of members John W. McKnett, Ronald J. Windsor, Daniel W. Riggs and Richard L. Chilcoat.

Best wishes to recent retirees: Roy L. Burgess, Donald W. Frantz, Maurice B. Griffin, Randolph E. Ramey Jr., James L. Wallace, Rudolph C. Worch, David M. Anderson III, Roy W. Curtis, Benjamin C. Judd Jr., Sidney G. Marsh, Ronald A. McConkey, Charles D. Meadows and John W. Hull Jr.

Charles E. Graham, B.M.

Local 26 Bus. Mgr. Chuck Graham (left) presents Pres. Barack Obama a personalized IBEW Local 26 jacket during the president’s Feb.16 visit to the local.

‘That’s a Wrap 2009’

L.U. 40 (em,i&mps), HOLLYWOOD, CA—With the close of 2009, Local 40 celebrated by throwing our annual “That’s a Wrap” Luncheon. More than 200 members and spouses as well as 20 guests attended. At the luncheon, Int. Vice Pres. Michael S. Mowrey spoke about the difficult economy, but also noted the positive direction in which Local 40 is headed. Int. Rep. Tim Dixon spoke about how nice it was to break bread with newly signed Commonwealth Studios management, Chief Executive Officer Bernie Weitzman and Chief Operating Officer John Marshall, and expressed hopes that much more work comes Local 40’s way.

Local 40 Bus. Mgr. Bill Brinkmeyer reported that although we are experiencing higher than normal unemployment, Local 40 had a near-record year of construction hours reported and 2010 looks to be just as promising.

We also introduced another successful apprentice class at our luncheon. Congratulations to Outstanding Apprentice Award winner John Smolonvich and fellow graduates Scott Billingsley, Michael Stobo, Bruce Milligan, Juan Rodriguez Jr., Peter Diamond and Ray Garcia. We wish these newly minted journeymen long and prosperous careers.

Service pins were also presented, as well as Longevity Awards, presented to Albert Norris, for 62 years of union membership, and Samuel Shanman, for 55 years of service.

Marc Flynn, R.S.

Local 40 holds its annual end-of-year luncheon.

‘Big Footprint’

L.U. 68 (i), DENVER, CO—Perhaps we should ask ourselves just how large we want our union footprint to be. Unions are never covered enough in the ‘major media’ for the positive impact we make. We need to get the word out that our union makes a positive contribution to the community; that we do the right thing when it comes to making things better for the working class; and that when something is good for workers, it will be good for business. Our footprint isn’t big enough. Please visit www.UltimateElectricians.com to help make it bigger.

The OSHA Alliance quarterly recognition and awards dinner was held April 8, with 65 in attendance, including state Rep. John Soper, OSHA liaison Chris Matthewson and OSHA Deputy Regional Dir. Nancy Smith.

Speakers included Adeeb Khan from the American Red Cross, who spoke about automatic external defibrillators. IBEW 68’s delegate to the National Safety Council, Chris Griego, reported about the recent NSC convention. NECA board member Rusty Gonzales accepted, on behalf of NECA, an appreciation award from Dwayne Adkins, executive director of Labor’s Community Agency, for NECA’s recent golf tournament fundraising effort for LCA. Also in attendance were 27 apprentices who recently completed the OSHA-30 class. A special award was presented to Erv Krueger, recently retired OSHA labor liaison, for his longtime positive influence on workplace safety.

We extend condolences to the families of our recently deceased brothers: Charles Elfeld, Maddie Robertson, Paul M. Mettam and Norman Young.

Ed Knox, Pres.

‘Summer More Promising’

L.U. 80 (i&o), NORFOLK, VA—Work has been slow in starting through the spring. Contractors have been awarded several jobs, which have not yet broken ground. Hopefully, an improved economy and better weather will lead us to more work starting in the coming months. Work continues at the Sentara Princes Anne Hospital, with many of the recent calls going there. Several other contracts awarded make the summer look more promising.

Most contractors now are requiring pre-employment drug screenings. Anyone who fails a drug screening will lose their place on the out-of-work list. Failure of a drug screen not only tarnishes your name, but also every other person in the IBEW. If you feel you cannot pass a screening, turn the call down and make sure you are able to be clear for the next job. As slow as work has been over the past year, no member needs to be denied the opportunity to earn a wage for a reason they can control. Don’t let yourself be the one to embarrass our union.

W. Dennis Floyd, P.S.

Member Receives Badger Award

L.U. 94 (lctt,nst&u), CRANBURY, NJ—Local 94 members congratulate Bro. Gene Kobuszewski on his recent retirement. Gene retired on April 1, with 42 years of service at PSE&G. He served Local 94 as a steward and a chief steward at the Fleet Maintenance location.

At the March 4 union meeting, Bro. Kobuszewski was awarded the Badger Award, an honor the local presents to a member who has provided outstanding service to the local and the membership. Thank you, Gene, for your hard work and dedication to the union. We wish you the best in your retirement.

Chip Gerrity, P.S.

Local 94 recent retiree Bro. Gene Kobuszewski (foreground, center) received an award at the March 4 union meeting.

High-Speed Rail Line

L.U. 100 (c,em,i,rts&st), FRESNO, CA—The high-speed rail line in California is coming directly through Local 100’s jurisdiction, with northern and southern San Joaquin Valley sections both connecting to Fresno, and we have an excellent opportunity to capture the work. Local 100 has its own labor representative, Chuck Riojas, on the “Fresno Works” high-speed rail committee. He and many others have worked diligently on the proposal to build the Heavy Maintenance Facility that supports the high-speed rail in Fresno County. The committee includes labor leaders and representatives from the City of Fresno, Fresno County, area businesses and others. The committee submitted its first-round proposal to the California High Speed Rail Authority. The proposal is available for anyone who wants to view it at the union hall. Visit Web site www.cahighspeedrail.ca.gov for more information.

Congratulation to the 2010 apprentice graduates. The new inside wiremen are: Guillermo Arce, Lonnie Barnes, Ryan Barnett, Andrew Cuthbert, Jamie Evans, Luis Flores, Rene L. Garcia Jr., Timothy Harven, Thomas Heisdorf, Timothy Johnson, Kham Lo, Adam Noble, Natcho Ramirez, Christopher Rodriguez, Miguel Romero, Aaron Schiebelhut, Justin Taylor, Eric Turpin, Charles Watson, Richard Whaley, Bryan Wilson and Rueben Sadler. The VDV graduates: Christian Duran, Hector Gonzales, Brian Jones, Sarita Ham, James Ramirez, Simon Rubalcaba and Kenneth Xayaboupha.

Think safety always.

M.A. Caglia, R.S.

Advertising Quality Labor Force

L.U. 102 (c,catv,i,it,o&t), PATERSON, NJ—Our local president is promoting a publicity campaign by advertising our skills on billboards on the major roads across our jurisdiction. The billboards introduce a positive image of our local—by explaining that we are part of the community and noting the benefits of choosing local union labor for upcoming electrical projects. Pres. Bernard Corrigan also says that soon we will take ads out in a New Jersey business weekly magazine and possibly start doing commercials on the radio and cable TV.

The message we wish to communicate is simple. We must explain who we are and promote the excellent quality, skill and knowledge we offer compared to our nonunion competition. This is vital for our survival as a union. We will explain the training required to become a journeyman electrician and at the same time offer apprenticeship opportunities for the community. We will let the end user know that we are trained for the green work of tomorrow, and we can proudly showcase the projects we have completed. If we don’t do this, no one else will.

Ed Fredericks, P.S.

Flood Disaster Kits

L.U. 104 (lctt,o&u), BOSTON, MA—On April 3, IBEW 104 members and their families helped out the Red Cross handing out flood disaster clean-up kits in Wrentham, MA. Massachusetts and Rhode Island were devastated after three days of record breaking torrential rains.

Many thanks to all the volunteers for their assistance.

Chris Blair, P.S.

Local 104 officers, members and families assist Red Cross effort. From left: Local 104 Treas. Hugh Boyd, Jake McCaffery, Terry Place, Sarah Boyd, Ryan Boyd, Local 104 Pres. Jeff Place, Red Cross Partner Service Administer Jerry Sirk, Local 104 Organizer Chris Blair, Christina Blair and Jesse Blair.

Kansas City Local Goes Green

L.U. 124 (ees,em,i,mar,rts,se&spa), KANSAS CITY, MO—Local 124 has gone green. Beginning March 17, the local sponsored a solar-powered entry in the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day parade. Currently, 70 rooftop panels supply 15 kW of sun power to our union hall. Wiremen from last winter’s photovoltaic class installed the panels and earned credits toward photovoltaic/solar certification. Any excess power can be sold back to the utility for use elsewhere on the grid.

On April 8, Local 124 hosted the 2010 Sustainable Green Energy Conference at our union hall. More than 120 prospective customers, architects, engineers and contractors attended an all-day seminar exploring renewable energy strategies. Topics included: LEED green building rating systems, smart grid applications, and solar PV and wind energy.

Fifteen experts in the field of renewable energy presented materials on design and development of green communities, construction and maintenance of renewable energy projects, and more. Keynote speaker was Greg Searle, executive director, BioRegional North America.

We remember recently deceased members: Robert N. Gentry, Frank W. Hays, Gary S. Olson, Claude T. Owen, Glenn A. Long, Robert P. Long, Gerald R. Morriss, Kenneth E. Powell, Anthony D. Powers and Cyril T. Williams.

Congratulations to recently retired members: Gary M. Bly, William E. Hansen, Charles K. Harnar, Jackie M. Holiman, Ronald Hughes, Peter V. Inzerillo, William F. Joyce, Thomas M. Lacy Jr., Maurice T. Livingston, Glen Leehy, Gary L. McGill, Michael G. McCormick, Nicholas Polallis, Joseph E. Powell, Gary A. Ryan, Charles M. Turner and John H. Wise.

Frank D. Mathews Jr., P.S.

Illinois State IBEW Conference

L.U. 146 (ei,i&rts), DECATUR, IL—We congratulate Bob Schloz, Joe Woolums and John Taylor on their recent retirement. The local thanks these brothers for their years of service.

Four members recently completed the annual Union Communitee Activist Network (UCAN) training. Congratulations to Curt Young, Chad Young, Lynn Richards and Chris Hays.

Several officers, accompanied by Bus. Mgr. Shad Etchason, recently attended the Illinois State IBEW conference. We were honored to hear speakers including Gov. Pat Quinn, Speaker of the Illinois House Mike Madigan, and several other state dignitaries and candidates. On the second day of the event, Local 146 member and Illinois AFL-CIO Pres. Michael T. Carrigan addressed the conference. All spoke on how it is so very important to elect labor friendly candidates in November.

Upcoming events include the annual golf outing in June, the Decatur Celebration in August, and the popular Poker Run.

Our condolences go to the James Shell family. Bro. Shell was a 41-year IBEW member and will be missed.

Rich Underwood, R.S.

Picnic Date Set

L.U. 150 (es,i,rts&spa), WAUKEGAN, IL—The work picture continues to be very slow. Changes to the referral system have allowed for a more even distribution of what work there is and the new system seems to be working as intended. We need to remember that we are all in this together.

Recently Bros. George Eberhardt, Ken Taylor and Dave Williams retired. We wish you long and healthy retirements. Enjoy yourselves; you‘ve earned it!

Please remember if you are hurt on the job an accident report is supposed to be filled out by the contractor and remitted to the hall as per our agreement. This allows the Safety Committee to make recommendations to avoid these accidents in the future.

Local 150’s annual picnic will be held June 26, 2010, at Lakewood Forest Preserve in Wauconda. Please lend a hand and work a shift doing something that day and help make it a pleasant day for all who attend.

Contract negotiations continue; it is going to be another bumpy ride. The negotiating committee has already met several times.

Don’t forget our local elections. If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain. Make your voice count.

Wendy J. Cordts, P. S.

Stewards Training

L.U. 160 (lctt,o&u), MINNEAPOLIS, MN—On March 6, the local hosted our annual stewards training. Joe Herbulock, from the firm of Hauer, Farigione, Love, Landy & McEllistrem, again this year gave an informative update on workers’ compensation. Jim Klatt of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance explained the benefits of membership in this hunting/fishing conservation group. Tony DeAngelis from Labor Education Services, University of Minnesota, detailed the role of the steward. Local 160 thanks these trainers for putting on a wonderful seminar. The educational instruction was followed by a lunch and raffle drawings. The local also extends many thanks to the 42 members who attended this training and to all our stewards for the great job you do!

Members are reminded that Minneapolis meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at the new hall—2909 Anthony Lane, St. Anthony, MN. Becker meetings are held the third Thursday of the month. Check the Web site www.ibew160.org.

Daniel S. Seawell, P.S.

‘Clothes for Haiti’

L.U. 164 (c,em,i,o&t), JERSEY CITY, NJ—Volunteerism is strong and well at Local 164. Hundreds of members turned out on four Saturdays in March to lend a hand and a strong back for a “Clothing for Haiti” drive.

The project was the brainstorm of attorney Thomas Wells. His charitable foundation, the Wells Mountain Foundation, the Ridgewood YMCA, the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club and Local 164 partnered to collect, box and load ten 40-foot containers to ship to Haiti. Clothing, shoes, etc., were brought to Behnke’s Lumber Warehouse on Century Road in Paramus, NJ.

On the first two weekends clothes were sorted, boxes palletized and staged for the two weekends that followed. This is when the Local 164 members really stood out. We loaded five 40-foot containers on both March 20 and 27. There was an 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. shift both days, with 60 to 90 members volunteering each shift! Other partners on the project were blown away by the teamwork and tasks performed by our folks.

After the clothing is distributed, the 10 containers will be transformed into temporary living quarters for needy Haitians who lack shelter.

Hats off to all who helped. We all had a great time and we hope thousands of Haitians will benefit from our efforts. Special thanks to Bro. Joe Licinski, who was there for every shift and was a great “general foreman.”

Well done, sisters and brothers!

John DeBouter, Pres.

IBEW Local 164 volunteers turned out in force to assist a major “Clothing for Haiti” drive.

Fundraiser A Great Success

L.U. 176 (es,i,rts&spa), JOLIET, IL—Heart 176 Club held its 9th Annual Sick, Injured and Needy Cash Bash Fundraiser on March 5. The club was formed in 2002 to provide assistance to Local 176 members facing financial hardship due to illness or injury.

Over its nine-year history, Heart 176 has paid more than $200,000 to members in need. This year’s fundraiser was another huge success, raising more than $20,000. Despite high unemployment and the difficult economic times, our members came through to help their brothers and sisters who may need it more.

Many thanks go out to Bus. Mgr. Dave Udstuen, his staff, 176 West Catering and Local 176 members who contributed to the event. Special thanks to local member/attorney Marc Bessette for his generous donation and his constant support. Most importantly, I thank club members Jeff Farrar, Neil Craig, Steve Newcomer, Greg Hess, Barry Aldrich, Greg Boyer, Doug Eungard, Steve Tutt, Dean Goselin, Dennis Lovato, Chuck McBroom, Ed Ferry, Jim Ryan, Jeremy Haddon, and Doug Fowler for their hard work and dedication. I am proud of these members and the work they do.

Mark Ferry, V.P.

Local 176 Vice Pres. Mark Ferry (left) congratulates Heart 176 grand prize winner Wayne Lewandowski and Wayne’s wife, Becky. The local’s annual “Sick, Injured and Needy” (S.I.N. Bash) fundraiser took place in March.

Sun Shines on NAPA County

L.U. 180 (c,i&st), VALLEJO, CA—The local has supported renewable energy since back when it was seen as a “fad.” Involvement has included: hosting the local utility, PG&E, to present a four-day class on energy audits; a Give-a-Watt (PV to nonprofits) program; and the Green Employer Council at the local community college. We have worked hard to help others train people for the green-collar jobs that do not duplicate or displace our members. Rather, we’ve supported the training in the occupations that create projects and return our members to work.

Relationships were bolstered as an outcome of various “green” meetings over a few years. We have signed a memorandum of understanding to create a Green Tech Academy within our Training Center with the Asera Group, a local renewable energy developer. We now have a partnership with Asera for the pending 6-megawatt photovoltaic farm in Napa and are undertaking joint business development for future renewable projects exceeding 110 megawatts.

This could not be possible without the support and assistance of our NECA partners and the JATC. Furthermore, NEBF is reviewing funding for the Napa projects and we look forward to their support on greening our area.

Michael C. Smith, B.A.

Contract Negotiations

L.U. 196 (govt,mt,o,t&u), ROCKFORD, IL—Outside construction in our local is still much slower than usual as of this writing.

We are currently involved in several contract negotiations in our jurisdiction, where we have 15 separate agreements with cities, villages and governmental districts. These negotiations have been especially trying over the past year and a half as a result of the disastrous state of the economy nationwide, and especially here in Illinois, which has resulted in a very negative impact on the employers. Illinois currently has a $13 billion budget deficit and the pension plans are grossly underfunded.

Working people did not create this problem. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect the wages and benefits that have been negotiated over the last several decades by this office. The membership, through their expertise and quality work, are the ones who on a daily basis negotiate their future agreements and conditions; I am simply their voice at the bargaining table.

The IBEW has put much time, effort and money into helping “labor friendly” candidates win elections and we need to remind them that we are still here and paying attention when legislation that will affect working families needs their support.

Eric Patrick, B.M.

Training Classes

L.U. 222 (o), ORLANDO, FL—The economy, as we all know, is still moving very slowly but with a small glimpse of hope in a few areas. Local 222 still has a large proportion of the membership unemployed. We remain strong in our union commitment and look forward to a more prosperous time in the future.

With regret we report the passing of several members: Kirby Joiner, Oscar Mathis and Jack Butler, all journeyman linemen. Jack Butler attended the February meeting and donated a lineman statue, which will be on display at the Local 222 hall (see photo). These brothers and their longtime support and working contributions will be missed. We salute them and bid Godspeed.

To provide information and training to our members, Local 222 has held training classes for Code of Excellence, OSHA E-T&D and CPR/First Aid, as well as a pilot class for crane certification, in recent months. Our goal is to continue to have a safe, trained and certified work force that is capable of meeting the high expectations often demanded of them.

Remember to attend your local union meeting, work safe and promote fair trade.

Fredrick Morgan, P.S. Pro Tem

Local 222 journeyman lineman Jack Butler (left) presents a statute of a lineman to Bus. Mgr. Mike Bell for display at the union hall. Bro. Butler recently passed away.

Scholarships Awarded

L.U. 234 (i&mt), CASTROVILLE, CA—We recently completed our annual scholarship essay contest for graduating high school students from each of the three counties that make up our local. Each student submitted a 500-word essay on one of the following topics: What is the IBEW and what has it done to enhance organized labor? Why is the organized labor movement important in the United States today? How has the union movement played a key role in the life and well-being of my family member who is or was in a union? What is the Employee Free Choice Act and how will it benefit organized labor? We received many good essays, which made the decisions of our Executive Board all the more difficult.

Local 234 Bus. Mgr. Ken Scherpinski will attend each of the school’s award ceremonies and present scholarships to the winners: Kyle Pelot of North Salinas High School, Michelle Chatley of Anzar High School, and Robby John Pappas of Santa Cruz High School. We are proud to extend our congratulations to each of the winners, their parents and their schools. We are honored to assist in the students’ future success.

Stephen Slovacek, P.S.

Volunteers Support Community

L.U. 280 (c,es,em,es,i,mo,mt,rts&st), SALEM, OR—“Communities support us, so we need to support our communities.” These words were spoken prophetically by Bus. Rep. Tom Baumann to newspapers about the outstanding volunteer efforts at the historic “ZCBJ” meeting hall in Scio, OR. Volunteers on Saturday, Feb. 27 installed light fixtures, stage lighting, receptacles and basic electrical upgrades to this well-loved building. EC Electric donated the electrical permit and our Local 280 Public Service Fund donated more than $1,000 in materials for a very worthwhile effort.

This is just a small fraction of what Local 280 members give back to our area. Our Public Service Fund has donated more than $500,000 to such nonprofit groups as Habitat for Humanity, youth programs, 4-H, sports complexes, etc. Our volunteers have donated many thousands of hours, so please tell them thank-you when you get a chance.

Work in the local is still very slow but the calls for the “Facebook” project have started. Bro. Jeff Fowlds is the steward on the site and has projected 80-100 wiremen over a 14-month period. Bro. Jeff has praised Rosendin Electric for their professionalism and respect for the highly trained craftsmen of the IBEW.

Work safe and have a great spring and summer!

Jerry Fletcher, P.S.

Local 280 volunteers at the Scio hall project stop for a break. From left are: Bros. Tom Baumann, Mike Holt, Frank DeWilde, Don Anklem, Brian Samp and Steve Goodman and Sister Christina VanLeeuwen.

Outstanding Apprentice Award

L.U. 292 (em,govt,i,rtb,rts&spa), MINNEAPOLIS, MN—The Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy JATC and Training Dir. Sam DiPaola announced that Mike Rasmussen of IBEW Local 292 received the 2010 Outstanding Apprentice Award. The Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy JATC program provides training for the following IBEW local unions: Local 292, St. Paul Local 110, Le Sueur Local 343, Duluth Local 242, and Hibbing Local 294.

Mike graduated in April at the top of his class from the three-year, Limited Energy Installer Apprenticeship Program. He is one of 49 graduates in the 2010 graduating class. The complete list of graduates can be found at the Statewide Limited Energy JATC Web site www.statewidelea.org.

On his last day of classes, Mike received a certificate of achievement and a LinkMaster PRO XL test meter presented by senior sales manager Gary Shantz from Ideal Tools. Thank you to Shantz and Ideal Tools for being a great industry partner.

The future of our industry depends on individuals like Mike who are eager to learn and take pride in their craft to produce the highest levels of achievement possible. Congratulations to Mike and to all the graduates of 2010 on a job well-done and for all of their hard work.

My thanks to Limited Energy JATC Training Dir. Sam DiPaola, who provided information for this article.

Tony G. Maghrak, B.M.

Local 292 apprentice graduate Mike Rasmussen (left) receives 2010 Outstanding Apprentice Award presented by Sam DiPaola, training director, Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy JATC.

Kudos to IBEW Members at CVPS

L.U. 300 (govt,i,mt&u), MONTPELIER, VT—Central Vermont Public Service met all of its service quality standards in 2009, the sixth straight year it achieved that goal. IBEW Local 300 represents several hundred CVPS employees.

“We believe that’s the best record in Vermont,” said Joe Kraus, senior vice president for engineering, operations and customer service.

CVPS has 17 service quality measures. CVPS measures and reports to state regulators on everything from how quickly it answers calls to bill accuracy, customer service, outage numbers and duration, and safety. All Vermont utilities are required to file annual performance reports with state regulators.

In the Customer Information Center, CVPS employees answered 87.8 percent of calls within 20 seconds, beating the standard. Not one call was blocked due to system overload. Other key measures: 92 percent of customers said they were satisfied following customer-initiated contact; CVPS reported an average of 1.9 outages per customer, lasting 2.3 hours, excluding one major storm—beating standards of 2.5 outages per customer lasting an average of 3.5 hours.

“Our members at CVPS put it all on the line every day to ensure that a utility with one of the most rugged, rural service areas in the country stays online,” said Local 300 Bus. Mgr. Jeffrey Wimette. “We are so proud of the exemplary customer service they provide to Vermont ratepayers.”

Matthew Lash, P.S.

Local 340 Sisters Unite

L.U. 340 (i,rts&spa), SACRAMENTO, CA—In March, 17 out of 32 female Local 340 members got together to meet one another and discuss the importance of their involvement in the local. Pres. Greg Larkins, along with Organizers Scott Steelman and Andrew Meredith, led the discussions on becoming a Membership Development Volunteer Committee (MDVC) member as well as serving as a local officer.

Sisters CC Moore and Alsester Coleman put an “IBEW #340” team together for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Thirteen women in attendance signed up to go to the state building trades “Women Building California Conference” held in May in Oakland, CA. It was an informative meeting with many members reconnecting and promises of future involvement with Local 340.

Our work picture has definitely changed since our last article. We have had pretty big layoffs and our Book 1 has doubled. Also, quite a few of the travelers who were working in our jurisdiction have since returned home. We thank them for their help.

I am saddened to report the passing of: Bros. Wayne Overpeck, Frank L. Patten, Leon J. Sharfarz, Paul R. Tooker and Merrill Dow, father of Bro. Greg Dow.

A.C. Steelman, B.M.

IBEW Local 340 sisters gather for meeting. From left, back row, Blanca Baragan, Sandy Kline, CC Moore, Alsester Coleman, Renee DeLucia; middle row, Chris Gallagher, Joanne Turner, Catherine Griffiths, Julie Foad, Leonor Amado, Cheryl Hadley, Gayl Anne Morris, Sandi Abbott; and front row, Tarasa Church, Cheryl LaRocco, Anna Jarman and Cay Anne “Caycay” Lawrence.

Candidates for Office

L.U. 364 (catv,ees,em,es,i,mt,rts &spa), ROCKFORD, IL—George Gaulrapp is running for the U.S. Congress in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District, where most Local 364 members live. Gaulrapp is running against Republican Rep. Don Manzullo, who has a stunningly low AFL-CIO lifetime voting record of 7 percent, doing nothing in the interest of working families! Gaulrapp held a fundraiser at our hall and many union members participated.

Our Local 364 vice president, Bro. Ray Pendzinski, recently held a fundraiser at our hall also, and 140 people attended. Ray is a candidate for 69th District state representative and a current Belvidere alderman. When elected, Bro. Pendzinski will put the needs of hard-working families first.

The Adopt-an-Apprentice gathering was held at a Rockford IceHogs hockey match. Our yearly get-together is a chance for apprentices to meet their journeyman mentors to discuss all sorts of issues.

April 28 marked Labor Memorial Day in North America. Overlooking the Rock River’s banks in Rockford, a memorial is held every year for those union members killed at work.

After nine years as recording secretary, Bro. Charlie Laskonis has stepped down from his position after being elected Winnebago County Democratic Central Committee executive vice chairman. Our E-board appointed Bro. Chris Molander to fill the unexpired term. Congratulations to them both!

Ray Pendzinski, P.S.

Local 364 Bro. Ray Pendzinski (right), a Democratic candidate for the Illinois state legislature, greets Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers, a longtime friend of the IBEW.

Class of 2010 Graduates

L.U. 412 (u), KANSAS CITY, MO—After three years and many hours of training, the class of 2010 apprentice graduates celebrated completion of their apprenticeship and the beginning of their careers as journeyman mechanics. Graduation was held at the Ameristar Casino. Feb. 1, 2010, was the official date for the start of their journeyman careers. Congratulations to the graduates: Ian Quinn (Iatan), Brenda Swartz (Montrose), Jason Ray (Iatan), Joe Chancellor (La Cygne), Dave Ashcraft (La Cygne) and Jeff Ford (La Cygne). Originally this class started out with seven people. Apprentice Chris Dame (La Cygne) is currently in the Army National Guard stationed in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Chris will resume the apprenticeship program when he returns and graduate with the next class.

Other local news: Local 412 reached a tentative contract agreement with Kansas City Power & Light on Feb. 19, 2010. The three-year KCP&L contract agreement was ratified on Feb. 27, 2010.

Thanks to Renee Mosby, Hawthorn facilitator, and Tara Leslien, Iatan facilitator for their help with this article.

Debi Kidwiler, P.S.

Local 412 union representatives congratulate apprentice graduates. From left, back row, are: Local 412 Bus. Agent Bill McDaniel, Vice Pres. Dewey Conrad, Pres. Jim Williams; middle row, graduates Ian Quinn, Brenda Swartz and Jason Ray; front row, graduates Joe Chancellor, Dave Ashcraft (seated) and Jeff Ford.

Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 456 (i&o), NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The officers and membership congratulate the members who recently completed their apprenticeship training. They have all distinguished themselves through their hard work and commitment to our local and will continue to do so. We congratulate Bros. Benjamin Bajkowski, Stephen Charleston, Nicholas Cirnigliaro, Robert Corso, Keith Fugaro, Joshua Genthe, Daniel Hegeman, Andy Lai, Chase Layne, Michael Lomassaro, Patrick O’Rourke, Jason Tippett, Daniel Thorne, Brandon Williams, William Burns III, Keith Cimino and Shawn Hohner.

Many activities are planned for this year—Day at the Races, two fishing trips, family picnic, members picnic, golf outing and more. There is something for everyone and hopefully you have enjoyed and will continue to support all these fun events by attending. As always attend union meetings and be an informed and active member.

Wayne Martiak, P.S.

A ‘Home from the Heart’

L.U. 494 (em,i,mt,rts&spa), MILWAUKEE, WI—When Spc. Jason Schulz, a military veteran and member of the community, returned home from Iraq after a life-changing injury caused by a roadside bomb, he never imagined that organizations like IBEW Local 494 and Homes for Our Troops—a national organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured service personnel—would come along and change his life again.

Throughout the past year, participants have been planning and building a home Jason could easily maneuver through at no cost to him or his family. Local 494 and Roman Electric jumped at the chance to help. After months of work and countless volunteer hours, the keys were turned over to Jason on March 13.

Dan Weber a retired electrician said: “The look on Jason’s face, his heartfelt thank-you, and the tears of joy his family shed, made the rain, snow and long hours worth it. I was proud to help out on this home and hope they enjoy it for years to come.”

Bus. Rep. Rick Gutierrez stated: “We have the skills and resources that other people don’t have, and to be able to make such a huge difference in Jason’s life makes you really proud.”

Ricardo Gutierrez, B.R.

IBEW Local 494 members and other trade unionists volunteered for the “Homes for Our Troops” project. From left, back row, are: Al Wilkinson, Pat Cain, Bob Winn, Warren Trede, Don Weber, Roger Erdman; front row, Ricardo Gutierrez and Larry Buege.

Training Center Courses

L.U. 502 (c,em,i,it&t), ST. JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA—Local 502 was pleased to sponsor the Apprenticeship Appreciation Luncheon. The event is held annually to thank the apprenticeship officers and instructors for their hard work and support.

The Local 502 training center has been very busy the last few months offering courses in Confined Space Awareness, Fall Arrest, WHMIS and Construction Safety.

Officers of Local 502 presented an orientation to 70 new members last month and feedback has been very positive.

The recent cancellation of the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec is being greeted with cautious optimism. Local 502 has been part of a vocal opposition to this deal given the potential loss of work to our members.

The PotashCorp mine in Sussex continues to ramp up and should keep our local close to full employment this summer.

We mourn the passing of Bro. Francis Melanson.

Dave Stephen, P.S.

Attending the recent Apprenticeship Appreciation Luncheon are, from left: Jean Marc Ringuette, IBEW Local 502 training director; Ike Gallagher, New Brunswick Community College Saint John department head, Construction Studies; and Dan Mills, apprenticeship director, Province of New Brunswick.

Support ‘Jobs for Local Workers’

L.U. 508 (i,it&o), SAVANNAH, GA—Savannah, the second largest city and the chief port of Georgia, is situated on the southern bank of the Savannah River. The Garden City Terminal is the fourth largest container port in the United States and the largest single-terminal operation in North America. This feature makes large companies attracted to our fair city.

After sitting vacant for seven years, a 1,500-acre industrial site near Savannah landed its first manufacturer as Mitsubishi Power Systems announced plans to produce giant steam and gas turbines in coastal Georgia. The company, from Japan, awarded the general contract to Batson-Cook, an open-shop contractor owned by another Japanese company, Kajima USA Group.

The Savannah Building Trades organization erected a billboard advertising the exclusion of local labor to the jobsite. We certainly got a lot of attention! The sign is on Dean Forest Road at the entrance to the jobsite. Check it out the next time you come to our union hall.

People from our area pay taxes, buy from local vendors, attend schools and churches here, and many are unemployed. If this company wishes to become a good neighbor, they should do what is right and give local people a job.

Judith Sheahan, P.S.

Savannah Building Trades billboard advocates local hiring.

Solar Farm Project

L.U. 530 (i,o&rtb), SARNIA, ONTARIO, CANADA—At the time of this writing things are looking good in Sarnia. Our new/renovated hospital keeps rolling along and North America’s largest solar farm has started up again. With 20 megawatts built last year, an additional 60 megawatts will be added this year—totaling 1,050 acres of green energy.

June of this year will bring our local elections; nominations took place at the May meeting.

We thank Local 804 for continuing to supply employment for some of our members.

Local 530 is saddened by the recent passing of: Bros. Gerry Douglas, Don Partridge and Dave Tayles.

Al Byers, P.S.

2010 Apprentice Graduates

L.U. 570 (i,mo,spa&u), TUCSON, AZ—Congratulations to the graduating fifth-year apprenticeship class. Local 570 and the Tucson Electrical JATC are proud to present our 2010 graduating class. Top honors for “Apprentice of the Year” go to Wesley Chong. Thanks go out to HD Supply company, which recognizes the efforts of our entire apprenticeship and is throwing the third annual barbecue dinner for them at the awards night that the JATC puts on at Local 570’s hall.

Scott Toot, Organizer

Members of the Local 570 apprentice graduating class of 2010, joined by JATC instructors, gather for a photo. From left, front row, Ryan Lopez, Wesley Chong, Gabriel Ruiz, Instructor Greg Noriega, Corey Starcevich, Kevin Whiting, Francisco Carbijal, Benjamin Yates; back row, Christopher Brooks, Instructor Jim Redzinak, Tim Cervantez, Charlie Starcevich, Alexander Nicolini, Instructor Jay Marr, Chris Soto, Billy Sturgill, Stephen Serio and Instructor Dan Chavez.

Health Care Reform Success

L.U. 606 (em,es,i,rtb,spa&u), ORLANDO, FL—With the support of U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, health care reform legislation successfully passed. Several members from Local 606, Pres. John Bregg along with Asst. Bus. Agents Larry Kidd and Ron Woodall, were meeting with Rep. Grayson’s Orlando staff, while the congressman was still in Washington, D.C. Grayson’s deputy director Debra Booth, a Local 606 member, placed a call to the congressman on the speaker phone and Grayson explained the vote and thanked his constituents for their support.

By the time you read this article, our local elections will be over. Good luck to all the members who run for office.

With sadness, I report the passing of three longtime members: Bros. Frank Drew, John Thompson and William “Bill” Green. Our deepest sympathy goes to their families.

Janet D. Skipper, P.S.

Local 606 members meet with U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s office staff in Orlando: back row, Local 606 Asst. Bus. Agent Ron Woodall (left), Pres. John Bregg, Local 606 member and Grayson’s deputy director Debra Booth, and Asst. Bus. Agent Larry Kidd; front center, Rec. Sec. Jenny Kenny.

‘All The World is Their Stage’

L.U. 636 (as,catv,em,spa&u), TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA—For more than 80 years, IBEW members working at a plant in Kitchener, Ontario, have been helping their company build a worldwide reputation for excellence in visual technology.

As both a pioneer and leader in this industry, Christie Digital Systems Inc. has successfully made the move from the small screen to the big screen—in a big way. First known for its work in the television industry, Christie is now responsible for 70 percent of all digital cinema installations globally.

Chances are that you have seen the company’s work—at a local movie theater, place of worship or other large audience presentation. In fact, equipment made by our IBEW sisters and brothers brought us the amazing images that wowed the world during the opening and closing ceremonies at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympic Games. Behind the scenes, Vancouver’s Emergency Operations Centre (critical to the safety of athletes, visitors, spectators and residents) was also equipped with Christie visual display solutions. For all Canadians, the Winter Olympics sparked pride and patriotism like never before—We Believe. Our members at Christie had special reason to stand tall and cheer—not only for our athletes but also for their own gold medal efforts!

Paddy Vlanich, P.S.

Local 636 Unit Chair and Executive Board Rep. Cecile Pawlak proudly shows her “Olympic Spirit” during a company sponsored breakfast at Christie—celebrating the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Important Election Year

L.U. 648 (em,i,spa&u), HAMILTON, OH—The annual Local 648 fish fry and kid’s Easter party were held in March and each event was a success with great weather, good food and fellowship among our members and their families.

The Local 648 COPE Committee is working hard on the upcoming midterm elections. This will be a very important year to at least keep the offices we have gained in the state.

The work picture looks much better than it did at this point last year and we look forward to a busy summer.

Jeff McGuffey, P.S.

Upcoming Elections

L.U. 654 (i), CHESTER, PA—This November a number of seats in local, state and federal government will be up for election. Although it is not a presidential election, it is widely viewed as one critical to maintaining a more labor-friendly government. In our jurisdiction we will be voting for a governor, a U.S. senator, a U.S. representative and several state and local government officials.

Just as significant is the upcoming election for the officers of our local. Coming together to choose the best-suited candidates to manage our future is of utmost importance. As most members stay for a few hours after voting, even more is accomplished on this day. It’s a class reunion for those who apprenticed together, a chance for journeymen to relive stories from jobs past and an opportunity for the newer members to get to know more of their fellow members. It’s a demonstration of our organization’s greatest and strongest trait—unity. Be informed, get involved and be sure to vote.

James Russell, V.P.

Step Up to Make a Difference

L.U. 666 (i,mt&o), RICHMOND, VA—Congratulations to our most recent retirees: Alvin F. Durrette, Larry K. Hannan, Harry F. Marcus, Gordon R. Seay and Charles H. Taylor.

Local 666 held a blood drive on Feb. 20 and it was a big success. Thanks to all the members who participated. Community projects are vital to the future of our union.

Our Centennial Committee is planning several events to celebrate our 100th anniversary. We will have a family night at the ballpark and a celebration in the summer. We will mail out details to our members and retirees.

Work in our area remains slow. Thank you to all the locals putting our brothers and sisters to work.

We mourn the passing of: Bros. Herbert C. Brooks, Stuart U. Guyton Sr. and Robert E. Martin Jr.

If you want to make a difference, get involved. We need all of our members to step up to the plate. The elections in November will be important to all working people and their families.

Kendra Logan, P.S.

Members Volunteer Service

L.U. 688 (em,i,t&u), MANSFIELD, OH—The work outlook in our area is very slow with 44 journeymen on the out-of-work list.

Thank you to Jerry Conrad, who fixed the attic lights and moved a fixture in our union hall.

Todd Simmermacher managed a group of members who donated their time and expertise at the Richland Academy of Arts to provide power for a new kiln and new stage lighting. The electricians included Jarrod Clady, Fred Claus, Jerry Conrad, Dan Lloyd, Bruce Simmermacher and John Wallery.

We are sad to report the loss of members Walt Eaton and Leonard Brewer. We send our condolences to their family and friends.

Dan Lloyd, P.S.


L.U. 692 (i,mt&spa), BAY CITY, MI—One thing that I think many people forget about, or in some cases never knew about, is the important role the union has played over the years. The union is responsible for helping create the 5-day, 40-hour workweek, the 8-hour day, overtime pay, minimum wage, vacation pay, sick leave, respect on the job, etc. If not for the workers who came before us many years ago, and their struggles to form unions to help mistreated workers, we wouldn’t have the benefits we have today. Many people who don’t work at a union shop also reap benefits gained through union efforts.

Strong solidarity is crucial in a union. The union is there to represent each member, so if there is an issue you feel needs to be addressed it is your responsibility to inform the union so they can look into it. In turn, always respect all members and our union. Our union has bargained with the companies for many years and always looks to get the best package for its members. So stand together in solidarity and support your union.

Many thanks to our brother locals for helping keep our members employed in these times

Our condolences to the family of retired Brother Robert J. Clements, who passed away.

Tom Bartosek, P.S.

Championship Lineman’s Rodeo

L.U. 702 (es,c,catv,cs,em,es,et,govt,i,it,lctt,mo,mt,o, p,pet,ptc,rtb,rts,se,spa,st,t,u,uow&ws), WEST FRANKFORT, IL—The Local 702 Annual Retiree Luncheon was held April 14 at the Rend Lake Convention Center. We had a great turnout again this year with approximately 200 retirees in attendance.

On April 23-24, Local 702 sponsored the World Championship Lineman’s Rodeo at DuQuoin, IL. The rodeo was held at the new arena at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in DuQuoin. This is an indoor arena and a great competition, with many teams competing.

Our annual Golf Outing will be held June 16 at the Franklin County Country Club, southwest of Frankfort. We expect our regular good attendance and a fun day of golf for all who attend.

Currently we have 550 wiremen working at the Prairie State Campus located near Lively Grove, IL, and 96 wiremen at the Baldwin Power Plant. Linemen are at full employment.

Our local is very blessed to have the work in our jurisdiction and blessed to have experienced, qualified Local 702 members and travelers to staff these facilities.

Marsha Steele, P.S.

‘Don’t Retreat’

L.U. 756 (es&i), DAYTONA BEACH, FL—Henry Miller and the founders started this union with no signatory contractors and no collective bargaining agreement in place—those two things came later. The founders started with a desire to better the lives of electrical workers and their families. Although history tends to glorify individuals, there is no way they did it by themselves.

What a relief and a sense of rescue workers must have had when organizers from the emerging IBEW visited a jobsite and told them there was a better way. Yes, there were detractors and naysayers; they’ve always been here. But the IBEW’s invitation into its ranks was well-received by electricians.

The IBEW has made many changes to reflect the fierce competitive climate that now exists in the modern-day electrical industry. It is now up to all of us in the IBEW to work together to bring the union back to its historic prominence. This can be achieved by involvement; don’t think that somebody else will fix it—that somebody is you. Apathy gets us nowhere.

We’ve been let down in many instances by politicians, including some Democrats who fail to support our issues after they are elected.

Half-governor turned tea-bagger Sarah Palin encouraged her sheep not to retreat. They need to know that she, like many others, loves the status quo. I encourage all working people not to retreat, but to stand up for the interests of workers and the middle class. It has to start at the local level; it has to start with you.

Daniel Hunt, P.S.

Roadside Sign Updated

L.U. 760 (i,lctt,o,rts,spa&u), KNOXVILLE, TN—Local 760’s big roadside sign has been updated. Bros. Daniel Holland and Michael Marlowe braved the elements to repair and renew our historical IBEW sign. The sign had been cleaned up and painted on the large part by apprentices from IUPAT Local 437. Thanks to all involved.

Many thanks to the Local 760 membership for supporting community service projects including Project Help, breast cancer research and Casting for Recovery.

Local 760 was the only labor organization represented at the Knox County School Career Day. Market and Membership Development committee member Bro. Dave Weaver staffed a booth at the career day event. Knoxville NECA contractors Service 1 and D&N Electric are now doing the Knox County work.

George A. Bove, B.M./F.S.

50-Year Service Awards

L.U. 776 (i,o,rts&spa), CHARLESTON, SC—It was a dark and stormy night ... but that didn’t stop two of Local 776’s career electricians from coming to the meeting to receive their 50-year service pins. Richard Timms and Charlie Goodale once again showed their support of their local union.

Richard came from a union family; his father and two older brothers were members of the local. He worked many jobs across the jurisdiction and nation. Richard finished his longtime career after many years as foreman with Stroman Controls.

Charlie also came from a union family that included cousins in the local as well. Charlie worked throughout the jurisdiction and nation for many of our contractor partners. Since his retirement Charlie has stayed involved by teaching apprentices as one of our CJATC instructors. These two gentlemen have set a great example for our Brotherhood to follow.

Chuck Moore, B.M.

Local 776 retired Bros. Richard Timms (left) and Charlie Goodale receive 50-year service awards.

NYSERDA Qualified Installer

L.U. 910 ( ees,i&t), WATERTOWN, NY—The Local 910 membership voted at the March regular meeting to allocate this year’s contractual increase of $1.50. Funds manager, John Love, was on hand to present the trustees’ recommendations for the funds. After discussion, it was voted that $0.75 go to the wage; $0.50 to the local pension plan; and $0.25 to the health and welfare plan. New rates took effect April 1, 2010.

With some hard work and some convincing by the training directors from New York state, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority now accepts the IBEW/NECA apprenticeship program and the 40-hour journeyman photovoltaic training as a way to become a Photovoltaic NYSERDA Qualified Installer. (See information on NYSERDA Web site www.nyserda.org/funding/1050Section3.pdf.) Local 910 members who wish to apply to become an eligible installer will need a letter from Local 910 or the EJATC of Watertown verifying that they meet all the qualifications.

Thank you to all the members who attended the Jefferson County legislative meetings in support of the Galloo Island Wind Farm. A large turnout by Local 910 members made a big difference in persuading some of the legislators to support the project. This was one of those instances where we could influence a project before it was bid and win a favorable vote by the legislators.

Roger LaPlatney, P.S.

Kudos for Service

L.U. 932 (c,i&st), COOS BAY, OR—Local 932 apprentice Tim Flood is currently serving in Iraq. Tim is in the Oregon Army National Guard, Bravo Company 1st Battalion 186th Infantry. He has been there for a year and is due to come back home shortly. Our thanks go out to Tim and his family for his awesome service and dedication to our country.

I wish to thank the members and their families for attending our winter banquet and pin ceremony held Feb. 13 at the Mill Casino in North Bend, OR. We awarded several years-of-service pins. Members receiving pins included: for 60 years of service—Granill Cornett; for 55 years—Lavon Gammons; 50 years—James Fitzgerald, Dave West; 45 years—Tom Kyle, James Morgan, Don Peters, George Reese, Ray Toma; 40 years—John McCaffree, Stewin Prater, Silver Robles, Roy Warrens; 35 years—Doug Jolley, Rick Lattin, Louis Petrone; and 20 years—Anthony Revelle. Congratulations to all!

Robert Westerman, B.M./F.S.

Local 932 apprentice member Tim Flood is serving in Iraq.

‘UCAN’ Graduates

L.U. 1306 (uow), DECATUR, IL—Congratulations to sisters Ann Harris, Nikki Taylor, Arlene Trusner and Pres. Lucinda Wyatt on their recent graduation from the Union Community Activist Network, UCAN. This three-week course was made available through the local partnership of United Way and the AFL-CIO with graduates receiving a certificate from the University of Illinois’ Labor Education Program. UCAN provides education and training on labor history, civic participation, community outreach, basic workers’ rights and leadership. Our local is committed to member education and we are proud that to date more than 10 members have completed this training.

Local 1306 once again participated in the Letter Carriers Food Drive on May 8 to help stock the shelves of area food pantries. This is one of many community service projects our members support each year.

Contract and benefit negotiations are to begin with Exelon and the IBEW-NECA Benefits Administration Assn. Our negotiation team is working diligently to secure the best contract possible for our members.

The local union has approved amalgamation with Local 51. The International President formally approved the amalgamation effective May 1. We encourage everyone to give eight safe hours of work for eight hours’ pay and attend your local unit meetings. Remember, we are stronger together than we are alone.

Karlene Knisley, B.M./ F.S.

Local 1306 congratulates recent graduates of UCAN, Union Community Activist Network. From left are members Nikki Taylor, Arlene Trusner, Pres. Lucinda Wyatt, Ann Harris and Sarah Sylvester Drake, who conducts the training.

Care Packages for Troops

L.U. 1944 (t), PHILADELPHIA, PA—Local 1944 is involved throughout the year with special holiday drives to send care packages to our troops serving in the military.

The AT&T New Castle, PA, office located at 100 South Jefferson St. comprises relay operators who provide services for the speech and hearing impaired throughout the United States. It is a National Relay Center that employs 140 relay associates, and the dedication of these union members does not stop at workday’s end.

The operators collect useful non-perishable items to send on holidays to troops serving our country. All Local 1944 members take part in this drive, buying items such as cookies, tea, crackers, toothpaste, sunscreen, face soap, lotion, hand-held games, etc. Monetary donations are accepted to help defray the cost of postage.

All members involved in this project volunteer their own time to collect, sort, pack and ship the packages. The effort is well worth it to pay tribute to our men and woman in harm’s way. Our freedom depends on these brave men and woman.

Mary Lou Lane, B.M./Pres.

Space Program Rally

L.U. 2088 (mt,pet,t&u), COCOA BEACH, FL—Congratulations to young Kevin Nolan, the 11-year-old son of Local 2088 member William Nolan, a union steward in the Voice Communications group at the Kennedy Space Center, FL.

Kevin was recently recognized for a letter he wrote to legislators about NASA’s space program. Kevin had the honor of reading his letter at the Save U.S. Space Program rally held April 11, 2010, at the Cocoa Expo Center in Cocoa, FL.

Kevin excels academically at Enterprise Elementary and is an honor-roll student. He also earned his black belt in Taekwondo. He is interested in science and possibly, one day, becoming part of the U.S. space program and maybe even an astronaut! Way to go, Kevin!

Daniel Raymond, B.M.

Student William Nolan (at podium) speaks at the April 11 space program rally in Florida. At left is astronaut Winston Scott and, at right, school board member Robert Jordan.

Sportsmen’s Alliance Event

L.U. 2100 (cav&u), LOUISVILLE, KY—Local 2100 sends special congratulations to Henry Atkins. Henry is beginning a new career in the world of retirement after 40 years of service as a lineman. His years of service and knowledge of the trade are irreplaceable and leave a legacy for all present and future linemen to follow. Enjoy retirement and best of luck, Bro. Atkins!

Local 2100, along with members from 14 other locals, attended the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance dinner held at Local 369. This event was the kickoff of the year for the alliance and all attendees received a free membership.

The dinner was held to provide information about the alliance and strengthen the bond of the union brothers and sisters. The Sportsmen’s Alliance goal is to recruit and actively engage union sportsmen and women in the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership’s ongoing fight to create a better future for hunting and fishing while bringing together an existing union community of sportsmen and women and extending the benefits of union membership beyond the workplace, into the woods and water.

Not only did new members get the opportunity to meet fellow members but many also won valuable prizes. Special thanks to Local 369 for hosting such a great event.

Jennifer Kinsey, P.S.

Local 2100 Bus. Mgr. Curtis Stratton (left) congratulates retiring lineman Henry Atkins.

Groundbreaking for Future Hall

L.U. 2286 (em,mar,mo,o,rtb&u), BEAUMONT, TX—On Saturday, March 20, the officers and executive board members held a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of our future union hall and training center in Beaumont. Construction should begin in about eight weeks with completion expected before the end of the year. Thanks to our building committee, Bus. Mgr. Clinton Trahan, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Stephan Babin, and E-Board members Eddie Smith, L. D. Whitmire and Gary Fredieu, for all their hard work to get this project started. To see a picture of the new facility, visit our Web site at www.ibew2286.org, click on calendar then announcements.

Outside construction remains slow but is expected to pick up once the Motiva job is awarded to a contractor.

Members employed by Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C. and Entergy Texas, Inc. ratified a 17-month contract extension Jan. 15, 2010, with a modest general wage increase and a few other improvements—but, most importantly, no takeaways of benefits and maintaining our job security language.

Everyone stay safe at work and home. God bless our union!

Mona Mack, P.S.

Attending Local 2286 groundbreaking ceremony are, from left: secretary Tanya Hebert, Asst. Bus. Mgrs. Stephan Babin and Johnny Wilson, Bus. Mgr. Clinton Trahan and office manager Debbie Anderson.

‘Operation Cookie Drop’

L.U. 2324 (t), SPRINGFIELD, MA—IBEW Local 2324 members recently partnered with the Verizon Pioneers and Girls Scouts Troop 505 on their project Operation Cookie Drop. Union members donated more than 200 boxes of Girl Scouts cookies and toiletries to be shipped to our U.S. soldiers serving abroad. The Verizon Pioneers organized the project and one of their clubs donated 50 hand knit helmet liners to send also. Girl Scout Troop 505 spent the day at the Local 2324 union hall making thank-you cards for the soldiers and packing the cookies. Eight large cartons of items were sent to soldiers in Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Joe Floyd, P.S.

Verizon Pioneers and IBEW Local 2324 members Christine Casino (left) and Cheryl Moriarty (right) are joined by Girl Scout Erin Moriarty.